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Project Uplift.

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1 Project Uplift

2 Motivated by the need to help the disenfranchised youths in their area, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart started “Project Uplift”.

3 The Parish Priest of St. James Catholic Church, Kampala, offered Classroom Space

4 Two rooms were provided free of charge in the parish youth center which were changed into classrooms.

5 Project Uplift offers free-of-charge junior secondary education (O Levels, from 1st to 4th grade)

6 Many young teen-age boys and girls are parentless because of AIDS

7 Many, especially the boys, have no one to support them

8 They have to find any small job in order to rent small dingy rooms and buy the essential food to sometimes just barely live. Without “Uplift” their education won’t have a second oportunity.

9 Many others come to Kampala from the northern part of Uganda seeking work and education to evade the rebel activities that still exist

10 Their hopes are shattered...

11 They find no significant work and no relative able to support them in the education they seek

12 The Brothers of the Sacred heart became Concerned

13 They decided to set up the system in order to teach the poor of the area, free-of-charge

14 At present there is full enrollment: 20 students in Senior One and Two class, and 20 students in Senior Three and Four class. Equal number of boys and girls. Most of the students are Catholic, but Protestants and Moslems are accepted as well (presently they are 8).

15 They are supported by six fully qualified teachers who also give of their services, receiving no salary whatsoever.


17 Break-down of Present Services Contributed by the Local Community and others:
O Level Education

18 1. Classrooms and electricity (given by the local parish: St. James)

19 2. The free services of eight qualified teachers, both lay and religious


21 3. Twenty desks, chairs, teacher’s table, and locker paid for by an individual donnor from the United States.



24 4. The reams of paper, exercise books, chalk, photocopying, and other educational material, the examination fees at the end of the year for our school-leavers who sit for their final government examinations, and occasional medical needs of our students, all paid for by the Brothers

25 5. Africa Directo also contributed during 2
5. Africa Directo also contributed during with the Development of the Project Uplift...

26 Most of the O Level students leave their homes in the morning with little in their stomachs (usually a cup of tea with sugar it) and cannot go home for lunch between morning classes and afternoon classes because of the long distance.

27 Africa Directo is providing aid for lunch for 40 students, 5 days a week for nine months at 0.30 € a meal. This includes the food supplies as well as the salary of two cooks.

28 Africa Directo supported this project in 2007 with a total amount reaching almost $. These funds were provided by Africa Directo´s own resources (no specific Donnor).

29 These 40 “O level” Students improved their results compared to previous marks. The food provided was essential to achieve this goal.


31 Services needed for: A Level Education There are 6 “A level” Students whose school fees are funded by “Bishop Cipriano Senior Secondary School”, but needing to finance their living: housing and food must to given them because they are in class from seven in the morning to seven in the evening, including many Saturdays. Full boarding was required including house rent, water, electricity and food for the whole year.

32 Africa Directo also supported this project in 2007 with a total amount reaching as well almost $. These funds were also provided by Africa Directo´s own resources (no specific Donnor).

33 Total Support in 2007 by Africa Directo:
In 2008, a new request including as well registration fees, text materials, etc,, has been submitted to Africa Directo. The letter may be seen in the following page...


35 2007 Support has already been reported and accounted for
2007 Support has already been reported and accounted for. These were their greetings at the end of the report: We (the students of Project Uplift, the teachers, the Brothers, and particularly myself) cannot thank you and “Africa Directo” enough. We continue because of your help. Yours in the Heart of Christ, Brother Robert G. Martineau, S.C. Director of “Project Uplift”


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