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1 2012 IFRM & Catholic Appeal Information Sessions JANUARY 2012.

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1 IFRM & Catholic Appeal Information Sessions JANUARY 2012

2 22 Join the IFRM & Run a Strong Appeal Why IFRM?  IFRM parishes raise more revenue for their parishes through their Appeal rebates by 94%  The IFRM parishes reach their Catholic Appeal goals – Please strongly consider joining this Phase Why The Catholic Appeal?  We are one church supporting each other to remain strong and vibrant  The Catholic Appeal benefits the parishes and the central ministries  2012 Parish Appeal goal is $12.6M  We can only achieve this goal with your leadership

3 3 IFRM Improved Financial Relationship Model Presented by IFRM Implementation Team CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

4 44 IFRM Agenda  Implementation Team Presentation – History of the IFRM – IFRM Parishes – Phase One and Phase Two – Current Model compared to IFRM – Components of the IFRM – Goals and Success Benchmarks – Implementation Results – Next Steps for Phase Three and Phase Four CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

5 55 IFRM Phase One and Phase Two RegionsSouthCentralWestNorthMerrimackTotal Phase One Phase Two Schools WithWithout Phase One1815 Phase Two1332 CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

6 66 IFRM Phase One and Phase Two  Parish Size is defined here by Mass attendance: –Small: –Medium: 501-1,500 –Large: 1,501-1,900 –Very Large: 1,901 and higher Parish SizeSmallMediumLargeVery Large Phase One42432 Phase Two93114 CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

7 77 IFRM Current Model of Support Current model of support has too many elements:  Catholic Appeal  Multiple Fees – School Tax – Hospital Chaplaincy – Cathedraticum – Audit Fees – Real Estate/Facilities Fees – Hosted QuickBooks Fees – Boston Catholic Directories – Communications Collection (50%) CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

8 88 IFRM Current Model Issues  Disparity between the parishes – Support ranged from 2% to 35% of parish base revenue  Produces division and inequity among pastors and parishes – Lack of equity and accountability for parishes not paying their fair share  Parishes felt they were being “nickel and dimed” with the fees CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

9 99 IFRM Components of Model  Central Ministry Tithe  Catholic Appeal  Abatement Process  Increased Giving Programs 9 CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

10 10 IFRM Central Ministry Tithe Base Revenue Calculations – three year average of Offertory, Offertory Monthly, Grand Annual and Net Rental Income  Tithe - 10% of Base Revenue divided into twelve equal monthly installments (5.3% parish w/school) – Parishes saw a benefit to cash flow/budget from the equal monthly tithe amounts  Billing begins July 1st with detailed invoice together with the monthly RCAB billing – Every parish is working toward paying their fair share amount 10 CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

11 11 IFRM Catholic Appeal  Assessment – 8% of base revenue paid directly by parishioner donations to the Catholic Appeal – Paid pledges that fall short of the assessment will be billed to the parish over 6 months (January-June) through RCAB monthly billing – In 1 st year of implementation to assist parishes in reaching the assessment, the shortfall will not be billed for parishes that followed Appeal best practices  Rebates – Parishes receive a larger rebate percentage in IFRM – FY 2013 Phase One 60% Phase Two 55% Phase Three 50% CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

12 12 IFRM Abatement Process  Abatement Committee Members  Review of Abatement Process 1. Central Ministry Tithe Abatement 2. Catholic Appeal Abatement  Abatements Granted CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

13 13 IFRM Goals of Implementation  Improve the financial stability of both parish and central ministries  Establish increased support and communication between parishes and central ministries  Input into Central Ministry budget through Pastor Budget Advisory Committee  Move parishes to a more equitable system of support CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

14 14 IFRM Defining Success The success of the IFRM is defined as parishes meet the following benchmarks: 4 Increase in parish income through increased giving campaigns and Appeal rebates 4 Ability to absorb the monthly tithe into budget 4 Support is moving to fair share amount CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

15 15 IFRM Success Benchmarks - Offertory Phase One FY 2010 vs. FY 2011 Offertory increased 1% for non-IFRM parishes +$676,396 Offertory increased 11% for all IFRM parishes +$1.3 million 4 Parishes that ran an increased giving campaign sustained a 12% increase +$1,344,394 4 Parishes that did not run an increased giving campaign decreased 1% -$4,270 CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

16 16 IFRM Regional Offertory Increase  Parishioners did not withhold their Offertory donations as a result of the parish joining the IFRM  Increased Offertory campaigns successfully improved the collections at the parish level  Average Offertory increase per parish is $40,600 RegionsSouthCentralWestNorthMerrimackTotal $ 301,406191,194285,727176,821384, M % 8%9%14%11%15%11% CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

