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Secondary Transfer Information meeting for Year 5 parents 8 th May 2013.

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1 Secondary Transfer Information meeting for Year 5 parents 8 th May 2013

2 Agenda Introductions & objectives of session Our local schools Allocation rules & recent results Latest & recent changes Specific school information Historical applications & allocations for MPL Ranking Timetable of events Continuing Interest Appeals Dos and Don’ts

3 Introduction & Objectives Purpose IS To give you the information you need to help you stand the best chance of getting the school you want for your child Purpose IS NOT To advise you which schools you should apply to

4 PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE Comments about schools (negative) What you say to your children What you say to other parents

5 Schools Two types of schools : Community and Voluntary Controlled County make and apply the rules Apply (preferably on-line) via your Secondary Application Form Academies These schools define their own rules and apply them themselves (within guidelines set by County) Apply via your Secondary Application Form AND direct to school using their SIF (supplementary information form)

6 Local Schools Parmiter’sAcademyCo-educationalPartially selective St Michael’sAcademyCo-educationalCatholic Frances CombeAcademyCo-educational Kings LangleyAcademyCo-educational MarlboroughAcademyCo-educational St Albans GirlsAcademyGirls TownsendAcademyCo-educationalChurch of England VerulamAcademyBoys QueensAcademyCo-educationalPartially selective

7 Rules All schools local to Bricket Wood are now Academies and have their own rules Marlborough and Francis Combe have simplified their rules as follows Rule 1Looked after children Rule 2Medical reasons (Marlborough only) Rule 3Siblings Rule 4Closest to school (straight line) Partially selective schools and Faith schools have significantly different rules

8 Applying to an Academy school Check the rules Read the advice on the school website Complete the secondary application form on-line Complete the supplementary form if required by the school and send it by email or post to the school

9 Single Sex schools Rule 1-3 as for Community schools Rule 4 Nearest non-faith, non-partially selective school Rule 5 Any remaining places available to the parish on a random basis Rule 6 Children who live outside the priority area

10 Applying to Single Sex schools (cont) Single sex schools local to MPL school – In priority areaRules applicable St Albans GirlsYRule 5 Verulam BoysYRule 5 Watford Boys and Watford Girls are heavily oversubscribed and historically have only had places available for pupils living in their priority area which does not include AL2 post codes. For pupils living in St Stephen parish, places are allocated according to Rule 5 i.e. by ballot.

11 Applying to a Partially Selective School SW Herts Consortium includes Parmiter’s, Queens’, Bushey Meads, Rickmansworth, St Clement Danes, Watford Boys and Watford Girls Register for the SW Herts Consortium Music and Aptitude tests, applications open on-line 12:00 13 th May and close 28 th June Confirmation by 15 th July Music test to be held on 10 th September Aptitude test to be held on 7 th September Results available 14 th October When applying for a place, complete the school’s supplementary form in addition to Herts Secondary Application form

12 Registration Closes: Friday 28 June 2013 Date of Test Venue Notifications to Parents: Monday 15 July 2013 SEN Notification Date: Immediately after registering please send a copy of the test registration confirmation email along with written evidence to Test Co-Ordinator, South West Herts Schools Tests, PO Box 2439, Watford WD18 1UZ. Information must be received by Friday 5 July. Academic Test: Saturday 7 September Music Test: Tuesday 10 September Sports (Queens’ School Only): Friday 20 September Technology (Bushey Meads School Only): Saturday 21 September Start of Second round music tests: Week commencing Monday 23 September Scores Notified to parents: Monday 14 October

13 Applying to Faith Schools St Michael’s Catholic school - rules (abbreviated) Looked after children Siblings Baptised practising Catholics from feeder schools Baptised practising Catholics resident in the Watford deanery Baptised Catholics from feeder schools (+ several others rules but the places are usually allocated as above)

14 Applying to Faith Schools (cont) Townsend Church of England school Looked after children Rule 2 medical reasons Siblings Parents or children who regularly worship at a Church of England church Parents or children who regularly worship at another Christian Church Parents or children who regularly take part in church- sponsored activities Children who attend a Church of England primary schoool Plus a number of other rules This school has not been full on allocation day for the last 3 years.

