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PLAGUE-MIDDLE AGES Haley Schueler, Cassie Isaacs, Elizabeth Polikoff.

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1 PLAGUE-MIDDLE AGES Haley Schueler, Cassie Isaacs, Elizabeth Polikoff

2 CAUSES  Bad air  Hygiene  Streets were filthy with live animals  Humans fleas  Transmissible disease  Yersinia pestis- 1 bacterium can be fatal Spread from rats by fleas

3 WHERE DID IT SPREAD? Started in China Trade War Contacts between Europe – Silk road

4 ILLNESS  Was so contagious didn’t need to be around the sick to catch the illness  Take 2-7 days for victims to die  Mortality rate could have been 50%-90%.  3 forms Bubonic- killed 5-7 days Pneumonic- attacked lungs killed in less than a week Septicemic- entered blood stream killed in less than a day

5 SYMPTOMS  Flu like symptoms first and high fever  Invaded lymph nodes- neck, armpits, and inner thigh area  As disease progresses victim bleeds internally  Bloody urine and bloody stools  Dry blood puddles under skin and forms black boils  Smells revolting

6 SYMPTOMS CONT.  Coughing  Coughing up blood  Chest pains

7 THE BLACK DEATH BEGINS  black-death-begins black-death-begins

8 IMPACT Fled homes to attempt escape Thought living in small groups would help Ignored responsibilities Left town and avoided helping anyone Parents abandoned children Prices rose Church lost power and influence

9 TODAY  If caught today in the first stages it can be treated with antibiotics  If bacteria invades respiratory system it will always be fatal. Spreads unbelievable fast if infected person sneezes or coughs

10 TREATMENT  If caught early enough it could be treated.  They didn’t know how to prevent/cure it  Believed bad smells could drive out the plague Dung and urine more likely to spread then cure.

11 COOL STORIES Ring around the Rosie Red rash Flowers and herbs “ashes ashes” relates to cremation or blackening of skin  “Quarantine” Island Ancient mass grave contains more than 1500 were discovered Believed to be the worlds first quarantine colony to prevent diseases

12 MYTHS Many thought living in small groups would help Drinking too much and celebrating were the best medicine for the disease Used herbs Lancing the buboes Applying warm bandage Bathing was though to be bad – Open pores and let sickness in Thought it was punishment from god Tried to find someone to blame about the cause – Jews Massacred because people thought they started disease

13 DESTRUCTION OF THE MIDDLE AGES  Society fell apart No one felt safe anywhere 1/3 of population died Religious, social and economic disturbances Took 150 years for population to recover

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