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Teaching Gospel Values through Catholic Youth Sports.

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1 Teaching Gospel Values through Catholic Youth Sports

2 Catholic Coaching Education & Certification Program Launched January 2007

3 NCCYS Mission Empower athletic leaders to animate the Gospel values in Catholic youth sports Empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today Draw young people into responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the faith community Foster the spiritual growth of each young person Be the national resource center for Catholic sports programs

4 For over 25 years, sport organizations have partnered with ASEP to make sport a safe, successful & enjoyable experience for all. More than 40 state high school associations, 200 colleges & universities, 13 national governing bodies & numerous youth sport organizations use, require or recommend ASEP courses & resources to qualify coaches for their organizations. ASEP Profile

5 What ASEP Does Best! Provides a vast selection of quality, up-to-date products & resources in various formats Offers options, convenience & flexibility of delivery Has the technology to streamline implementation Incorporates NCCYS and CYO Image and values Understands the importance of affordability Makes service the most important factor

6 A Few ASEP Partners…

7 ASEP is a division of Human Kinetics, the leading international publisher of sport, physical activity & health resources.

8 Why start with coaches?

9 Millions of Catholic youth play in Catholic sports programs. It is a great opportunity to reach kids where they are. What makes a Catholic sports program different from other youth sport programs?

10 Coaches = Lifeline Spend the most time with kids They touch every discipline… Administration Parents Fans Other coaches Officials Community

11 Training Coaches Means… Focus on Gospel mission and values Fewer conflicts Catholic values are integrated into team Sports are seen as ministry and coach serves as a youth minister Higher retention of quality coaches Distinct difference between Catholic & secular programs

12 What Do Coaches Learn From Catholic Coaching Essentials? Sports are part of parish ministry to the young Coaches serve on behalf of the faith community Develop a Catholic coaching philosophy Provide a safe physical environment Teach the fundamental skills of the sport Have FUN with young people! Team is set up to be a Christian community Develop season and practice plans Help student-athletes become fit and value fitness Further evangelization through sports Promote justice and service through team projects Enhance leadership development Improve pastoral care Incorporate prayer and worship into sports

13 Why Online Education? Streamline training Meets schedule demands Convenience for coaches Ease of tracking certifications Simple implementation for administrators Flexibility of delivery More cost effective

14 Main course and sport specific courses

15 How it Works – Individual Coaches 1.Coaches purchase course online - $19.95 – through the ASEP or NCCYS websites. 2.Has on-line access to course & Clipboard for 1 year. 3.Must pass test within 12 months. 4.Successful completion of test lists coaches in the National Coaches Registry on the ASEP website. 5.Certification is good for 3 years. 6.Coaches with active certification in the ASEP registry qualify for discounts on other coaching tools. 7.Coaches may take a Coaching Catholic [Sport] course for $9.95.

16 How it Works – for diocese, parishes & schools 1.Parish/school contacts ASEP to set up a portal page on the ASEP website. 2.Coaches purchase course online - $19.95 – through the portal page on the organization’s website. 3.Coaches can take sport specific courses online for $9.95 each. 4.The parish/school designated contact is set up with administrator access to ASEP’s registry to track certifications.

17 How it Works – Bulk Purchasing 1.Organizations contact ASEP to set up an account and purchase courses. 2.ASEP sends organizations a list of “codes” that provide access to courses. 3.The organization assigns “codes” to individual coaches. 4.Successful completion of test lists coaches in the National Coaches Registry on the ASEP website under the specific organization. 5.The organization is set up with administrator access to ASEP’s registry to track certifications.

18 Benefits of Program All coaches are trained Interactive adult learning Cost-effective Offers quality Catholic formation for ALL coaching responsibilities Young people receive the best of what our coaches have to give Program represents and teaches Catholic values

19 Benefits Spiritual development of Coaches as Catholics Increase Catholic identity within entire organization Convenient & easy to implement Cost-effective Less incidents of poor sportsmanship Increased playing time for kids to participate Retention of coaches

20 Screen Shots










30 NCCYS Catholic Coaching Essentials Online Course

31 Conclusion Catholic Coaching Essentials is the foundation Catholic content is the building (Coach as “Faith leader”) Catholic brand is the identifier (reflecting relevance & ownership) Advocacy for Gospel values in Catholic youth sports Reflects the mission of NCCYS and youth ministry Catholic Coaching Essentials is the only program of its kind Helps coaches be the best Catholic coaches they can be!

32 What can YOU do? Take a public & positive position requiring coaching education Establish standards requiring all coaches to be trained Promote/Require Catholic Coaching Essentials as the pre- requisite course to sport-specific courses

33 Effective Catholic Coaching requires more than a background check… Invest in coaches because young people deserve the best we have to give - our Catholic values

34 Questions? Contact… Questions? Contact… Lori Brown ASEP Youth Sport Program Consultant 800.747.5698 x 2299

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