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Public Update Meeting St John’s Church, Stanah Rd Wednesday 17 September 2014 Saturday 20 September 2014 1.

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1 Public Update Meeting St John’s Church, Stanah Rd Wednesday 17 September 2014 Saturday 20 September 2014 1

2 Introductions Welcome to everyone! Thanks to Hesketh Press in Fleetwood & the army of delivery volunteers. Thanks to Steven Aspin on Stanah Road -for creating the website Councillors in attendance. 2

3 Purpose of meeting Update community on progress since July meeting. Explain what happens next. Introduce the initial SOS Committee and roles. Opportunity for questions at the end… 3

4 Reminder… 4

5 Some key points Initial proposal for 165 houses, which could increase to over 900. Wyre Local Plan published in 1999. Land designated as ‘Countryside / Agricultural’ UK National Planning Policy Framework favours approval for “sustainable development” & requires a 5yr supply of housing land. 5

6 However… Severe impacts to highway congestion & road safety. Local economy isn’t providing employment for such development & transport impacts will further weaken business links. Impacts on local ecology and wildlife not adequately assessed. Adverse impact on our Green Flag awarded Wyre Estuary Country Park. 6

7 Update since July 2014 Facebook group members increased to almost 1,400. Website launched – ~1300 resident objections submitted to Wyre – check! Response from MP Ben Wallace Response from Highways Agency & Secretary of State involvement Response from LCC re Education 7

8 Update since July 2014 Meeting with Chief Exec and Leader of Wyre Council. Contact made with Natural England. Work undertaken by Thornton Action Group (TAG) – house and road surveys. Some informal contacts made with other residential groups. 8

9 Update since July 2014 County Councillor Update. Wyre Councillor Update. Decision on application can not be made by Wyre whilst Highways Agency response outstanding. 9

10 Planning Process Planning Officers will publish a report with recommendation Application to be heard by Wyre Planning Committee Can be attended by public, venue TBC Objectors allowed to speak for 3 minutes – no repeats! Speakers and subject matter experts required 10

11 Initial SOS Committee Call for volunteers on Facebook page (~1400 members). Mini meeting with approx. 40 members took place early September. Committee voted in for a 3 month period. Stand alone group with no political allegiances. 11

12 Initial SOS Committee - Roles Chair =Barry Hart Deputy Chair = Michael Powell Secretary= Helen Walmsley Treasurer=Tracy Coxey Council Liaison =Emma Sydney 12

13 Initial SOS Committee - Roles Supported by: – Clare Longton – Adele Bolland – Sharon Davies Turner – Sue Walker – Jeremey Walker 13

14 Role of the Committee Inform and consult about proposals for development of the land adjacent to Lambs Road and Raikes Road; Coordinate and facilitate resident responses and objections to said proposed development. 14

15 Role of Committee Likely that some funds will be required to continue activities highlighted above (more later!) May not have all of the answers / questions and will rely on support of the community. Call for further support including subject matter experts. 15

16 Next Steps & Way Forward SOS Committee will: – review Planning Officers report & recommendation(s); – help facilitate a coordinated approach to verbal objections; – formally write to individual members of the Wyre Planning Committee; – provide further updates to community. 16

17 Next Steps & Way Forward Proposal made to employ Planning Consultant Offer to submit a general letter of objection to Wyre Charge in the region of £700 Not a detailed study of application or reports Does not include Consultant speaking at Planning Committee or any further efforts required Other professional services may be sought (eg ecology/bats) Mixed views for & against amongst SOS Committee 17

18 Next Steps & Way Forward Fundraising – Attendees requested for voluntary donations – SOS website advertising – Donation of raffle prizes – Coffee & cake morning, Sat 4 Oct, 9-12pm – Cheese & wine, Zen, Victoria Rd, 8pm on 8 Nov Secure SOS bank account with annual account Any remaining funds will be donated to Sam’s Place and Great Arley Special School 18

19 Next Steps & Way Forward Keeping talking in the community & online! Objections can continue to be made to Wyre Council – Ref: 14/00553/OULMAJ Write to our MP & Secretary of State for Transport – – Local media, banners & posters 19

20 Questions & Meeting Close Thanks to St John’s Parish Church Thanks for continued support from Councillors Thanks to residents of Thornton!! Donations to the Church and/or SOS can be made on departure 20

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