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October 7, 2014 A Presentation to the Caddo Parish School Board by: Evergreen Solutions, LLC.

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1 October 7, 2014 A Presentation to the Caddo Parish School Board by: Evergreen Solutions, LLC

2 1 Presentation Outline Introduction to Evergreen Our Team/Diagnostic Review Methodology Strategic Planning Process Time Line Questions and Answers

3 2 Introduction to Evergreen National Education Consulting Experience  Work in 41 States  Over 150 School Districts  Numerous School District Services Strategic Planning Management, Performance, and Operational Reviews Program Evaluations Staffing Analyses Human Resources Studies Technology Consulting Facilities Consulting

4 3 Very Detailed Work Plan Designed Specifically for the Caddo Public Schools Begins with Analyses of Caddo Public Schools and Department Objectives, Previous Studies, and Work Already Accomplished Process Obtains Significant Engagement from Internal and External Stakeholders in Caddo Incorporates Performance Measures and a Monitoring System as Plan Components Our Methodology

5 4 Assesses Organizational and Operational Performance Levels Contains Comparisons to Other Similar School Districts Recognizes Externally Imposed Work Tasks and Procedures Identifies Best Practices Our Methodology (Cont’d)

6 5 LINDA RECIO, Ph.D. Former Executive Director of Planning, Leon County Schools Expert in Strategic Planning Extensive Experience Working with School Districts Parent and Community Involvement/Branding community and business partnerships communications/public relations parent involvement education foundation branding and marketing of CPSB Our Team/Diagnostic Review (Cont’d) Governance and District Management board issues organization and staffing

7 6 ROBERT EDGECOMBE Senior Planner with Louisiana-based Firm (GCR, Inc.) Expert in Facilities Planning Work in Louisiana School Districts Facilities Management facilities policies and procedures facilities planning enrollment projections building maintenance custodian use and management energy management Our Team/Diagnostic Review (Cont’d)

8 7 Curriculum and Instruction instructional organization, management, and controls policies and procedures instructional staffing special education health services program evaluation Our Team/Diagnostic Review DIANNE LANE, Ph.D. Former Superintendent and School Board Member Expert in K-12 Education, Especially in Curriculum and Instruction Developed Strategic Plans

9 8 BETTY RESSEL, CPA Extensive Experience in Strategic Planning Worked in Over 125 School Districts Expert in School District Finance Financial Management Services organization and management of the Finance Office revenue and expenditures financial performance payroll accounting system internal and external auditing purchasing and contracting Our Team/Diagnostic Review (Cont’d)

10 9 BETTY RESSEL, CPA (Continued) Transportation organization and staffing transportation planning, policies, and procedures routing and scheduling training and safety vehicle maintenance and fuel usage Food Services planning and budgeting facilities and equipment student meal participation financial performance Our Team/Diagnostic Review (Cont’d)

11 10 TOM MASTERS Experience in Community Visioning and Strategic Planning Extensive Experience in Data Collection and Analyses Project Management Professional (PMP) and Incident Command Systems Certifications Human Resources and Personnel Management human resources organization personnel policies and procedures salary and benefits personnel records hiring practices, recruitment, and retention performance assessment/evaluation

12 11 TOM MASTERS (Continued) Technology technology planning and budgeting technology policies and procedures inventory control technology acquisition practices system infrastructure and integration technology support Safety and Security emergency preparedness security operations safety measures policies and procedures student discipline Our Team/Diagnostic Review (Cont’d)

13 12 Strategic Planning Process

14 13 Strategic Planning Process (Cont’d)

15 14

16 15

17 16 Time Line Monthly Meetings of Strategic Planning Committee Fall 2014  Conduct Internal Assessment/Diagnostic Review  Engage in Environmental Scanning  Facilitate Extensive Internal and External Stakeholder Engagement  Create Vision/Mission Statements Spring 2015  Draft Strategic Goals  Create Action Plans for Goals  Prepare Monitoring System  Finalize Plan

18 17 Questions and Answers

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