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Ingrid Grigorjeva Kerli Mustrik. Practice target Initial data collection and analysis Polls conducting within the residents of Lasva Parish Interviews.

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1 Ingrid Grigorjeva Kerli Mustrik

2 Practice target Initial data collection and analysis Polls conducting within the residents of Lasva Parish Interviews with the key business entities and with the heads of villages Total writing of development plan Conducting public discussions and consultations Directing the completed development plan to the Parish Counsil for establishment

3 Practice process Accomplished works, events, meetings, appointments and interviews etc. are written down in our fieldwork diary in Excel file under the name Lasva_välitööpäevik But in general: There has been taken place 1 general meeting, where we confirmed the exact timetable for composing the development plan and where we confirmed the Steering Group and work groups A questionnaire has been prepared within 76 questions 7 interviews has been conducted and transcribed Some work has been done with the initial data

4 Further work to be carried out Total writing of initial data and analysis based on surveys and interviews – 13.07 until 19.07 General Meeting (review of initial data and analysis, vision, mission and slogan) – 20.07. at 10.00 am Attendance and participation in the meetings of working groups (setting up the problems in the field sectors, phrasing the objectives of development and framing the action plan) – 21.07 until 20.08 Steering Group meeting (confirmation of development plan draft and its direction to the public debates) – 24.08.

5 From here on the participation is not compulsory for us any more, but will be strongly recommended: Participation in public discussions – 24.08 until 31.08. Beeing present at the review of public discussions and responding to the suggestions (Steering Group) – 31.08 until 06.09. Directing the draft to the Commune Administration (Steering Group) – 06.09. Public display (Commune Administration) – 07.09 (will be published in Võrumaa Teataja, must be noticed in advance at 03.09) Review of the results of public display and responding to suggestions (Commune Administration and Steering Group) – 05.10 until 10.10. Directing the draft to the Parish Council (Commune Administration) – 10.10. Approving the development plan (in the Parish Counsil) – 22.10 (on the penultimate Friday of October).

6 Qualitative presentation of the place of practice Mood on the ground: office workers in Lasva Parish are friendly and they really want to make that area for all residents to a better place to live in. We were very welcomed in the office and by the local people. Interviewees were excited when we called and asked theirs opinions. Residents participation activity: people are very active and they are always ready to organise and take part of different activities and events. Extremely active are young people in Kääpa, older people in Tsolgo and in Lasva. Key personnel and their presentation: there are quite a lot of active people who are willing to take leadership for responsability. The people who are elected to present a village, are working to improve the quality of life. Businesmen are willing to make co-operaton with parish.

7 Qualitative presentation of the place of practice Institutions and networks: Library is not only a place for loaning new books and newspapers, but its also a place where people come together to exchange information and learn about, what is going on in their community. Because libraries are usually connected with other libraries around the country, it gives people opportunity to expand their network. Libraries are very well connected also with nonprofit organisations, because they have rooms, where people can arrange meetings. There are very many nonprofit organisations and parish is very proud of that and they want to support and help these institutions.

8 Administration specification Communication with the parish has been quite active and both sides have understood each other very well. They always listen what we have to say and have taken it into account. They have reckoned with our needs and made our stay in parish very comfortable. Parish really wants to make their development plan very effective and they consider all options and ideas.

9 Tasks that will be solved with the development plan Tourism: Actions and solutions to establish an information desk and to keep open the main tourist attraction sight which is the Watertower in Lasva Hiking trails and signs for them, establish other tracks. Areas for public use (beaches, parks, sport fields etc.) should be kept in good condition and establish new ones. Protect areas that are applicated for public property Develope and improve water supply and sewer, roads, street lightning, signs.

