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The Year in Review. Feast of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows PTT provides religious gifts for the students in celebration of our Lady’s Feast and the school.

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1 The Year in Review

2 Feast of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows PTT provides religious gifts for the students in celebration of our Lady’s Feast and the school community also celebrates with a special lunch, open to parents.

3 Teacher Support We give funds to our teachers for classroom needs.

4 Basket Raffle PTT supports the Basket Raffle Committee, reaching out to the community for basket donations, providing start up funds, gathering volunteers.

5 Basket raffle aka Ladies Night Out! The basket raffle committee (Shannon Carey and Christine Stark) organize this major school fundraiser. They will be asking for volunteers at all stages of the event, both before, during and after. Keep an eye on your email and your students’ green or blue folder weekly September through October. This event is attended only by ladies with men serving to sell tickets, deliver baskets as they are won and generally help out. Reserve a table and bring your friends!

6 Octoberfest Costume Parade Octoberfest starts with a costume parade around the school with prizes for several categories. Guest judges include Deacon Lang, among others.

7 Octoberfest The school traditionally holds this event to raise money for our Technology Fund with a 10% tithe to the Missions Fund. The morning is regular classes, then the students dress up, we have a costume parade complete with judges and awards, then we take the afternoon to play carnival games in the gym, go through the Haunted House run by Youth Ministry ( Go, Lisa!) and the 8 th graders. Lots of volunteers and donations are needed to make this a successful day of fun and fundraising for our school.

8 Octoberfest Games Students play carnival games and the money raised goes to the technology fund and to the Missions.

9 Restaurant Nights We set up several community events at local restaurants- to raise money and bring together our Seven Sorrows family for an easy evening out. Friendly’s Hoss’s T. J. Rockwell’s P&J Pizza Note that inforamtion about these events comes out in emails, periodically.

10 Breakfast with St. Nicholas Crafts for kids Visit with St. Nick and get a picture with him Santa’s Secret Shop runs during this event as well as during 2 days of school in early December. Usually held the first Sunday in December.

11 Catholic Schools Week The dates are set by the diocese. Usually runs the last week of January. Diocese runs advertising promoting Catholic education Seven Sorrows celebrates our unique learning and formation in a community of the faithful while encouraging others to explore our opportunities.

12 Catholic Schools Week 2014 Daily gifts to our staff and faculty in appreciation of their dedication to our children Dinner for the teachers Open house night Juvenile Diabetes assembly The faculty ran daily activities with the students including: Minute to Win It, Crazy Sock Day, Souper Bowl Friday. Students donated socks and cans of soup, always living our Catholic faith in feeding and clothing those in need.

13 Assemblies Enhance the Curriculum In 2014 PTT sponsored: Maranatha - Abraham and Sarah Mrs. Hilda Mantelhocher – her memories and lessons of the Holocaust, plus a limited edition informative movie from the Holocaust Foundation

14 Father Daughter Dance A chance for our girls to spend some quality one on one time with the special man in her life.

15 Prizes, pictures, memories!!

16 Mother Son March Madness Mothers and sons gathered to play games, build bonds and celebrate with root beer floats and fresh popcorn!

17 The Over-Under Challenge

18 Father Ted is a hands on leader!

19 1 st Annual Golf Tournament Thanks to the Nemshick family, the day was a huge success Lots of buzz about our school among local business people Raised $10,070 its first year!! Next year’s goal…. $12,000!

20 PTT Fundraising We organize and run activities to raise funds for the general school budget through several programs: a) Fundraising Activity Fee program b) Large social events including Basket Raffle and now our new Golf Tournament c) Restaurant nights d) Giant Food Stores Bonus card program e) New events on the horizon!

21 Fundraising Beyond the General Budget We raise funds to pay for social events and curriculum enhancements, such as the assemblies, dances and Catholic Schools week events. We raise money for the Missions. We raise money for the Technology Fund We donate money to parish events including the Jesse Tree and the Festival in the form of tuition vouchers or gifts.

22 Giant Bonus card program 2013 2014 300 card numbers registered $4997.98 raised 674 card numbers registered $10,348.83 raised Due to changes in the Giant’s program, we do not need to re-register numbers from last year. Keep your eyes open for information about a new incentive program to keep getting new numbers registered for Seven Sorrows!

23 Fundraising Activity Fee 1.FAF was instituted years ago to encourage full participation in retail fundraising sales. 2.Not associated with student participation in school or athletic association activities. 3.Gives families a goal and a “buy-out” option. 4.Funds raised go toward general school expenses/budget.

24 Fundraising Activity Fee Events In 2014, the PTT changed the program for the fundraising activity fee. Instead of hosting several different product sales and asking you to sell lots of items frequently, we ran two sub sales in 2014to provide our families opportunities to earn their FAF instead of paying it out of pocket.

25 FAF participation 2013-2014 Fall sub/sandwich sale Spring soup/sandwich sale 82 of 154 families participated 27 of 82 raised 1/3-1/2 of their FAF 57 of 154 families participated 21 of 57 raised 1/3-1/2 of their FAF Only 12 families raised >$140 of their total $150 FAF Many families that participated in the Fall sale did not participate in the Spring sale. Most families are choosing to pay out of pocket for at least ½ of their FAF.

26 FAF plans 2014-2015 The PTT decided to offer a different sale item this year, with a greater profit margin, with hopes of revitalizing participation. The Fall sale item is Kidstuff Books. The late winter/spring sale will continue to be subs and sandwiches. It is hoped that the greater profit margin on the books will not only allow a greater % of families to earn a larger portion of the FAF but also generate funds needed to support the curriculum and community enhancements provided by the PTT.

27 Net Income Distribution 2013- 2014 school year 1.Tech Fund- 90% of Octoberfest income 2.FAF earned- Two retail sales 3.FAF pd- families’ buy-out 4.School budget-large event fundraisers, Bonus cards (the 2 FAF wedges and the school budget wedge all go to the expenses of the school ) 5. Missions- 10% of Octoberfest 6. PTT budget- social events, restaurant nights, extra profit from retail sales You can see the vast majority of our fundraising goes to keeping our tuition reasonable!

28 Volunteer Hours program Each family is required to volunteer for 20 hours at school activities per school year. The PTT is asking each family to track their own hours including the date, the #hours, and the event or activity at home for now, while we work on an electronic system. Hours are required to remain eligible for certain scholarships and tuition assistance. Any activity related to the school counts, please see your handbook for a comprehensive list. If you aren’t sure if an event or activity counts, please contact the school office. Some hours can be earned at home, depending on the work required for certain events, for example- organizing data or forms.

29 PTT= all of us The board meets monthly, 11 times a year, yet we support the school in a variety of activities all throughout the school year. We provide the backbone for you to participate in your child’s school life. We need you to choose that activity or activities that best suits your interests and life and jump in! Your volunteer hours can be earned having fun and spending time with your child.

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