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Volunteer Structure Updated September 21, 2009. Support Ministry Ministry Executives Spiritual Formation Witness Service Congregational Life Sr. Council.

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1 Volunteer Structure Updated September 21, 2009

2 Support Ministry Ministry Executives Spiritual Formation Witness Service Congregational Life Sr. Council Sponsor: Mark Ackerman Jr. Council Sponsor: Mike Flack Sr. Council Sponsor: Dot Barlow Jr. Council Sponsor: Jayne Rohach Sr. Council Sponsor: BJ Patterson Jr. Council Sponsor: Joe Rhoades Sr. Council Sponsor: Gina Savavnt Jr. Council Sponsor: Kathy Folenta President: Tim Feather Vice President: Louise Wagner Treasurer: Mary Housley Secretary: Lois Apple

3 Support Ministry PropertyFinanceMutual Ministry Mission Statement Property is responsible for the physical plant and grounds of the Church. The team’s stewardship is for all the physical assets of the Church. Insures that Christ Lutheran Church is a good steward of the financial resources it manages. Provides leadership for all accounting and financial affairs of the Congregation. Affirms and strengthens the mission of the church by maintaining effective and working relationships among the staff and between the staff and the congregation. Main Stewardship Oversees all work performed by team members or outside contractors for the purpose of daily upkeep and maintenance as well as long range planning. Responsible for all the financial matters of the church, including assets and liabilities. Work closely with and maintain open communications with the Financial/Property Team and Church Treasurer. Lead the team members in establishing staff relations and functions as a human resource team for the staff, volunteers, and members of Christ Lutheran Church. Team LeadersCarl SchroederAnn BoroviesAnne Baum Support Ministry

4 Ministries Church Van Maintenance, Exterior & Interior Edifice, Facility Usage, First Aid Kits, Gentlemen’s Club, Insurance Policies, Internal Technology Team, Kitchen Equipment & Inspection, Landscaping, Non-Office Contracts, Parking Lot Lighting, Playground, Sexton, Special Projects. Annual Audit, Budget Process, Compensation of Staff, Counting Teams, Disbursement of Endowment Mission, Financial Report Creation, Fund Raising Procedures, Special Teams, Stewardship of Teams, Church Trustees Job Applications, Employee Position Descriptions, Maintain Employee Handbook, Exit Interviews, Employee Policy and Procedures, Prospective Employee Interviews, Employee Bulletin Board Postings, Employee Reviews, Staff Member Compensation. Opportunities general maintenance, indoor painting, electrical, plumbing, heating & air conditioning, landscaping, planting, trimming, insurance knowledge, contract maintenance, van/trailer service & maintenance money counters, auditor, budget, bookkeeper, business experience mediator, facilitator, human resources knowledge, be willing to help when asked Support Ministry PropertyFinanceMutual Ministry Support Ministry

5 Spiritual Formation Christian EducationWorship & Music Mission Statement Responsible to provide opportunities for Christian Education to the congregation by helping members and non-members of all ages and races grow in their faith. Serves as the center of the life of the congregation. The team serves to assist the staff and worship participants to guide them in providing meaningful spiritual enrichment. Main Stewardship Coordinate the many phases of educational ministries of the church from infants through adulthood. Encourage team to carry out the Christian Education mission. Provide spiritual direction and guidance to the team members while also supporting the worship volunteer participants during the Traditional and Praise services. Team LeadersAlice KarpaCarolyn Raudenbush Formation Ministry

6 Ministries Sunday School, First Communion Program, Bible Sunday Program, Confirmation Education, Vacation Bible School, Sunday Morning Adult Education, Monday Evening Bible Study, Thursday morning Bible Study, Lay Training, Church Library Altar Guild, Audio Coordinator Bulletin Board, Bulletins, Cantors, Children’s Bulletin & activity pack, Senior Choir, Ring & Sing Choir, Coffee Hour, Communion Servers, Drama Team, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve Program, Holiday & Sunday Flowers, Greeters, Nursery, Pastor’s Assistant, Power Point Coordinator, Praise Band Director, Prayer Book, Readers, Ushers, Sanctuary Organizers, Schedule Coordinator, Vocalists Opportunities youth education for teachers, assistants, helpers, mentors. Leaders for cradle roll, Sunday school, and vacation bible school. Adult education leaders and presenters for discussions, speakers, bible study. acolyte, altar guild, greeter, reader, usher, nursery care, coffee hour, bulletin copying, communion servers, pastor’s assistant, cantors, children’s ring and sing choir, senior choir, band singers, instrumentalist, audio/visual volunteers, easter and Christmas programs Spiritual Formation Christian Education Worship & Music Formation Ministry