10 Tasks that will be solved with the development plan(2) Improve home owners needs (e.g. help to create partnership of home owners) Improve IT (Lasva Parish home page, internet expansion etc) Improve culture and sport (benefits etc) Improve education and child care (new kindergarten, solve Pikakannu school problem) Improve Youth activity Improve Ground maintance Improve waist management Improve public transport

11 Tasks that will be solved with the development plan(3) Preservation of nature, protection of national heritage Health service and social sector (e.g. to find new Family physician offices or improve the ones already excisting so the condition are good for the patients and cost of maintance sould be kept low. Enterprice sector (also to support nonprofit organisations) New areas for realestate development Improve industry areas and establish new ones Playground and activity areas

12 Possible solutions and results T ourism : The information booth on the first floor in the community house has been founded and the employee of the info booth is also responsible for opening hours in the watertower. Hiking trails and bicycle tracks have been found and signs for them have been put up, which brings it all together with other attractions to see. The information about tourism enterprises and the services they are offering in the parish has been collected and all that info has been put up on the parish webpage and also the info can be founded in the information booth. All of the tourism enterprises have been put on a map with all necessary index and a map has been composed. On the map you can find all the rest areas (camp grounds, spots for bonfire, picnic areas etc).

13 Possible solutions and results (2) Education: Solution for Pikakannu school (e.g boarding school). Needs for Pikakannu school have been found out - offer good education for all students, without using help from other schools (rooms). Support from parish for hobbies in school.

14 Possible solutions and results (3) Child care: It is necessary to build new kindergarten. The best place for it has been found out as well as the perfect project to build it. With kindergarten, there has been solved issues with other buildings in the parish. After building a new house for commune administration, it is necessary, that all the other buildings have best usage (best solution – many institutes are in the same building). One solution is to move commune administration into community house and the old building will have other purpose. It is necessary to write down needs for all the institutions (libraries, kindergarten, schools, commune administration, community house, postoffice, family physician, stores, diners, social center, specialist out of parish, tourist information desk, youth center, museum etc.).

15 Possible solutions and results (4) Infrastructure: Actions for water supply and sewer systems (correction of development plan in this sector). The needs for heating system in the apartment houses. Business: The needs for people with businesses have been found out and also solutions to support them. Housing sector: One solution is to create an enterprise, that sells heat for the apartment houses. Enterprise finds money from different fonds.

16 Lasva parish through regional development strategy I Education Life long training Internal audit in schools and in kindergartens Youth center network Education project Communication between institutions (kindergarten, schools, youth center) II Third sector Finding resourses for nonprofit institutions Increasing co-operation between local government and business sector Create crowding-in plan by nonprofit institutions to activate personell. County database for nonprofit institution

17 Lasva parish through regional development strategy (2) III Youth work Youth council Youth center Trainings and seminars Hiring qualified worker for young people Communication between youth council and parish IV Sport Delegating sport related areas to nonprofit institutions (2-5 % from the budget to sport) Hiking trails and other tracks (marked and lighted) Kääpa stadion Ensuring Kääpa gym openess Sport ground

18 Lasva parish through regional development strategy (3) V Health service Health council work Prevention – seminarys and action Social care Expanding nursing home Ensuring access to people with disabilities into the buildings Develope Nõnavo center Finding social jobs for unemployed people (practice purpose) Schooling/training (unemployed and people with special demands) VII Security Implement commission for emergecy situations

19 Lasva parish through regional development strategy (4) VIII Forgein connection Put into practise projects with Latvia and Russia Lasva parish souvenier (film, handouts etc.) IX Culture Organize cultural parties in Võru county X Environmental protection Take under protection some buildings Taking invenitory cultural heritage and determine milieu worth areas Connecting cultural objects with tourism Hiking trails and resting places Creating room for museum

20 Lasva parish through regional development strategy (5) XI Hobbies in schools Teaching music in schools (co-operation with music schools. XII Library Keep open libraries XIII Business activity Training adults Planning industry areas Internet site for businessmen A film to introduce Lasva parish Handouts and souveniers Information desk for tourism in Watertower

21 Lasva parish through regional development strategy (6) XIV Transport Tracks and trails Street lightning XV Energetic Creating boiler-houses XVI Water supply and sewer Creating united water supply and sewer system

22 Thank You for listening! We are pleased to answer your questions, do not hesitate

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