17 17 IFRM Success Benchmark – Appeal Rebates Phase One  FY 2010 – rebates totaled $110,797 (old model)  FY 2011 – rebates totaled $336,896 (IFRM 1st yr..)  FY 2012 – rebates totaled $371,609 (IFRM 2nd yr..) Phase Two  FY 2011 – rebates totaled $205,979 (old model)  FY 2012 – rebates totaled $512,051 (IFRM 1st yr..) CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

18 18 IFRM Regional Appeal Rebate   IFRM parishes received a larger rebate from the Catholic Appeal donations assisting the parish with their operating funds and strengthening their parish budgets  Average rebate per parish is $11,300 FY 2012SouthCentralWestNorthMerrimackTotal Phase One $176,788$25,153$112,322$28,809$28,537$371,609 Phase Two $170,257$104,293$174,300$61,710$1,491$512,051 CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

19 19 IFRM Implementation Strategies Parish Consultant will be assigned to assist you through the implementation process – Define and calculate base revenue – Formulate the 2013 parish budget with IFRM financial impact – Consult on parish specific financial issues and unique transitional concerns CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY

20 20 IFRM Timeline – Phase Three MARCH  3/15 Fundraising Forum APRIL  March/April Base Revenue Calculations Completed  2013 Budget Prepared MAY/JUNE  Spring Increased Offertory JUNE  Tithe Abatements JULY  Tithe begins on CMB  1 st Appeal rebates distributed SEPT/OCT  Fall Increased Offertory  2nd Appeal rebates distributed NOVEMBER  Catholic Appeal Abatements Reviewed FEBRUARY 2013  3rd Appeal rebates distributed


22 22 CONFIDENTIAL: RCAB CENTRAL MINISTRY & PARISH STAFF ONLY DENISE MCKINNON – BIERNAT Director of Parish Services TRICIA FRASER IFRM Project Manager ERIC LANDERS Parish Services Consultant TOM LARNER Parish Services Consultant Contact Information Parish Financial Services

23 23 A Parish Perspective Fr. Kevin Sepe and Rick Timmerman St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Braintree MA

24 Catholic Appeal Presented by the Catholic Appeal Team

25 Catholic Appeal Objectives  To reach beyond our parish boundaries to help those in need  To raise 50% of funds needed to support the 50 Central Ministries of the Archdiocese  To support the Ministries serving the Archdiocese in the following ways: – Enrich Parish Life – Strengthen Families – Investing in the Future Of Our Faith – Advance Church leadership

26 26 Central Ministries Our Catholic Mission At Work ENRICHING OUR PARISH LIFE STRENGTHENING FAMILIES INVESTING IN THE FUTURE OF OUR FAITH ADVANCING OUR CHURCH LEADERSHIP Supporting our Priests and Deacons  Clergy Personnel  Clergy Support & Ongoing Formation  Permanent Diaconate  Diaconal Life & Formation Serving the Parish Community  Pastoral Planning  Office for Worship  Spiritual Life Office - Why Catholic?  Office of Outreach and Cultural Diversity  Office for Persons with Disabilities - Deaf Apostolate - Airport/Seaport Chaplaincy  Hispanic Ministry Strengthening Parish Operations  Parish Services - Parish Financial Services  Property Management  Parish Support & Emergencies  Human Resources  Risk Management & Insurance  Finance & Accounting Building Stronger Marriages  Marriage Ministries  Natural Family Planning (NFP) Renewing the Adult Faith Journey  Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Healing Families in Times of Difficulty  Bereavement and Healthcare Ministry - Prison Ministry - Hospital Ministry  Pro-Life Office - Pregnancy Help - Project Rachel  Tribunal Preserving Catholic Family Values  Parents Alliance for Catholic Education (PACE)  Massachusetts Catholic Conference (MCC) Promoting a Culture of Life  Pro-Life Office - Respect Life Education Teaching the Faith to Next Generation  Office of Religious Education  Catholic Schools Office  Office for the New Evangelization of Youth and Young Adults (ONE) Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Athletic Ministry  College Campus Ministry Inspiring New Vocations  Vocations Office Supporting the Cardinal & Vicar General  Cardinal’s Office  Vicar General & Moderator of the Curia  Chancellor’s Office  Regional Bishops Offices  Delegate for Religious Vocations to the Consecrated Life  Canonical Affairs  Archives  General Counsel  Communications & Public Affairs  Institutional Advancement  Finance  Information Technology  Ecumenical & Interreligious Affairs  Professional Responsibility & Oversight Office 26

