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St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church Alive in Christ January 2010 Update.

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1 St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church Alive in Christ January 2010 Update

2 A Campaign to serve the people of the Diocese of Orlando.

3 Alive in Christ allows St. Max to construct a Parish Community Center “St. Max has first priority for a loan from the Diocese of Orlando. Over two dozen parishes have requests for loans from the Diocese to renovate churches, add classrooms to schools, put on a new roof, and other capital projects. They will have to wait. When the Diocese sells property in Viera this summer, St. Max is first in line to borrow the money it needs to build our Parish Community Center.” GROW in our living and loving relationship with Christ through the Eucharist. - 196 families have joined St Max in 2009. - 779 families belong to St Max. LEAD our brothers and sisters to Christ. - First communion, baptisms and lifelong faith formation. - Crown Ministry financial Bible study to deepen your communion with Christ. SHARE God’s abiding love and serve the common good. - 10% of the Sunday collection is for works of mercy and justice, such as building a middle school in the Dominican Republic. - Joint use agreement with Avalon Park.

4 Alive in Christ allows St. Max to pay for the rectory - The Diocese of Orlando loaned our parish $300,000 to buy the rectory at 4013 Alcott Circle in Avalon Park. - The rectory is where Fr. David lives -The rectory is also the parish office (saving tens of thousands of dollars in office rent) Alive in Christ allows St. Max to build up the Body of Christ - Catholic Campus Ministry at University of Central FL - Vocations and Blake Britton - San Pedro Retreat Center

5 Building Committee Currently made up of seven members. Blessed to have representatives with expertise in many disciplines pertinent to our building needs. Father David – Diocese Liaison & overall guidance Dave Schmitt - Civil Engineer Jeff Mc Comas – Architect Jim Connor – Finance Doug Lack – Construction Bert Karpinski - Professional Owners Representative Dick Gentner - Project Management & Building Development experience – Have been meeting since March 13, 2007 We normally meet for 2-3 hrs every 2 weeks at the rectory. – The last few months we have been on hold until we receive approval to proceed from the Diocese. Although we will meet next week.

6 Our Process WHAT WE WANT TO BUILD - Site Planning Committee WHAT IT WILL COST - Site Planning Committee WHAT WE CAN AFFORD TO BORROW – Parish Finance Council DECIDE WHAT TO DO- Pastoral Council APPROVAL TO PROCEED-Diocese Finance Council & Director of Construction Services

7 What has been accomplished? 1. Secured approval of Diocese to build a Parish Community Center. 2. Identified property to build on. Negotiated with Avalon Park Group conditions of donated property. 3. Diocese took title in December 2009. 4. Created an Ad Hoc parish community center committee. Held several parish meetings to solicit inputs. 5. Created preliminary plans of the site, building and costs 6. Secured Diocese approval to proceed with construction documents 7. Selected our Architect Baker Barrios and their sub contractor BCDM. 8. Refined design plans and cost estimates with Architect 9. Secured Orange County and St Johns Water management approvals 10. Surveying and Soils testing 11. Completed Construction Documents

8 Site Plan

9 Building Elevation

10 Building Floor Plan Parish Community Center will have: Worship space with seating for 700 Chapel Blessed Sacrament chapel Kitchen Meeting rooms for faith formation. Four Childcare rooms Recreation area for community use

11 Costs Total estimated Cost – Site $1.32 Million – Building $4.32 Million TOTAL $5.64 Million Expenses incurred to date - $418,000 Loan amount to date - $98,500

12 What are the next steps? 1.Secure Diocese approval to proceed to bids. (Conditional on the Diocese selling another property in Vieira so they can fund our parish’s loan. Predicted this summer). 2. Complete permitting process. 3.Obtain bids and select General Contractor. 4.Secure Diocese approval to start construction. 5.Put General Contractor on contract.

13 Alive in Christ Committee Campaign Manager Shann Roach Co-Chair Families Dan & Jenny Williams John & Jenn Murphy Major Gifts Co-Chairs Don & Gudrun Martyny Greg & Jill Meunier Co-Administrators Joan Murray Mary Ann Reiner Parish Wide Gifts Gladys Mercadal Communications Frankie Elliott Prayer Jamie & Andrea Beu YA2 Youth ProgramPatty Blouin Diocese Counsel Casey Schroder Pastoral Counsel Father David Scotchie

14 Alive in Christ Ministry The members of the ministry are supporting the continuation phase of our campaign. We host gatherings and keep the parish updated on progress made. Vince & Shann Roach Anthony Cota Evelyn Brewer Rachelle Flamio Paola Garcia Greg & Michelle Owens Dan & Jenny Williams Erik & Anne Hougland John & Jenn Murphy Joan Murray

15 Comparison of Charges The Catholic Foundation vs. An Independent Consulting Firm The Catholic Foundation Fees: $10,010 3.5 % of Parish Share Data Team offers support – Tracking pledges over the 5yr redemption period. Send Reminder letters. Prepare Tax letters Communications & Marketing Team – Produced and printed brochures / marketing materials. Produced an DVD to share Diocese & Parish goals. For more information about The Catholic Foundation visit: Independent Consulting Firm Fees range from 10K - 50K a month. No long term support for redemption or technical support. Charge for materials.

16 Alive in Christ Campaign Goal $1 Million Total Pledges Received: 383 Total Amount Pledged: $1,476,432. Building Cost:$5.64 million Pledges needed:$4.16 million

17 Campaign Prayer Lord God, you appointed Paul Your apostle to preach the good news of salvation to the nations. May his example and prayers inspire the faithful of our diocese to be more fully Alive in Christ. Fill our hearts with the spirit of your charity so that we may please you in our thoughts, words and deeds and be witness to the hope that does not disappoint. You have given each of us different gifts and made us your stewards to generously share on earth. The blessings we have received through your goodness so that the world may believe. May the prayers of St. Paul and all the saints be our constant encouragement so that we may walk worthily as disciples of your Son. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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