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Streetlighting (Part Night) Trial Mark Rosher Chairman, Charfield Parish Council.

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1 Streetlighting (Part Night) Trial Mark Rosher Chairman, Charfield Parish Council

2  Includes the village of Charfield and outlying areas. ◦ The trial predominantly within the village  Charfield consists of around 1000 homes & 2500 people, located at the northern edge of South Gloucestershire.  The parish web site is at

3  Began with an approach from Charfield PC ◦ which coincidentally found South Glos. StreetCare looking for a trial candidate.  Meetings between all parties ◦ StreetCare, SGCC, CPC, Police, Highways ◦ Set the criteria of the trial ◦ Some roads to remain lit all night ◦ Enclosed Walkways and Vulnerable Resident Areas to remain lit  Consultation Process

4  CPC set out to consult the Parish ◦ Parish Council Web Site ◦ Presentation at Annual Parish Meeting ◦ Gazette local weekly newspaper ◦ SGCC home-delivered Newsletters ◦ Parish Noticeboards ◦ Shop Windows ◦ Random face-to-face conversations

5  Trial started June 2009, running for a year.  Of 276 streetlights, around 100 were fitted with part-night timer switches.  Timers extinguished nominated streetlights between midnight and five thirty am.  Feedback from the parish

6  Lack of Consultation.  Perceptions of risk of increasing crime.  Inconvenience to night shift workers.  Inconvenience to early morning dog walkers.  Increased risk of tripping on substandard surfaces in the dark.  Timers not operating at correct times.  Noisy timer switches causing disturbed sleep…

7  More meetings between CPC and StreetCare  Timer switches were replaced by ones of better design.  Times of operation were adjusted from 00h00-05h30 to 00h30-05h00  Individual residents contacted and issues discussed


9  Savings of £1800 per year at today’s rates  Savings of 11,500 kg CO2 per year  Reduced night time light pollution  No increase in crime or accident statistics  Coincident with similar part-night trial with Motorway lights  Interest from other parts of South Gloucestershire

10  The trial, although not yet ended, is judged to have been successful, meeting all the criteria.  Part night lighting is expected to continue to operate in Charfield.  Learning points recommended to SGlos include ◦ Even more Consultation for future initiatives!!! ◦ More care with choice of technical solution ◦ Preliminary assessment and maintenance of pavements and other surfaces ◦ Can’t please all the people all of the time…  Follow-up presentation from StreetCare planned for the Annual Parish Meeting in April

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