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3 Oscar Arnulfo Romero 1917 Born in Ciudad Barrios El Salvador (15th August ) Parents were Santos Romero & Guadalupe de Jesus Galdamez Second eldest of seven children 1919 Baptised (11 th May) 1922-1924 attended public school 1925-1928 private tutoring

4 Oscar Arnulfo Romero 1929 began apprenticeship in carpentry 1930 entered the minor seminary in San Miguel 1937 Theological Studies at National Seminary in San Salvador 1937 Theological Studies at Gregorian University Rome

5 Oscar Arnulfo Romero 1941 Licentiate Degree in Theology 1941 Began Studies in a doctoral degree in ascetical theology 1942 Ordained to the Priesthood (4th April) 1943 Recalled to El Salvador prior to completing the doctoral degree

6 Oscar Arnulfo Romero 1944 Began his ministry in El Salvador 1967 Secretary General to the National Bishops’ Conference 1967 given the title Monsignor 1970 Auxiliary Bishop of San Salvador

7 Oscar Arnulfo Romero 1971 became editor of the archdiocesan newspaper Orientacion 1974 installation as bishop Santiago de Maria (14th December) 1975 Consultor of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America 1977 installed as Archbishop of San Salvador (22nd February)

8 Oscar Arnulfo Romero 1977 Jesuit priest Rutilio Grande friend of Romero was murdered (12th March) 1977ff Romero spoke out against the murders in public masses and in radio broadcasts 1977ff became more the voice against the government

9 Oscar Arnulfo Romero 1977ff became more the church’s spokesman for liberation theology 1979 went to Rome to visit Pope and presented 7 dossiers of injustices in El Salvador 1980 assassinated (24th March) Credit: Euipo Maiz “I have frequently been threatened with death. I must say that, as a Christian, I do not believe in death but in the resurrection. If they kill me, I shall rise again in the Salvadoran people.” Oscar Romero


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