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Survey Overview. I am: My age is: I have attended Grace Church:

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1 Survey Overview

2 I am:

3 My age is:

4 I have attended Grace Church:

5 I have:

6 I attend church:

7 My primary church service is:

8 Please check the activities you have participated in during the past two years:

9 I attend Sunday School:

10 My children attend Sunday School:

11 My preferred time for Sunday School is:

12 Stewardship involves giving our time and talents, as well as money.

13 Each member or household should make a formal annual pledge.

14 The 10% ththe is the approprate standard of giving.

15 The annual operating budget should not exceed our total anticipated revenues.

16 Are you a contributor of record (by pledge)?

17 Are you interested in Grace Church:

18 Would you be willing to participate in new ideas/programs to enhance the growth of Grace:

19 The FUTURE of our parish lies predominately in:

20 How can our parish do more to attract and keep young families?

21 Does your child or have your children participated in a youth program at another church?

22 As a member of Grace Church I prefer:

23 At a Choral Eucharist I prefer:

24 Please rank the categories (A- F) above in order of importance using 1 as the most important and 6 as the least:

25 The Rectors sermons should: Please rank 1 (most important) to 7 (least important):

26 How How important is it that the rector:

27 Gives priority to attending Parish funtions.

28 If married, has a spouse who takes an active part in parish activities.

29 Has good social and interpersonal skills

30 Shows personal interest in lives of parishioners.

31 Has an unhurrued, deliberate, reverent, liturgical presentation.

32 Is a good delegator of authority.

33 Is a visionary leader.

34 Please rate your preferences as they apply to a new Rector:

35 Single

36 Married

37 Widowed

38 Divorced

39 Male

40 Female

41 Has children under 18

42 Has children over 18

43 Has no children

44 Age 25-35

45 Age 36-45

46 Age 46-55

47 Age 56 or over

48 Please check any Grace Community Outreach Programs you have participated in:

49 Are you happy with the current outreach programs?

50 Please check any Grace Church programs you have participated in:

51 Please rank how accurately you think the following statements reflect the parish relationship with Grace Episcopal School:

52 A warm friendly relationship

53 A mutually cooperative relationship

54 A relationship which needs better communication

55 A relationship which offers opportunities for evangelism

56 Do you have children or grandchildren at Grace Episcopal School?

57 Do you consider Grace Episcopal School as an outreach for Grace Church?

58 How would you like to recieve parish information?

59 Are you happy with current communications?

60 Did you know that Grace Church has a website? (

61 Have you ever visited the website?

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