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Welcome! Knights of Columbus. Jan 2007 The Knights are dedicated to our faith by living and sharing it in daily life. The Council encourages all men to.

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1 Welcome! Knights of Columbus

2 Jan 2007 The Knights are dedicated to our faith by living and sharing it in daily life. The Council encourages all men to join the Knights of Columbus as a way to deepen their faith, defend the family and work for a brighter future for all people. Join today and may God bless you Alameda Council, 9928

3 Jan 2007 Why We Are Called Knights  History of the Knights of Columbus  Knights of Columbus Objectives  Knights of Columbus Statement  The Vision and Mission  Opportunities to Make a Difference  Why Become a Knight  Summary

4 Jan 2007 History of The Knights of Columbus  Founded by Father Michael J. McGivney, in New Haven, Connecticut  Knights of Columbus was chartered on March 29, 1882

5 Jan 2007 Why the Knights of Columbus? 1. To help Catholic men remain steadfast in their faith through mutual encouragement. 2. To promote closer ties of fraternity 3. To establish a system of insurance to assist widows and children of members

6 Jan 2007 Why Columbus?  To emphasize that it was a Catholic who discovered, explored, and colonized North American continent.

7 Jan 2007 Why Knights?  To signify that the membership embodies knightly ideals of 1.Spirituality 2.Service to Church, country and fellowman.

8 Jan 2007 The Knights of Columbus Today  An international society of more than 1.6 million Catholic men  In more than 12,000 councils  United States  Canada, Mexico  The Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guatemala,  Panama, Cuba, Guam  The Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas

9 Jan 2007 The Knights of Columbus Service in the Year 2000  $116,187,996 to charities  56,730,040 volunteer hours  25.9 million hrs to Church  15.3 million hrs to community  7.7 million hrs to youth  7.8 million hrs to other causes

10 Jan 2007 Knights of Columbus Objectives  To Support the Church.  To build fraternal bonds through religious, social, educational, and athletic activities.  To reach out to meet community needs through programs of charity and service.

11 Jan 2007 Knights of Columbus Objectives  To provide comfort and assistance to sick, disabled, and needy members and their families.  To provide for the financial security of our members and families through our fraternal insurance program.

12 Jan 2007 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS A Catholic… Family… Fraternal… Service Organization.  Catholic - the common denominator for all our members. Catholicism serves as a foundation for continued growth and performance.  Family - the very basis of society around which all our programs and activities evolve.

13 Jan 2007 Knights of Columbus (contd.)  Fraternal - banded together for the purpose of providing for the spiritual and material welfare of our membership.  Service - our involvement with and commitment to Church, community, council, family, and youth.

14 Jan 2007 Commitment to Education  The Knights of Columbus have a long tradition of aid to Catholic education.  Endowment of a chair in American history at the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.,  The million-dollar "Father Michael J. McGivney Memorial Fund for New Initiatives in Catholic Education"  Scholarships and student loans

15 Jan 2007 Other Major Projects  More than $1 million annually for various projects  The construction of the Knights' Tower at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.  Lobbied to insert the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.  Contributed to the restoration of the Facade at St. Peter's Basilica

16 Jan 2007 The Vision and Mission  Provide leadership and support to parish and pastor, as well as community  Offer our local Catholic men and their families a strong sense of community and fellowship

17 Jan 2007 Opportunities to Make a Difference  Programs to use specific talents  Five areas of Involvement open to members  Church  Community  Family  Council  Youth

18 Jan 2007 Church Activities  Purpose – To sponsor activities which enable the Knight to set a worthy example as an ideal Catholic to his family, his community and his fellow members. Support our Religious Leaders Lay Apostolate Evangelization Vocations Parochial Services Religious Devotions Keep Christ in Christmas

19 Jan 2007 Community Activities  Purpose: Offer opportunities for Knights to make their voices heard in the community and to make it a better place for all to live Pro-Life Volunteerism Human Needs Civic Involvement Environment and Public Safety Health Services Decency Honor Columbus

20 Jan 2007 Family Activities  Purpose: Offer programs and activities which aid in building family spirit, strengthen family life and stimulate togetherness within our family units Family Programs Education Communications Family Recognition Recreation Survivors’ Assistance Memorials

21 Jan 2007 Council Activities  Purpose: Enhance the fraternal life among our members by offering fun and entertaining programs and activities. Public Relations Fraternalism Cultural Social Blood Donation Athletics

22 Jan 2007 Youth Activities  Purpose: Provide our youth with the means and opportunities to become personally committed and involved in meeting the challenges of our times. Scouting 4-H Activities Athletics Educational Programs Youth Welfare Religious Activities Social Activities Columbian Squires

23 Jan 2007 Why Become a Knight  To enjoy a wide variety of benefits  Member/Spouse accidental death benefit  “Knights to Christ” meditation book  Columbia Magazine  K of C Rosary  Volunteer to help the youth and less fortunate

24 Jan 2007 Why Become a Knight?  Daily Mass of Remembrance at Church  Leadership Development- Opportunity to build personal leadership skills.  Educational Benefits- Scholarship programs, Student loan programs  To have diversity in life with those that share the same ideals

25 Jan 2007 Why Become a Knight?  To learn, live, and practice Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.  To spread and share spirituality amongst others  To grow within a Catholic environment.

26 Jan 2007 Council Meetings  Meetings are held once or twice each Month  Meeting agenda typically include prayer, activity updates, financial and membership status, committee reports and motions regarding expenditures and future events and social activities.

27 Jan 2007 Summary  We are honored to have you join our Council  We encourage you to become a member  Our Programs and Objectives give every Catholic man the medium through which he can best serve the church and mankind.  Welcome to the Knights of Columbus!

28 Jan 2007

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