7 Witness Service Evangelism Mission Statement Responsible for spreading the “Good News” of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They help people come to “know Christ”. They are the team promoting the warm, caring, concerned atmosphere during Sunday morning worship. Responsible for the enriching of the congregation’s understanding of Christian Stewardship, raising the congregation’s awareness to the next level and encouraging them to offer their gifts of treasure, time, and talent. Encourages our church to ‘sow the seeds of thanksgiving and joy’. It is within the scope of this ministry to promote the needs of the ‘least of these’ to the congregation so that we might reach out and help those who are less fortunate. Creates opportunities for our members to sow the seeds of love through caring. We care for one another and look for ways in which we might care for others in our community. Main Stewardship Enfold the Evangelism Team and all members to share our confession of faith in a fellowship of worship, learning, witness and service. Lead the congregation to be stewards of their time, talents and treasures to meet goals and support the mission of the church. Encourage and guide the outreach of the congregation on a local, national, and international levels. Convey to the team members the importance of Outreach ministry. Provide care for our members in time of need. Encourage your team to offer support for members with special concerns. Team Leaders De Del ReDave JacksonJoyce StaatsDonna Bergstresser StewardshipOutreachCare Giving Service Ministry

8 Advertising, Name Tags, New Member Reception Sunday, New Member Orientation, Parish Membership, New member sponsors, welcoming guests & package Computation follow-up, envelope selection process, giving card estimate, Mission Support Sunday and reception, simply giving, stewardship education program, stewardship letters, time and talent request Food bank, HAM Easter & Christmas Donation, Mitten Tree, Lutheran Congregation Services Ingathering, crisis fund, disaster relief, world hunger, gifts program, New Bethany ministries, refugee resettlement, Habitat for Humanity, Harvest Home, back to school clothing, local events and disasters Blood bank, funeral luncheons, soup for homebound, emergency reach out services, get well cards, prayer chain, Eucharistic ministry, dinner for new moms, we miss you program Deliver welcome packages, prepare activity kits/packets, update church membership roll, advertise church services and events, plan and organize new member events. Stewardship Sunday, church envelope service Local food bank collection, Christmas gifts organization, support world hunger campaign, respond to disaster relief, prepare and serve lunch at New Bethany Ministries Prepare soup & deliver to homebound, join the prayer chain, prepare meal & deliver to new moms, send cards to homebound, assist funeral luncheon, train for Eucharistic ministry, local blood bank team Ministries Opportunities Witness Service Service Ministry EvangelismStewardshipOutreachCare Giving

9 Congregational Life Parish LifeYouthLeadership Training Mission Statement Responsible for our members getting to know one another in order to unite the body of Christ. They maintain and create opportunities for all ages in our church to socialize Provide the youth of Christ Lutheran Church with social, service, and educational opportunities in order to further their faith development To equip and train Christ Lutheran leaders, staff and members to be efficient and effective leaders to our Congregation and Church roles and functions. Main Stewardship Provide opportunities for fellowship among members of the congregation. Stimulate the growth of current activities as well as creating and beginning new ministries for all ages Guide the youth and assist parents to help their children grow in faith. To provide a place for training and learning sessions to occur and to do annual training for the Christ Lutheran Church family. This leadership & motivational life applies to group personal and professional development. Team LeadersAllison SternerSandy Ruch-MorrinGary Reinbold Life Ministry

10 Ministries Mother’s Day, golf outing, Family Festival, fund raisers, Lenten soup suppers, prayer partners, Lenten breakfast, HAM annual picnic, 55 & Alive, Advent preparation, pictorial directory, Learning Center activities, Easter candy sale, quilters Bear Creek Camp, Boy Scout Liaison, Plan-a-thon, Sunday Christian Education, Souper Bowl of Caring, Family Festival, National Youth Gathering, Synod Lutheran Youth Organization Personal growth, professional growth, management leadership training, problem solving skills Opportunities Mother’s Day dinner, golf outing, Lenten soup suppers, prayer partners, Lenten breakfast, Hellertown area picnic, 55 & Alive group, movie night, Family Festival volunteer Contribute to set-up meetings and review materials, present materials, speaker. Congregational Life Parish LifeYouthLeadership Training Life Ministry

11 Organizational Chart Christ Lutheran Church Congregation Congregation Council Senior Pastor Pastor Phil Office Manager Director Learning Center Donna Kurlich Learning Center Staff Ministry Executive Team Christian Learning Center School Board Minister of Music Paul Kauriga Financial Administrator Carolyn Raudenbush (PT) Faith Formation for Family & Youth Coordinator Sandy Ruch-Morrin (PT) Sexton Dick Hawk Typist/ Clerk Open (PT) Praise Band Director Howard Housley Council Executive Team Support Ministry Property, Finance, Mutual Ministry Spiritual Formation Christian Education, Worship & Music Witness Service Caregiving, Evangelism, Outreach, Stewardship Congregational Life Parish Life, Youth, Leadership Training Team Nominating Team Audit Team Vacancy Call Team

12 MISSION To Know God, Grow in Faith, and Sow Seeds of Love with Thanksgiving and Joy

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