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Marriage from a Catholic Perspective. Requirements For Catholic Marriages Priests Deacons Are only permitted to perform the wedding.

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1 Marriage from a Catholic Perspective

2 Requirements For Catholic Marriages Priests Deacons Are only permitted to perform the wedding

3 Requirements For Catholic Marriages Choice of parish remains with couple Cannon 1115 removed – brides parish Refusal if couple do not live in the parish Preparation – Pre Nuptial Inquiry

4 Requirements For Catholic Marriages Notifications – to parish of baptism Notification to Chancery Notice of Marriage – 30 days notice Three months notice - preparation

5 Requirements For Catholic Marriages Impediments – Cannon 1083 – 1094 Impotence (can 1084) must exist at the time of the wedding and be permanent. Prior Bond – (can 1085) Prior married, no death certificate, Catholics are bound by canonical form.

6 Requirements For Catholic Marriages Anglican marries a Uniting in a civil ceremony – NO defect of form. Crime (can.1090) murdered to pave the way to marry another. Consanguinity (can 1091) marriage within the family.

7 Consanguinity John Mary Brian AliceDavid Henry

8 Consanguinity First cousins – (Alice & David) Contact with Genetic Doctor Church caution on marrying those too close. Apply for a dispensation Need for a family tree.

9 Consanguinity Specific Teaching Church law becomes Secular law.

10 Other Impediments Affinity (can.1092) Direct line. A parent-in – law may not marry a child-in-law. Adoption (can 1094) Can’t marry one’s adopted child nor a brother/sister by adoption.

11 Mixed Marriages 24 August 1977 – Episcopal Conference statement on mixed marriages Paul VI stated (dissuadet) Mixed marriages because of inherent differences. Ref Matrimonia mixta Severissme Ecclesia ubique prohibet can 1060

12 Mixed Marriages Matromonia mixta – introduced 2 changes to the law. Catholic partner MUST declare his/her readiness to remove all dangers to his own faith.

13 Mixed Marriages Make a serious & sincere promise to do all in his/her power to have the children of the marriage baptized and brought up in the Catholic Church. Paul VI (Matrimonia mixta) New Code – No formal promise

14 Mixed Marriages Catholic’s obligation is to preserve & practice his/her faith. No human authority can dispense it OR cause someone to lose it. Catholics can do no more than promise.

15 Mixed Marriages Agreement unable to be reached Threat to marriage Obstacle to harmony & future of marriage Neither divine or ecclesiastical law demands moral certainty to have children baptized.

16 Mixed Marriages Non practising catholics. Some mixed marriages present NO problems. Can 1086 – Disparity of cult Can 1124 – Mixed religion Can 1125 – specific guidelines

17 Mixed Marriages Greek civil law recognizes a marriage in a Catholic Church. Greek Orthodox Church will NOT recognize the marriage. 1967 – Latin Catholic in an Orthodox Church is valid. – Catholic Church

18 Different Marriages Between Australia & Phillippnes Episcopal Conf. 1981 Doubts by Priest Intercountry dialogue

19 Different Marriages The very young – common motives Pregnancy Desire to escape home Sense of failure/acceptance Low self-esteem Loneliness/depression

20 Different Marriages Marrying out of physical attraction Everyone else is getting married Left on the shelf Parents wanting to get rid child through marriage In love with love

21 Different Marriages Marriage as a status symbol Money/social standing A place to live Expectation is that the young do not fully understand the commitment of marriage.

22 Different Marriages Intercultural Marriages Aware of potential problems Role of religion, children Matramonnia Mixta

23 Different Marriages Re Marriage after Death or Nullity Canons Care and consideration after death or Nullity. Handicapped – Understanding and careful planning. – provision.

24 The Documentation

25 Commonwealth of Australia Notice of Intended Marriage 1 month & 1 Day Completed by both parties. Under 18 NOT allowed

26 Pre-Nuptial Inquiy Notice of Intended Marriage 3 months Completed by both parties. Under 18 NOT allowed

27 Humanae Vitae

28 Mixed Marriages Catholic Church DOES NOT allow two weddings. First wedding is valid. Can be convalidated. Greek Church requires a PROMISE. Cath. Ch. Abandoned this in Mat.mix

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