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Special Religious Development Archdiocese of Chicago.

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1 Special Religious Development Archdiocese of Chicago

2 A SPRED Journey Unfolding a Session

3 Being greeted and called by name, a beautiful space readied for us, knowing there is time to just be for awhile.

4 Time to choose an activity that will capture our attention, spark our creativity, slow us down, and ready us for catechesis

5 Bringing to mind a lived experience, finding what is common to all of us, recalling the similar in liturgy, hearing scripture that speaks to this experience, taking this message in. Growing in Faith.

6 Sharing food and drink in celebration of all that we are, all we’ve been given, and all that we share as community.

7 Joining in praise, hearing the Word proclaimed, sharing the Eucharist together with the larger community. Bringing us back in desiring to grow in faith in our circle again.


9 A Welcoming Space, the bonds of friendship, the Word proclaimed, inclusion in the sacramental life of the parish, help us all grow in faith.

10 SPRED A Worthwhile Journey

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