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Wealden’s Local Development Framework Draft Core Strategy Councillor Roy Galley Portfolio Holder for Planning & Development.

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1 Wealden’s Local Development Framework Draft Core Strategy Councillor Roy Galley Portfolio Holder for Planning & Development

2 Consultation Issues and Options consultation– 2007 Exhibitions & drop in sessions Early Parish Plans/ town masterplans Parish planning conference Joint LSP/LDF workshop Parish Panel Parish Clerks’ Seminar

3 Consultation ( cont’d) Spatial Development Options – July 2009 Exhibitions and drop in sessions Development of Parish bridging templates Parish Planning Conference Parish Panel Joint LSP/ LDF workshops WDC Member workshops

4 Evidence Various Studies: Flood Risk, Housing Market, Land availability, Viability, Retail, Employment, Landscape, Demographics Consultation Issues and Options 2007, Spatial Development Options 2009, LSP events, Infrastructure providers and statutory bodies, Parish templates, Town Masterplans National and Local Guidance and Strategies, Planning policy Statements, Sustainable Community Strategy

5 Evidence (cont’d) Infrastructure Delivery Plan Sustainability Appraisal Background papers-various

6 Strategy Development Revocation of South East Plan – housing and employment targets and replacement policies need to be justified LDF Sub July 2010 agreed to seek to Balance strategic needs of the District, with capacities, constraints and the aspirations and needs of local communities

7 Strategic Housing Need Completions WDC 1998-2010 ( 21yrs ) - 9023 dwellings - 429 dwelling per annum Pop. increase –14,788 Office Nat.Stats PROJECTIONS –2006-27 (21yrs) Population increase –16,200, Household increase 14,800 ESCC trend based projection –2006-26 Population increase –16,934, Household increase. –11,459, increase in dwelling 11,910

8 Local Issues Land availability Accessibility of Settlements Environmental Constraints – Landscape and biodiversity Availability of Employment Land The need to increase economic growth Housing need, including affordable housing Infrastructure capacities Regeneration Aspirations of Town Masterplans, and Parish/ Town responses to consultation

9 WCS 2 Distribution of Housing Growth 2006-2030 SettlementCommitted New Allocation Total 2006 to 2030 Uckfield74210001742 Hailsham/Hellingly164513002945 Polegate and Willingdon5657001265 Stone Cross42650692 Crowborough632300932 Heathfield292160452 Adjacent to Tunbridge Wells (Frant Parish) 0120 Rural Villages9714551426 Total488946859574

10 Hailsham/ Hellingly Area Strategy

11 Uckfield Area Strategy

12 Polegate and Willingdon and Stone Cross Area Strategy

13 Crowborough Area Strategy

14 Heathfield Area Strategy

15 8,000 2026

16 WCS4 Strategic Development Areas SD1: Land to the west of Uckfield SD2: Land at East Hailsham SD3: Land at North Hailsham SD4: Land at Polegate/ Willingdon SD5: Land at Dittons Road, Polegate SD6: Land at South East Stone Cross SD7: Land at North East Stone Cross SD8: Land at Pine Grove, Crowborough SD9: Land at Jarvis Brook, Crowborough SD10:Land at South East Crowborough SD11: Land at North West Heathfield SD12: Land Adjacent to Tunbridge Wells, in the Parish of Frant


18 Note: Development boundaries for Uckfield, Hailsham, Polegate and Willingdon, Stone Cross, Crowborough and Heathfield are retained Figure 9: Growth potential of rural settlements and where development boundaries will be retained

19 Development of settlement classification Issues and Options 2007 – retention of development boundaries ? Suggested settlement classification –2007 Proposed rural settlement classification– 2009

20 WCS6 Rural areas strategy Development boundaries will be retained at: Forest Row, Hartfield, Groombridge, Wadhurst, Mayfield, Frant, Buxted, Herstmonceux, Ninfield, Pevensey Bay, Horam and Alfriston

21 Villages :Proposed scale of additional housing to be allocate up until 2030 [1][1] Housing in Frant Village is in addition to the urban extension adjacent to Tunbridge Wells situated within the Parish of Frant Wadhurst – 70 additional dwellings Frant Village – 20 additional dwellings Herstmonceux – 70 additional dwellings Ninfield – 50 additional dwellings Horam – 100 additional dwellings Maresfield – 50 additional dwellings East Dean – 10 additional dwellings Berwick Station – 20 additional dwellings Framfield – 25 additional dwellings Boreham Street – 10 additional dwellings Ripe – 10 additional dwellings Selmeston – 10 additional dwellings Upper Dicker – 10 additional dwellings

22 WCS7 Effective provision of Infrastructure The release of land for development will depend upon there being sufficient capacity in the existing local infrastructure to meet the requirements generated by the proposed development. Where development would create the need to provide additional or improved community facilities, services and infrastructure to mitigate its impact, a programme of delivery must be agreed with the relevant infrastructure providers which will ensure that these improvements are provided at the time they are needed. These may involve coordinating contributions from the development with other investment streams. This approach will ensure that the necessary improvements can be completed in a timely manner to support growth. Arrangements for the provision or improvement of infrastructure to the required standard will be secured by planning agreement/ obligation, or by condition attached to the planning consent or by any other appropriate mechanism. The adequacy of infrastructure provision in Wealden will be the subject of regular review with infrastructure providers as part of the ongoing work on the Infrastructure Delivery Plan. This will include health, transport, utility services, and education providers and will be reported as part of the LDF monitoring arrangements in the Annual Monitoring Report.

23 WCS 9 Rural exception affordable housing In exceptional circumstances, planning permission may be granted for small scale affordable residential development in rural areas outside development boundaries in order to meet an identified local housing need among those people unable to compete in the normal housing market. Suitable sites will be located within or be well-related to a settlement which either provides reasonable access to local services and facilities, or has good accessibility to larger settlements nearby which provide a range of services and facilities. The scale of the proposed affordable housing development should be appropriate in relation to the size of the settlement and sites should not be isolated or intrusive within the landscape. Sites developed under this policy will be subject to controls on the occupancy of the housing to ensure it continues to provide affordable homes which address local housing needs in perpetuity. The affordable homes will be managed by an approved Registered Provider.

24 Timetable LDF Sub Committee – 19 th Oct. 2010 Parish Conference – 3rd Nov. 2010 Joint meeting of PCN/S –10 th Nov. 2010 Cabinet – 24 th Nov 2010 Full Council 1 st Dec. 2010 Submission Feb/ March 2011 Representations – 6 weeks Examination _ summer 2011 Adoption – early 2012

25 Any questions ?

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