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Understanding the Numbers

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1 Understanding the Numbers
Our Lady of Grace 2013 Gallup ME25 Understanding the Numbers

2 The Numbers Total surveys completed: 955 (2010: 965)
Top-level results: Engaged: 24% (+3% from 2010) Not Engaged: 37% (no change) Actively Disengaged: 39% (-3% from 2010) Overall positivity: 61% (+3%)

3 But: While OLOG is rather typical on Spiritual Commitment (4.19 out of 5, exactly what all parishes in Gallup’s database average) – It is lower in Engagement (3.21 vs. 3.60) for one reason: A significant minority (about 1/3) give Engagement “1”s – from 4x to 7x the rate in other Catholic parishes

4 Note the much higher percentage of “1”s in OLOG scores (top number), compared to the percentage for other Catholic parishes (middle number), or all congregations (lower number)

5 Conclusion: A significant minority are pulling against parish growth, for whatever reason This is evident in the outcomes: For instance - 35% self-report income of $75,000 or more Only 24% give $1,000 or more (for $75k, 1.3% of income)

6 Three Types of Parishioners
Engaged (in O.L. of Grace: 24%) Not Engaged (37%) Actively Disengaged (39%) What does each look and act like?

7 Engaged Parishioners - are loyal and have strong psychological and emotional connections to their church or parish. They are more likely to invite friends, family members, and coworkers to congregational events, and they give more, both financially and in commitment of time.

8 Not Engaged Parishioners
- may attend regularly, but they do not have strong psychological or emotional connections to their congregation. These not-engaged folks are not negative – they like their church! They are just waiting for an opportunity to become engaged.

9 Actively Disengaged Parishioners
There are two types. The first usually show up only once or twice a year, if at all. However, another type is quite regular in attendance. These individuals are physically present but psychologically hostile. They are unhappy with their congregation and insist on sharing their misery.

10 Emotional Connection From Gallup research, people come to, and remain with, a parish because of an emotional connection. Their (implicit) needs and desires can be summarized this way:

11 People ask of a parish… Focus me Help me to connect with God Know me
Help me to see my value Care about me Help me to grow

12 People ask of a parish… Hear my story
Connect me to something bigger than myself Unite me with others in a common purpose Help me to build mutual trust Help me to see where I have grown Challenge me

13 Emotional Connection -- These twelve key needs are exactly what the twelve items of the ME25 are designed to measure: thus - “5” on an item means, “I strongly agree that this need is met here!” This is what makes people want to be part of a parish (which is engagement).

14 The Key to Understanding
Offering people the opportunity to meet their felt needs Engagement Desired outcomes: Life satisfaction / inviting / giving / serving

15 Breaking the Connection
Gallup research indicates that it takes the effect of FOUR engaged parishioners to undo the damage caused by ONE actively disengaged parishioner. Our ratio is not 4:1 OLOG’s ratio is to 1 People “follow” leaders either up (or down) in engagement

16 For Parish Growth It is easier (and smarter) to move a “4” to a “5” than a “1” (or a “2”) to a “3” If you do move a “1” or a “2” to a “3”, you still have negativity. (A “3” is a “polite no”) “5”s are critical for parish growth. Where have we succeeded?

17 Successes: Almost every engagement item has seen movement from “4” to “5” – usually about 3% overall

18 Note that on 11 of the 12 engagement items, the % of “5”s has gone up
Note that on 11 of the 12 engagement items, the % of “5”s has gone up. On 6 items, the number of “4”s has gone up – suggesting that 4s are moving to 5, and some “3”s are moving to 4.

19 Where Do We Need to Go? Focus will be on these four things:
Maintaining the mission of changing lives Growing parishioner engagement Getting all in leadership on board (to reduce the negativity shown by “1”s) Balancing the budget

20 Specific Focus Areas We want to create a parish in which people strongly agree that - In my parish I know what is expected of me. - And - In the last month, I have received recognition or praise from someone in my parish.

21 Help O.L. of Grace to Thrive!
Do your part for engagement: Be clear, and help others to be clear, on what’s expected of parishioners; Be encouraging to others in your words and actions Take to heart the encouragement you receive, and remember it

22 We change lives through the Risen Christ.
Thank you! … for taking the time to read and learn from this; … for helping other parishioners to fulfill our mission: We change lives through the Risen Christ.

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