15 Historical applications SchoolIntake Number of applications 2010201120122013 STAGS 196 (178) 668617597748 Verulam178439472516659 Marlborough205499409474530 Townsend150373323296266 Parmiter’s 206 (186) 1245141014251492 St. Michael’s 180 (168) 406436446481 Queens’ 265 (262) 1109117611861389

16 Historical allocations for MPL SchoolIntake Year 20092010201120122013 STAGS19674364 Verulam17824466 Marlborough2051214171814 Townsend15079221 Parmiter’s2068810139 St. Michael’s18024202 Queens26530612 Other -33125 Notes : -Figures are initial allocations and do not allow for changes under ‘Continuing Interest’ -This year, all MPL children were allocated a place on March 1 st 2013 at their preferred school

17 September 2013 allocations On allocation day, places were still available at several Hertfordshire schools including Marlborough and Townsend First preference90 Second Preference16 Third preference2 Fourth preference1 Non ranked allocations for on-time applications 4 In St Stephen parish, 116 pupils applied for a school place and the places were allocated as follows (other places allocated to late applications)

18 Recent changes Several Academies have added ‘children of staff’ to their rules No significant changes to Hertfordshire admission policies Those taking the music and aptitude tests will have the results before the application deadline Parmiters, St Michaels and Loreto are amongst several schools still consulting on their rules for September 2014 intake

19 How places are allocated Four factors : The rules Number of children applying, and where they live Number of siblings Gender split The first factor we know in advance, the rest we don’t

20 Parmiters PAN = 206 (from 186) Rule2009201020112012Comments 1Public care0102 2 10% distance (21previously 19) 19 21 3Siblings at admission76778682 4 Compelling medical reason 4331 5 25% academic (52 previously 47 places) 47 52 6 10% music (21 previously 19 places) 1819 21 7Distance17141125 2013: 1216m 2012 : 1319m 2011 : 1214m 2010 : 1686m 8SEN5612

21 Marlborough PAN = 205 Rule2010201120122013Comments 1 Public care / SEN 501n/a 2 Medical & social reason 200n/a 3 Siblings at admission 775869n/a 4Distance121132131n/a 2013: n/a 2012 : 11,558m 2011 : 11,719m 2010 : 4,304m Total allocations 205190201192

22 Rankings The ranking is important to you, not to the school If you are ‘successful’ for more than one school, you will be offered the place in your highest preference school Each entry on the form is treated as a separate equal application 1 st preferences do NOT get priority

23 Ranking – FAQ #1 Scenario #1 1. StagsN 2. ParmitersY 3. MarlboroughY Offer - Parmiters Scenario #2 1. MarlboroughY 2. StagsN 3. ParmitersY Offer - Marlborough Q : Do I have to rank Parmiters first? A : No, but if you are ‘successful’ at a school you have ranked higher, then you will be offered the place at the other school

24 Ranking – FAQ #2 Scenario #1 1. ParmitersN 2. StagsY 3. MarlboroughY 4. Watford GirlsN Offer - Stags Scenario #2 1. StagsN 2. MarlboroughY 3. TownsendN 4. Frances CombeY Offer - Marlborough Q : If I choose Parmiters, will it reduce my chances of getting Stags ? A : No, the ‘rank’ you give a school makes no difference to the decision process for that school

25 Dates and Deadlines 13 th May- 28 th June 2013 Apply to SW Consortium for Aptitude and Music test 7 th Sept 2013Academic tests (Parmiter’s, Queens’ etc) 10 th September 2013Parmiter’s music test 14 th October 2013Academic tests results announced 31 Oct 2013 ‘Closing date’ for applications to HCC admissions Closing date for SIFs for Community and Academy schools 3 March 2014Allocation Day – emails sent if you applied on-line. 16 March 2014 Deadline for accepting offer and opting out of the Continuing Interest process September 2014Your Child starts their new school

26 Continuing Interest This is the process by which, post the initial allocation, some changes will take place. If an offered place is not accepted, that place is made available to another child, in priority order, according to the original rules. That child’s place, in turn, is made available to someone else. The first ‘Continuing Interest run’ takes place just after the deadline for acceptance of the initial offer

27 Continuing Interest RECENT CHANGE You will now be automatically placed on the CI list for all schools you originally ranked higher than the school you were actually offered. You may remove your child from the CI list if you wish – do so before Monday 16 th March New preferences (for schools you did not originally ‘rank’, or ranked lower than your initial offer) may only be added after the first CI run IMPORTANT All places offered under CI are assumed to be wanted, and you will automatically lose your original place, if a place is given under CI.

28 Continuing Interest THINK CAREFULLY When making your initial choices About staying on CI Affects on your child (and you)

29 Appeals Appeal panels in Hertfordshire are made up of three independent members who are voluntary and have no connection with the school or the Authority The decision of the appeal panel is binding on the school and the authority Your appeal case must be strong and specific to the school for which you are appealing. A very limited number of appeals are upheld each year

30 Dos and Don’ts ! DO Attend the Open Evenings with your child Observe deadlines Be realistic Rank 4 different schools Complete the secondary application form preferably on Hertfordshire CC website Keep the email confirming your application Attach evidence (for rule 2)

31 Dos and Don’ts (cont) DO Complete the school’s own form Ask if you have any questions, either at the Open Evenings or call Admissions at Hertfordshire County Council If you are moving house, discuss with Admissions team at HCC

32 Dos and Don’ts ! DO NOT Make a decision based on other peoples’ opinions or experiences Give a false address –checks are made and any place offered will be withdrawn

33 Any further questions? More information on-line at : Thank you for your time, any questions?

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