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The Graduation Coach as a Counselor Resource Calcasieu Graduation Coaches Reducing Dropouts Increasing Graduation Rates Keeping Students on Track.

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1 The Graduation Coach as a Counselor Resource Calcasieu Graduation Coaches Reducing Dropouts Increasing Graduation Rates Keeping Students on Track

2 Necessity is the Mother of All Invention Part 1 Why did Calcasieu Parish initiate a graduation coach program? 1.Closing of Lake Charles Boston High School. 2.Transfer of LCB students to local high schools. 3.School Board mandate to provide “guardian angels” to assist both LCB students and receiving schools. 4.Research led to Georgia’s Graduation Coach Program.

3 GraduationCoach Graduation Coach Develop relationships with students. Insure successful transitions. Promote home to school connections. Keep students focused on academic achievement. Monitor and motivate students to set and reach career goals.

4 Roles of a Graduation Coach peers family school board businesses politicians teachers administration counselors parents community volunteers activities teachers conflict- resolution behavior organizations social issues decisions choices peers grades attendance responsibilities society pressures colleges/universities technical schools alternative programs credit recovery

5 Necessity is the Mother of All Invention Part 2 Why did Calcasieu Parish decide to sustain and expand the graduation coach program once the LCB mandate was completed? 1.The same needs existed in the non-LCB student population. 2.Growing focus on the reduction of dropouts and growth of graduation rates. 3.Measureable success. 4.Compatibility with district-wide intervention strategies.

6 “Failure is NOT an Option” CPSB High School RTI The graduation coach is not a “silver bullet” solution. In CPSB High Schools there are multiple “Failure is Not an Option” components to address RTI. 1.Freshman Academy 2.Grade Recovery 3.Credit Recovery 4.Adopt a Senior 5.ZAP (Zero’s aren’t permitted) 6.PBS (Positive Behavior Support) 7.Reading Programs 8.Distance Learning 9.Acceleration of new credit opportunities

7 Calcasieu Parish High Schools Two Consecutive Years of Significant Growth 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 Calcasieu Parish High School Testing – Two Consecutive Years Increased the Composite GEE Score (State Accountability - 10 th /11 th grades) Increased the Composite iLeap Score (State Accountability - 9 th grade) Increased both ELA and Math Proficiency (NCLB -10 th grade) Calcasieu Parish Graduation Index Indicators (All grades) Increased the percentage of graduates Increased the percentage of GED graduates Increased the number of Industrial Based Certifications Increased the number of Academic/CTE Endorsements Increased number of AP courses and credits earned Increased number of Dual Enrollment courses and credits earned Decreased dropout percentage Decreased percentage of seniors not completing during the senior year Decreased percentage of high school course failures at all grade levels*

8 Raise Course Pass Rate Raise Test Scores Increase Diploma Track Graduation Rate 2006-072007-08 2008-09 Course Pass Rate (9-12)87.2%90.3% GEE Index (10 th /11 th )87.1 88.192.5 iLeap Index (9th) 83.0 86.890.8 Senior Graduation Rate93.3% 94.9%95.4% (October 1 Seniors)

9 Target Audience for Graduation Coaches Administration and counselors provide all students with many service. Graduation coaches focus specialized services on a target audience. The target audience may vary based on school needs but generally focuses on potential dropouts and student not likely to graduate on-time (4 year graduation rate).

10 Graduation Coach “Graduation Coach” is a full-time and/or part-time job opportunity for secondary certified CPSB high school employees with 5 or more years of successful teaching experience. Initial training was provided by the Georgia State Department of Education. Current training provided locally. There are five Graduation Coaches in Calcasieu Parish. (Barbe, Sulphur, Iowa, LaGrange, Washington-Marion Magnet.) Locally funded initiative.

11 Transition Monitoring Monitor social and system transitions. Meet with targeted students to verify system services such as bus transportation, class scheduling, student involvement, student access to school activities and student availability to material resources. Inform school administration and counselors of systemic issues. Meet with targeted students to explore social issues and solutions. Contact a parent/guardian as relates to transitional issues.

12 Attendance Monitoring Monitor attendance of targeted students. Report erratic or excessive absences to administration and counselors. Meet with students to explore and resolve attendance issues. Contact parent/guardians as relates to attendance problems.

13 Achievement Monitoring Monitor classroom performance of students. Facilitate academic support system of tutoring, reading programs and credit recovery. Facilitate meetings with all stakeholders. Maintain contact with parent/guardian as relates to classroom achievement issues.

14 Plan for the Future Verify the five year plan for each targeted student. Conduct periodic reviews of career goals with targeted students. Utilize resources such as E-Portal and course offerings to expand the range of possibilities for student and their plans. Insure the student/parent has an understanding of the student’s goal and the necessary steps to achieve those goals.

15 Common Sense Student don’t drop out when: They see value in what they do at school. They consistently experience academic success. They feel school is safe and interesting. They are inspired and supported by adults and peers. They get to do things they enjoy. They believe they can make it.

16 Grow Success Rather Than Reduce Failure Change from the neck up. Make objectives and goals positive. Be pro-active rather than reactive. Use the Graduation Index for Goal Setting.

17 Focus on Improving Positive Steps Give students what they need. Core academic foundation before high school Structured/supportive transition into high school. Many curriculum pathways to success. Intervention opportunities at difficult times. Preparation for success beyond high school.

18 Be Pro-active Make Intervention a Positive Experience On-going career exploration and planning Make learning (not tests) the focus Increase course passage rate Tiered Intervention/Recovery Early Warning Systems Freshman Academy Processes Alternative methods of instruction and assessment Electives that address student interest. Provide for challenging curriculum (AP and Dual Enrollment) Provide for acceleration (LCB Academy)

19 Featured Calcasieu Schools LaGrange High School Judy Harrison, Counselor and Anya Miller, Graduation Coach Sulphur High School Jill Lockhart, Counselor and Nick Limberis, Graduation Coach Iowa High School Janis Genius, Counselor and Janet Manuel, Graduation Coach

20 LaGrange High School Gators Enrollment 1059 Regular Education860(81%) Special Education199(19%) Free/Reduced Lunch672(63%) Graduation Index103.1

21 Sulphur High School Golden Tornado Enrollment 1867 Regular Education 1625 (87%) Special Education 242 (13%) Free/Reduced Lunch 571 (31%) Graduation Index 126.0

22 Iowa High School Yellow Jackets Enrollment 568 Regular Education 483(85%) Special Education 85 (15%) Free/Reduced Lunch 294(52%) Graduation Index 113.3

23 Please feel free to contact Calcasieu Parish for more information on the graduation coach program. Patrick Deaville, District Director of High School Curriculum and Instruction James Powers, District Supervisor of Counselors Otto Strasburg, District Task Force Coordinator Anya Miller, LaGrange High Graduation Coach Judy Harrison, LaGrange High Counselor Nick Limberis, Sulphur High Graduation Coach Jill Lockhart, Sulphur High Counselor Janet Manuel, Iowa High Graduation Coach Janis Genius, Iowa High Counselor

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