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BERE REGIS PARISH FORUM Saturday 26 th October 2013.

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1 BERE REGIS PARISH FORUM Saturday 26 th October 2013

2 Community Transport Play Park and Future Facilities Neighbourhood Plan Open Forum AGENDA



















21 WHY DO WE NEED COMMUNITY TRANSPORT? In January the bus service to Poole will cease. We are trying to retain – One bus from Bere early morning. – And a return bus in the evening.

22 We propose to use two types of transport. These are: – A volunteer car service for hospital appointments – A minibus to Poole (perhaps via Wareham) three days a week. Both of these projects are in embryonic stages Both systems will cost money. They will only work with your support

23 VOLUNTEER CAR SYSTEM We have help from DCC Community Development Erica Pretty runs Dorset Partnership for Older People Programme (POPPS). The application is in to DCC

24 HOW DOES THE VOLUNTEER CAR SYSTEM WORK? You will phone a local volunteer coordinator A local volunteer driver and car will collect from home take you to specific appointments and will wait to bring you back. You will be asked to contribute a donation The donation is based on 45p a mile (so about £12 to Poole and back You will be asked for this before the trip

25 MINI BUS SERVICE The minibus service is very simple, it’s a commercial venture run by our local taxi driver Danny Green (County Travel). He is with us today and will answer questions later. The proposed route is to Poole, if required via Wareham. Three days a week. The cost would be, Wareham Rtn £3.50, Poole one way £6.25 or £7.00 Rtn.

26 How to register To register for the car and bus service we would charge £5 per year, very important if you have a bus pass. The minibus is a commercial venture. The volunteer car service although not for profit still has to paid for. The point of registering, if you hold a bus pass we will try to re-imburse a proportion of your fare.

27 I WOULD LIKE TO PUT A FEW QUESTIONS TO YOU Which three days of the week would you like the minibus to run? What times should it depart Bere, what time should it return? How many of you would volunteer? Remember you only need half a day or once a week whatever you can manage? Please pass on these questions to as many people as possible and ask them to contact the Council.

28 Any questions?

29 Play Park and Future Play Facilities Robin to create

30 Neighbourhood Plan What Facilities you wanted*: a new school84% end of Egdon Close ‘best site’ 70% a new village Hall48% (but 41% did not) an indoor meeting place for YP61% a skate park41% outdoor training equipment61% *Parish Survey undertaken 2012

31 Neighbourhood Plan Other Facilities mentioned: Community uses for Souls Moor A green waste and composting facility Better medical and NHS Dental facilities Public toilets Signage for local interest and for tourism Move the fire station

32 Neighbourhood Plan What we are proposing/doing for Facilities: DCC bought new school site Considering ‘shared use’ facilities in new school We have bought & are improving Souls Moor Helped set up ‘Banter’ at sports Club Started work on creating play facilities for older YP

33 Neighbourhood Plan Facilities (continued) Talking to Fire Service Providing signs, notice boards and literature Acquiring the Elder Rd open space Talking to Pubs to allow public access to toilets

34 Neighbourhood Plan What you wanted for commercial, traffic and transport: traffic calming on Rye Hill82% Southern bypass70% Small office units for local business63% Better tourist facilities62% More information boards69%

35 Neighbourhood Plan What we are proposing/doing for commercial, traffic and transport: Allocate a route for a southern bypass “Atrium” style commercial development opposite shell garage Move vehicular access to sports club from North Street to A31/A35 roundabout

36 Neighbourhood Plan Create gyratory traffic movement off A31/A35 roundabout Established a ‘Business Support Group’

37 Neighbourhood Plan What you wanted for housing: 50 new houses by 2026 ‘felt just right’67% In 2 or 3 medium sized developments54% 40%, or more, ‘affordable’72% Weighted towards families/young couples Retirement bungalows to free up bigger houses In-fill to be allowed Areas of green space to be included

38 Neighbourhood Plan What do we have to do? PDC Local Plan requires 50 additional houses We also have to make allowance for future We have to re-define settlement boundary

39 Neighbourhood Plan What we are proposing for housing: Allotment site behind Back Lane North Street opp Recreation Ground Near White Lovington Off Rye Hill near White Lovington Field below current school


41 Neighbourhood Plan What benefits should this bring? SANG linking Roke to Rec Bunds/landscaping along by-pass Traffic calming on Rye Hill Low vis sites Core of village untouched Future proofing Population growth to support school and businesses


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