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Harnessing the power of new media in your ministry By Lisa Hendey & Matthew Warner.

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1 Harnessing the power of new media in your ministry By Lisa Hendey & Matthew Warner


3 Text BLOG to 84576 (for notes, links & more from this session)

4 @flockNote

5 @MatthewWarner

6 Lisa M. Hendey Lisa Hendey = “”

7 “ New horizons are now open that were until recently unimaginable; they stir our wonder at the possibilities offered by these new media and, at the same time, urgently demand a serious reflection on the significance of communication in the digital age. - 45 th World Communications Day

8 Truth Proclamation Authenticity of Life 45 th World COMMUNICATIONS DAY

9 Silence and Word: Path of Evangelization Value of silent reflection Necessity of finding quiet in an increasingly busy world 46 th World COMMUNICATIONS DAY

10 Vatican Blogger Meeting

11 Current Trends – “Reality” 80% of Americans use social media 79% of all adults use the internet (95% of young adults) 80% of Americans use email 68% of churchgoers want to connect with their Church via social media

12 Current Trends – “Reality” 71% of online Americans use video-sharing sites The average teenager sends out 50 txt msgs / day 85% of adults use cell phones & 35% use smartphones e-Readership doubled in 6 months - to 12% in May 2011 (tablets = 8%) Pew Internet Data

13 Pew Internet June 2011 Stickiness: SNS Frequency of Use

14 Current Trends – Millennial Catholics 22% have read diocesan newspaper (only 4% online) 70% have no awareness of print Catholic magazines & newspapers 43% self report as “Catholic” on social networking sites Catholic Media Use in the US, CARA 8/11

15 5 New Media Rules of Ministry Communication

16 Rule #1 The parishioner is in control

17 Respect their time & attention

18 Make it easy for them to connect

19 Speak to people in the ways they want to listen …which means using new media.

20 Listen more than you talk.

21 Rule #2 Your website matters

22 Your website matters Leaves lasting first impression of your parish Avoid committing “deadly sins” Website is your New Media home base – Information resource – Connection to community

23 Your website matters Invest in a great website presence Have multiple authors involved Observe USCCB guidelines Offer online registration & tithing Tell your parish story Reach out to inquirers & fallen-away

24 What parishioners want Bulletin online early Mobile version Online Forms and registration Active Facebook presence for wired parishioners and teens Online stewardship Ride sharing resources Priestly presence Ministry schedule information Homilies available online Q & A with Pastor Photos, photos, photos Religious education resources Opt-in text reminders




28 Rule #3 Reach people where they already are

29 Being present is not enough

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32 Social Network

33 WEB 2.0 Broadcasting -> Monologue -> Talking AT -> Informing -> Engaging Dialogue Talking WITH Listening and Relating

34 How? How NOT to...

35 $$$ followers traffic “friend” counts shares klout likes visitors hits fans comments views PEOPLE

36 If you shoot for quantity at the expense of quality, you’ll end up with neither.

37 Build your social network upon meaningful relationships

38 Social Network = Connection + Content

39 Connection How the conversation happens The occasion for the conversation Content

40 5 Quick Tips for Building Connections

41 #1 Use other social networks

42 #2 Don’t forget email Examples: & (for blogs) Constant Contact & Mailchimp (email marketing) (Catholic parishes, dioceses, orgs)

43 #3 Use text messaging

44 #4 Encourage social commenting

45 #5 Use multimedia

46 Rule #4 Don’t give up

47 Don’t give up “Be not afraid” Tap into local and diocesan talent & resources Explore affordable cloud-based solutions: Wordpress, Drupal, Google

48 Rule #5 Engage their hearts first

49 3 Reasons for lack of participation People aren’t inspired We’re in maintenance mode Parishioners don’t trust us

50 Technology is not going to bring people back to the church. You are. People are. And through building meaningful relationships.


52 Questions?

53 Best Practices Panel Craig Berry – The Catholic Spirit Emily Klinker – Guardian Angels Chaska Caren Hansen – BSM Jr. / Sr. High School Sue Kerr – Carondolet Grade School Adrian Flores – Net Ministries Stephanie Veatch – Basilica of St. Mary

54 Questions?

55 Text CNMC11 to 84576 (for notes, links & more from today)

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