27 Catholic Appeal IFRM Parishes Run Stronger Appeals  IFRM Parishes are 10% more successful in reaching Appeal goals 27 Parishes # ParishesCA Actual YTD% of Goal Phase 133$ 1.7M93% Phase 245$ 2.3M101% Total IFRM78$ 4.0M97% Non-IFRM212$ 6.8M87% Total Parishes290$10.8M91%

28 28 Catholic Appeal Results IFRM Parishes Raise More Funds  IFRM Parishes raise more for their parishes through Appeal rebates by 94% Parishes Estimated CA Rebate $ Phase 1$371,609 Phase 2$512,051 Total IFRM$883,660 Non-IFRM$55,850 Total Parishes$939,510

29 Catholic Appeal What’s New  Focusing the theme on the donor  Highlighting real ministry stories  New Catholic Appeal Branding  Donor solicited funding for Increased Offertory program for IFRM parishes for Phase III  New Simplified Parish Goal Formula  Stronger Appeal Coordinator Program

30 Catholic Appeal New Look

31 Catholic Appeal New Look

32 Catholic Appeal New Look

33 Catholic Appeal New Look

34 Catholic Appeal New Look

35 Catholic Appeal New Look

36 Catholic Appeal Website

37 Catholic Appeal New Goal Formula  New formula for the Appeal goals has been simplified: – Goal = 3 year avg. paid pledges or 8% IFRM assessment, whichever is higher 3 Yr. Average Paid Pledges 8% IFRM Assessment 2012 Goal Parish A$40,000$25,000$40,000 Parish B$25,000$40,000

38 Catholic Appeal The Goals  Parish Goals: Revenue + 15% / Donors + 5% 2012 Goals% of Total2012 Goals% of Total North$2.4M19%9,99223% South$2.9M23%9,76822% West$3.7M29%11,10125% Merrimack$1.7M14%7,60217% Central$1.9M15%5,81713% Total Parish$12.6M100%44,280100% REVENUEDONORS

39 Catholic Appeal Parish Appeal Coordinator  Parishes with Appeal Coordinators had greater Appeal success – With Coordinator (70) – 98% of goal – Without Coordinator (220) – 88% of goals  Lay Volunteer serving as liaison between Parish and the Appeal team  Ensure Parish implements best practices  Please solicit an Appeal Coordinator at your parish – Regional training sessions late January/early February

40 Catholic Appeal Running A Successful Appeal  Pre-Launch: February 24/25 – Make your own pledge first – Select a Parish Appeal Coordinator – Prepare church & parishioners for launch of Appeal  Launch Weekend: March 3/4 – Provide a strong Appeal homily or play Cardinal’s homily – Distribute in-pew solicitation – Answer questions about the Appeal after Mass (Pastor and Appeal Coordinator) – Encourage parishioners to give Complete in-pew self mailers Send in reply card from home mailer Give on-line at

41 Catholic Appeal Running A Successful Appeal  Post Launch - Ongoing – Provide regular updates to parishioners – Include Appeal bulletin announcements in weekly bulletin (see Procedural Guide) – Have a lay witness speak at all masses – Ask the Catholic Appeal team for support

42 Catholic Appeal We Need You...  Run a successful Appeal  Complete Parish Selection Form before leaving – Confirm your Parish Appeal Coordinator – Need for Witness speaker – Use of DVD and any equipment needs

43 Catholic Appeal Timeline JANUARY  Solicit Appeal Coordinator FEBRUARY  1/29-2/12 Regional Appeal Coordinator training sessions  6 th final Appeal goals to parishes  15 th Appeal materials sent to parishes (procedural guide, in-pew mailers, posters, brochures and DVD)  15 th first direct mail solicitation from pastor sent to donors MARCH  3rd & 4th Appeal launch  Coordinate witness talk from pulpit mid-March APRIL  16 th first reminder letter sent from Cardinal to non- donors MAY  11 th final reminder letter sent from Vicar General to non-donors

44 44 Contact Information Catholic Appeal Team JACQUELINE MILLER Catholic Appeal Manager TEL: FX: ARLENE DUBROWSKI Stewardship & Donor Relations Manager TEL: FX: MARY DOORLEY VP Development TEL: FX: DAMIEN DEVASTO Chief Leadership Giving Officer TEL: FX: KATHLEEN DRISCOLL Secretary of Advancement Institutional Advancement TEL: FX:

45 IFRM & Catholic Appeal Information Sessions Q & A JANUARY 2012

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