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2011 Pathways to Parish Vitality Project Grant Writing Overview August 2011 Mary Beth Coates Diocese of Buffalo

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1 2011 Pathways to Parish Vitality Project Grant Writing Overview August 2011 Mary Beth Coates Diocese of Buffalo

2 The application is only online at: (Takes you to Pathways webpage) (Provides additional details about criteria, etc.) Get started here after printing instructions below Print instructions FIRST

3 Section 1: Select parish (one app per parish)


5 Section 1: Parish Information Provide all identifying information as requested. The “Contact Person” should be the primary leader of the initiative, no necessarily the person who is completing the application. (If the committee has questions, who is the main contact?) It is rare that a project will cost only the amount of money requested, identify the commitment by the parish or other funders.

6 Section 2 – Executive Summary – the heart of your proposal!

7 Section 2, #17. Purpose: What is it that your parish needs in terms of mission capacity or parishioner engagement? Why is there a need to do anything at all? Document a real need (how do YOU know they have this need: because YOU say so? What do they say? Have you asked? How?) Demonstrate what ought to be for the people you serve. Who/what else supports the need? Is this a common need? Research/data?

8 Section 2, #18. Objective: What benefit will the people you serve receive because you implemented this project? How this change will be measured? BE CLEAR HERE! Put another way: What will change for your parishioners? By how much? By when? For how many parishioners? How will you know the change happened?

9 Section 2, #19. Method: What will be done? Who will do it? How long it will take? What materials or equipment will be needed? Are there any ‘best practices’ that you will base your project on? What tools/technology/process have been selected to building parish capacity as well as engaging parishioners of outreach to a new audience

10 Section 2, #20 Comments: Is there other information or details that have not yet been stated that would further illustration your plan and assist the committee in their decision making?

11 Examples: St. Suburban Parish PURPOSE: to respond to the spiritual needs of families with young children in order to revitalize the parish (What do they need? How do you know? Document a real need, perceived as important. Demonstrate what ought to be for the people you serve.)

12 Examples: St. Suburban PURPOSE: To answer ‘why’, consider adding: Ideas: -# of baptisms annually = potential audience -quote docs re: role of parents -mass attendance stats -Relevant research; demographics of area, etc. -Data from parish survey

13 Examples: St. Suburban OBJECTIVE: To offer parents with helpful, faith-based parenting training to increase their knowledge of the faith and confidence in handing on the faith to their children; To establish a support network/community of parents with young children So that, by 2014, there is a 50% increase in mass attendance by this group and an 50% increase in satisfaction scores on the parish survey of needs.

14 Examples: St. Blog of the Cloud Parish PURPOSE: To create a lending library for adults in the parish which also has computers for so they can visit Catholic websites so that they will learn more about their faith. What is the issue you are trying to address? What is the need?

15 Examples: St. Blog of the Cloud Parish Try instead: PURPOSE: To cultivate a habit of on-going formation among adults 25-40 years in the parish. Approx. 35% of the adults in our parish are in this age group, only 10% are actively engaged in parish life. We will pursue strategies that will make learning and participation more accessible based upon best practices research with young adult Catholics.

16 Examples: St. Blog of the Cloud Parish Objective: This initiative will involve 50% of our young adult population; among this 50%, 25% will participate in 3 parish functions by May 2012. There will be 10 more young adults in leadership positions by Sept. 2012. Our Sunday liturgy will have 25% more young adults in attendance on a monthly basis.

17 Another Example: Our Mother of Miracles PURPOSE: We estimate that about 65% of our parents have children in RE, and at least 30% of those between are Catholic, but not Confirmed. Our project will actively invite all adults not fully initiated to become involved in a parish process toward full initiation through personal contacts, written, and electronic media. OBJECTIVE: At least 25% of the total of the above will participate in prep-process. By Sept. 2012, we will see a 40% increase the number of liturgical ministers from this group and increase the number of adults to 75, who are on the path toward discipleship (???). Of those participating, 35% will report having a closer relationship with Christ – measure?

18 Method – –Provide timeline with actions, who will do them, resources/materials needed and how much they’ll cost. –Suggestion: show as Month 1, Month 2, etc. – for flexibility

19 Example Method: Month 1: Planning team will meet to assign roles and distribute ‘pre-test’. Month 2: Our parish will celebrate on a Sunday in Sept. a mass and reception for those interested in completing their full-initiation. Invitations will be sent from our Religious Education office, and bulletin and parish announcements at Mass. At reception, someone will explain the process. Month 4: The parish will recruit parish volunteers to serve as mentors and traing them. Month 5: Meetings begin and mentor relationships begin. Month 8: Invitations to serve as liturgical ministers given. Month 13: Post-test will be distributed. Data will be collected on liturgical ministers.

20 Section 3: Project Details Answer each question to the best of your abilitiy. NB: #29 – Number of Direct Beneficiaries: Please consider how many people will directly benefit from this project. Is it only a small group of leaders who will be trained, an audience for an event, or, the larger parish community. Be able to accurate account for this.

21 Section 3: Project Details Answer each question to the best of your abilitiy. NB: #34 – Measurable Outcomes Be specific articulating an action plan and hoped for results.

22 Section 4: The Budget! –Always show expenses AND income. –Don’t forget in-kind contributions and donations – such as the portion of your salary or ‘free will offerings’!

23 Eg. #1 - St. Suburban Budget ideas: (too vague) The 7 letters from Our Sunday Visitor for each family this year. The Catholic Faith and Family Bible for each family. Certified babysitters paid by the hour. Recruitment and training of volunteers for the Baptism committee. Refreshments for events. A computer calendar program to keep track mass attendance. Copies for parish survey and postage.

24 BETTER St. Suburban Budget ideas: Publications including: 50 “Post Baptism Pack” from Our Sunday Visitor & 50 Catholic Faith and Family Bible $1000. Certified babysitters paid by the hour. ($5/100hrs) $500 Hospitality for leadership Recruitment $300. Computer software $75 Temp Coordinator Salary: additional 10/hr/wk for 26 weeks to get program organized = 10hrX $10= $100 x 26weeks=$2600

25 Eg. #2 - St. Blog of the Cloud Budget ideas: Third Party Texting Plan$600 Cell phone subsidy$200 Web design and hosting$2500 Web maintenance ($45/hr)$4500 Recruitment & marketing$500** Reception at 3 rd location$500** Postage and supplies$800 ** Potential place for budget reduction: what do they need $500 for marketing for? Or: A $500 reception? Let’s cut to $100.

26 St. Blog of the Cloud Budget ideas: more specifc Team training: C21 online course $75.00 per course for $ 750.00 Spiritual Director $50.00/hour, 5 hours/person, 5 candidates$1,250.00 (Be sure this are articulated in the Method) Various books and materials (such as? Incl specfics)$ 200.00 Echoes of Faith Plus DVD’s catechist formation material. $ 500.00 set What Makes Us Catholic by Thomas Groome 9 DVD’s $ 220.00 set Hospitality (for what?)$ 500.00 Laptop/desktop computer(why?) $1,000.00 Guest Speaker(s) $ 500.00 Day of reflection (was this described in the method?)$ 500.00

27 Final reminders: How will you know if you created the change you hoped for? This MUST be thought of at the beginning of the project planning process and integrated into the project plan. Is your plan specific enough to justify your budget and grant request? Is it research based, will it build capacity, etc. Budget must be specific, but not overly detailed. CALL US for assistance!!

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