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Growing in the League Fieldworkers' Workshop. Agenda 1. Welcome / Opening Prayer 2. Introductions 3. What do you need to know? 4. What is good to know?

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1 Growing in the League Fieldworkers' Workshop

2 Agenda 1. Welcome / Opening Prayer 2. Introductions 3. What do you need to know? 4. What is good to know? 5. What is fun to know? 6. Resources – good to know! 7. Questions? and Answers! 8. Evaluation 9. Closing Prayer

3 Welcome & Introductions

4 CWL – What do you need to know? “The Catholic Women’s League of Canada” The Mission & Motto The Crest The Flag Our Patroness The League Prayer

5 MISSION STATEMENT The Catholic Women’s League of Canada is a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God. LEAGUE MOTTO For God and Canada

6 CREST: The blue cross is symbolic of faith and is set above 10 gold maple leaves, symbolic of Canada’s 10 provinces. These are set inside the inner white circle.

7 FLAG: The colours of the flag, like those of the crest, are the League colours of blue (bottom), white (centre) and gold (top); blue chosen for Our Lady, white and gold for the papal colours. Blue symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness; white, purity and joy; gold, kingdom and royalty.

8 PATRONESS: Our Lady of Good Counsel All councils and members are encouraged to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel on or around April 26th every year.

9 League Prayer We humbly pray you, O God our Father, to bless The Catholic Women’s League of Canada. Bless our beloved country, our homes and families. Send your Holy Spirit upon us to give light to our minds and strength to our wills that we may know and fulfill your great law of charity.

10 Teach us to share with others at home and abroad the good things you have given us. This we ask through our Lord Jesus Christ and the intercession of our patroness, Our Lady of Good Counsel. Amen.

11 Need to Know... Members need to be 16 years old and up. Catholic Girls’ League members are aged 10-15. The League has credibility and meets with Local, Provincial, and National Governments.

12 What is Good to Know... League Objects The Objects of the League shall be to unite Catholic women of Canada: to achieve individual and collective spiritual development to promote the teachings of the Catholic church to exemplify the Christian ideal in home and family life to protect the sanctity of human life

13 League Objects (continued) to enhance the role of women in church and society to recognize the human dignity of all people everywhere to uphold and defend Christian education and values in the modern world to contribute to the understanding and growth of religious freedom, social justice, peace and harmony

14 CWL History Began in Edmonton in 1912 –To provide protection and support to women and girls, especially immigrants seeking work in Edmonton Councils were formed in the major cities of Montreal (1917), Toronto (1918) and Halifax (1919). In 1918, all nationally-organized groups were called to Ottawa to share ideas with the federal government about the settling of immigrants. In 1920, CWL's National Council was founded.

15 How Are We Governed? Levels: Parish (Regional/Zone) Diocesan Provincial National Elections Term of Office

16 Spiritual Advisor – Pastor of Parish or designate Officers: President (C&B p.16) President-elect (C&B p.17) Vice-President(s) (C&B p.18) Secretary(ies) (C&B p.18) Treasurer (C&B p.19) Past President (C&B p.20)

17 Executive (at Parish level) : -elected Officers, including Standing Committee Chairpersons Executive (at Diocesan/Provincial/National levels) : -elected Officers, including Standing Committee Chairpersons, plus Presidents of the previous level

18 Standing Committees Spiritual Development Organization Christian Family Life Community Life Education and Health Communications Resolutions Legislation Parish Activities

19 Membership – Good to Know... Non-Catholic women can be Associate members. CWL has almost 100,000 members in Canada, over 10,000 in Alberta Mackenzie You can make your voice heard by writing letters and emails.

20 What is Fun to know, or, How can you make CWL Fun? What does your Council do? + Who? / How? Who does what in your Council? What Do You Want to Do?

21 Events and Gatherings: Community: Events / Service Parish: Monthly meetings/socials Parish/Region: Fieldtrips or Council Visits Annual General Meetings: Parish, Diocesan, Provincial, National Diocesan: Fall, Mid-winter, Convention Provincial: Fall, Mid-winter, Convention National: November, February, Convention

22 Fun-ding Membership – per capita fees Diocesan Provincial National What about you and your Council? Fees, fun-draising

23 Fun to know... If you are 10-15 years old, you can invite your mom, grandmas, and aunts to join the League You can entice other women, too, to join The Catholic Women’s League of Canada.

24 Resources – Good to Know... Constitution and Bylaws National Manual of Policy and Procedure Executive Handbook Leading the League Training manuals Diocesan/Provincial officers Diocesan fieldworkers

25 Resources – Good to Know... Provincial web National web National Office 1-888-656-4040 National Supplies Workshops Salt+Light video, “For God and Canada” The Canadian League magazine

26 Questions and Answers

27 Please take a moment to fill in the evaluation form! Thank-you

28 LEAGUE PROMISE For the Glory of God and the good of God's people, I promise, as a Catholic woman, to honour, invoke and imitate our patroness, Our Lady of Good Counsel. I promise to be a loyal member of The Catholic Women's League of Canada and to promote its interest and growth in every way. I promise to cooperate with officers in all programs under their direction, and to conform to the best of my ability To the bylaws of the organization in all League activities. AMEN.


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