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Nový Jičín Town Tereza Ivanová & Michaela Horáková.

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1 Nový Jičín Town Tereza Ivanová & Michaela Horáková

2 Nový Jičín Town 1313 - 2013

3 Nový Jičín Town

4 The town is located in the Moravian-Silesian region and has 24 thousand inhabitants. Masaryk Square

5 Žerotín Castle The castle was originally a stone building and was built around 1380 by Vok VI of Kravař.

6 Town H all In 1501 the owners of the town, the Lords of Žerotín, gave the town a free house to serve as the town hall.

7 Laudon’s House The famous General G. E. Laudon died in this house in 1790.

8 Bastion The parish bastion was built in 1613.

9 The Smetana Park The largest park of Nový Jičín was established in 1915. Smetana’s Orchards boast a sculptural group representing the miracle of creation and the laws of inheritance. This monument includes a bust of the geneticist Johann Gregor Mendel.

10 The Smetana Park and Memorial of Johann Gregor Mendel Johann Gregor Mendel, 1822 – 1884 Scientist, biologist, founder of genetics.He discovered the laws of here d i t y.

11 The Beskydy Theatre The fabulous neo-renaissance building is the work of famous Viennese architect Otto Thienemann.

12 Plague Column It is a baroque column built in 1710 as thanks for surviving the great plague.

13 The Spanish Chapel According to a local legend the chapel was built as a grave for Spanish soldiers who died at the battle of Nový Jičín in 1621 during the Thirty Years´War.

14 The Holy Trinity Church It was formerly gothic building, originally called the "Moravian Church“. It was built around 1500. Inside the church you can find interesting baroque decor originated around the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

15 The Old Post Office This renaissance building was built in 1563 and can be distinguished by its two arcades.

16 Christmas and our school in Nový Jičín

17 We are in the Masaryk Square

18 The Masaryk Square

19 The end…

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