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If you’re not keeping score, it’s just practice!

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2 If you’re not keeping score, it’s just practice!

3 Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety DDACTS DDACTS is an operational model that uses the integration of location-based crime and traffic data to establish effective and efficient methods for deploying law enforcement and other resources.

4 DDACTS Goal Reduce the incidence of crime, crashes and traffic violations in a community Reduces Social Harm

5 Why DDACTS? ● Increasing Demands and Limited Resources ● Conflicting / Competing Demands for Service ● Crime and Crashes Often Occur in Close Proximity ● Crimes Often Involve a Motor Vehicle ● Vehicle Stops Can Yield Criminal Identification and Arrest

6 DDACTS Advantages Collaborative Effort Grounded in Community-Oriented Policing Evidence Based Problem-Solving Focused Area for High Visibility Enforcement Ensures Accountability Fewer Ethical and Legal Concerns

7 National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives “If the data analysis reveals that criminal activity and traffic crashes occur at a specific place within a community, then it is at that place that law enforcement activities need to be focused. A non-biased, data-driven approach to crime and traffic safety delivers law enforcement services at the right place and at the right time.” Joseph A. McMillan, NOBLE President

8 National Partners

9 Demonstration Sites ● Baltimore County Police Department ● Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office ● Metro-Nashville Police Department ● Oakland Police Department ● Rochester Police Department ● St. Albans Police Department / Vermont State Police ● Washoe County Sheriff’s Office


11 DDACTS Guiding Principles Partners / Stakeholder Participation Data Collection Data Analysis Strategic Operations Information Sharing and Outreach Monitor, Evaluate and Adjust Outcomes

12 Baltimore County Police Department Preliminary Results Auto Theft Burglary Robbery 18% 29%35% Crashes 2.5%49% Vehicle Stops On-Duty Hours in target areas (April-September): 36,522


14 Metro-Nashville Police Department Results Year Fatal Crashes Traffic Fatalities DUI Arrests UCR Part I Incidents 200377823,24248,488 200486953,47746,552 200583903,54845,912 200687973,91943,666 200766744,73242,741 200867725,59541,754 Nashville has experienced a reduction in UCR Part I incidents in each of the last 5 years. DUI arrests have increased 72.6% since 2003. Fatal accidents and fatalities have fluctuated but have declined 12.2% and 13% since 2003, respectively.

15 DDACTS Return On Investment Cost Effective Approach Reduction in Social Harm Fewer Calls for Service Increased Time For High-Visibility Patrols Increased Deterrence Increased Field Contacts

16 Questions Earl Hardy DDACTS National Coordinator 202-366-4292


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