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Onitsha Salesian Educative Pastoral Project 2006 - …….

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1 Onitsha Salesian Educative Pastoral Project 2006 - …….

2 Onitsha because implanted in this particular social and ecclesial environment and culture. Salesian because is done in the Don Bosco’s style with Reason religion Kindness Educative because has the continuous consistent goal of formation and has as their method of dialogue, patience and conversion. Pastoral because the Soul, the pulsing Spirit and the method is the loving Heart of Jesus the Good Shepherd Project because the education needs to be holistic in its view, continuous in the time, verifiable in its objects, clear to allthe persons involved.

3 Past History: 2nd February 1987 H.G. Dr. S. N. Ezeanya Archbishop of Onitsha in the request to open a Salesian presence in Onitsha Archdiocese, made a particular reference to Catechesis, Pedagogy and opening of Professional Schools

4 21 November 1987 In the meeting between the Salesian Councilor for the Mission Luc Van Looy and the Provincial Fathers of the Salesian Provinces involved in the Nigerian Project Fr. L. Testa (Subalpina), Fr. C. Filippini (Novarese), Fr. G. Galbusera (Adriatica), about Onitsha it is foreseen a Catechetical Centre together in a youth pastoral work that is typically Salesian (Oratory or/and Parish).

5 1989 The first pastoral activity the Salesians started has been an informal Oratory ( see the Dominic Savio Band in Awada; 53, Oraifite Street) and from September 1991 the festive Oratory in the new site Ibolo-Obosi.

6 1991-1992 moving in St. John Bosco Youth Centre, Permanent Site, on 28th August 1991, the Salesians realized that a possible project to be carried out in the isolated outskirt of Onitsha Town was a Technical Vocational School. In commissioning the St. John Bosco Youth Centre the then Governor of Anambra State H.E. Chief Dr. Chukwuemeka Pius Ezeife stressed the importance to prepare qualified technicians and asked the Salesians to train the new generations bringing them up till the secondary school. Together started an informal Boarding House

7 In Awada Iba Pope started the Collaboration with the local Church 7 Dec. 1990: First Aspirant 1990 September: Collaboration with the Italian Community in Port Harcourt 1996 Past Pupils of Don Bosco- Alumni started 24 th May 1998 the first Salesian Cooperators Promise

8 Destinataries of the Osha SEPP 1.The Boys and Girls between 6-15 years old who need the primary formation and living near our compound 2.Youth between 16 and 25 years old who need secondary school formation and need to learn a work coming from Onitsha town, nearer towns, nearest Nigerian States. 3.Youths who want to know the salesian life 4.Adults and young people living near our compound where our mission is situated.

9 The Educative Community Community because unites in one Family, according the style of Don Bosco, Children, Youth, Adults; Pupils, Parents, Educators. The tasks to be carried at different levels: Organization being the Centre of Communion and Evangelization Coordination Methodological Accompaniment Educative Orientation Spiritual and Christian Formation Guarantee of Salesian originality

10 The Salesian Method of Education ReasonReligionKindness

11 4 AREAS OF INTERVENTION Educative and Cultural dimension (Human Growth) Evangelization and Catechetical dimension (Christian Growth) Group Activity dimension (Social Growth) Vocational dimension (Vocational Growth)

12 The various sectors of DBYC Oratory Don Bosco Training Centre Secondary School and Basic Education Boarding School Aspirantate Out-station

13 Priorities for the next …2 years Establishing of a working Onitsha Salesian Educative Pastoral Community Particular attention at the new situations and requests from the local social and ecclesial environment ( Universal Basic Education and Secondary School, Outstation)

14 Let us collaborate together and carry out the Onitsha SEPP

15 2006 2007 COMMUNITY PLAN 2006-2007 Onitsha Community Main Goal: Working together as a family to establish the new culture of life according the Good News of Christ

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