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Cornwall Homechoice Jon Warner – Homechoice Manager.

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1 Cornwall Homechoice Jon Warner – Homechoice Manager

2 What We Do Holding and Maintaining a Register of Housing Need in Cornwall Advertise Social Housing Vacancies Nominate applicants from the register Advise on housing needs statistics Signpost applicants to other services Majority of social housing to rent in Cornwall Service provided on behalf of Cornwall Council by Cornwall Housing Ltd

3 Applying Online – from home, One Stop Shops, Libraries By Paper application form available Vulnerable applicants – home visiting and extra assistance available

4 Assessing Housing Need Cornwall Homechoice Allocations policy, agreed by members. Assessment of applicants housing need in relation to their current housing Taking into account Substantial evidence of Risks to life or harm (A) Welfare issues caused by the property (A-D) Downsizing from social housing (B) Homelessness (B-C) Size of property/Household size (B-C) Disrepair (B-D) Needing to move nearer to give/receive support (C ) To be nearer work (C) To be nearer training (C)

5 Cornwall Connection We will assess whether the applicant has a connection to Cornwall Continuous by choice for last 12months Continuous 5 yrs in the past Permanent employment Close family connection & family member currently resident and has been for 5 years continuous Special circumstances – eg exceptional need (medical treatment, Cornwall care-leavers living outside county)

6 Parish Connections We also assess connections of all household members to parishes within Cornwall Currently live for last 3 years or 5 years continuous in the past or Permanent work or Close family 5 years

7 Adverts Applicants can now look for suitable vacancies that match their household size Adverts run from Saturday to Wednesday midnight each week Cornwall Homechoice Website Newsletter available in One Stop Shops and Libraries Parish Clerks Extra assistance available for vulnerable applicants

8 Bidding Applicants have to express an interest in any vacancies they are interested in ‘Bid’. Can bid on up to 3 properties each week. Cornwall Homechoice Website Automated Phone System Assisted Bidding

9 Shortlisting and Nomination –Generally applicants in the highest band will be nominated to the landlord for consideration –Where there is more than one applicant in the same high Band it will be who has been in the Band the longest Except…..

10 Shortlisting and Nomination Preference will be given to applicants with a Cornwall Connection within the same Band For example an applicant with Cornwall Connection in Band B for two weeks will be nominated over an applicant without a Cornwall Connection who has been in Band B for two years.

11 Shortlisting and Nomination Parish connection applies to 100%- Where there is less than 40 units of social housing 50% of vacancies in other areas But not Key towns e.g Hayle, Truro, Camborne, Liskeard etc For example an applicant in Band C with the parish connection would be nominated over an applicant in Band A who does not have the connection

12 Shortlisting and Nominations New Build Properties/Section 106 Granted with planning permission New properties will have criteria similar to the Parish Connection criteria Criteria will stay indefinitely – re-lets

13 Statistics- Homechoice Register 29,075 ‘live’ Sept 2014 BandTotal A187 B2823 C6702 D3899 E15464 Total29,075

14 Hayle Homechoice stats – Sept bed2 bed3 bed4 bed5 bed BandTotal B69 C112 D68 E Applicants with an LC who expressed a preference to live in Hayle 446 Applicants with an assessed Local Connection to Hayle

15 St Ives Homechoice Stats – Sept 2014 BandTotal A6 B72 C98 D61 E365 Total602 Applicants with an LC who expressed a preference to live in St Ives 509 Applicants with an assessed local connection to St Ives 1 bed2 bed3 bed4 bed5+ bed

16 Changes to the Homechoice Policy Assets over £50k or income over £60k will not join. anti-social behaviour within the last 2 years will not be able to join the register; applicants who have not bid on any property for 12 months are removed from the housing register unless they can demonstrate exceptional circumstances; applicants are only able to bid for 1 property per advertising cycle applicants who turn down 2 properties that are offered to them are removed from the housing register; to be allocated a council home or a home managed by one of our partner registered providers to which the Council has nomination rights, applicants must be able to demonstrate a 3 year local connection.

17 Contact Details Jon Warner – Homechoice Manager, West/Central Tel:

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