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Presenter: Sheldon Jones Richland Parish Louisiana.

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1 Presenter: Sheldon Jones Richland Parish Louisiana

2  EAGLE (Enhanced Assessment of Grade-Level Expectations) is a formative assessment classroom tool used to assist teachers in providing descriptive feedback and engage students in assessment for learning.  GLEs identify what all PreK-12 students attending public schools in Louisiana should know or be able to perform in core subject areas upon grade completion.  GLEs are learning skills written in student friendly terminology.  As Louisiana shifts to implementation of the Common Core State Standards, EAGLE will be updated to align with the Transitional Comprehensive Curriculum.

3  Teachers and administrators currently use premade GLE based assessments or develop new assessments from a pool of items that match the instructional content of the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum.  Teachers can identify strengths and weaknesses, access targeted classroom resources, and refine instructional strategies based on student performance.

4  Provide students with a clear and understandable vision of each learning target  Use examples of strong and weak work  Offer descriptive feedback on a regular basis  Teach students to self-assess and set goals  Design lessons to focus on one learning target or aspect of quality at a time  Engage students in self-reflection; allow them to keep track of and share their learning in an effort to move information from short term memory to long term memory

5  Students in Richland Parish receive individual reports and learn to assess their own GLE performance.  A visual graphic of a race car moving towards a checkered flag is used to represent progress towards teacher set goals.

6  Student Report by Test Question  Student Report by GLE  Self-Assessment Student Report  Student Report by Test  Tips for Students

7  9 th Grade Teacher Brian Garrett and 8 th Grade Teacher Amy Britt served on Louisiana’s EAGLE Item Review Committee for ELA in January 2008.  Rayville High School facilitated an EAGLE Workshop for Teachers for the northeast region of Louisiana. The training consisted of morning and afternoon workshops. Each school in Richland Parish has EAGLE trained teachers.

8  Able to create tests consisting of multiple choice, short answer, and extended constructed response items for one or more GLEs, or use the system’s premade tests  Set individual goals for students (70% or above)  Schedule tests and hand score test items  Analyze and track performance using six reports

9  Through administrative access, principals can access and monitor teacher and student use of the system.  Principals frequently receive school usage reports from the district’s central office.

10 Action Plan - Activities indicated should address all subgroups GOAL 2 By 2013 – 2014, all students will reach high standards, obtaining proficiency or better in Mathematics. Louisiana Critical Goal (CG): CG1 CG2 CG3 CG4 CG5 CG6 CG7 CG8 CG9 Research-Based Strategy 1: RTI JEPD DDD MEL CA SIM UDL Indicator of Implementation (250 Characters): 2.1 Use Eagle and PASS resources to provide intensive instruction matched to their needs based on students instructional levels of performance and rates of progress using a variety of assessment methods such as rubrics, goal setting, self-assessment, portfolios and project based assessments. 2.2 There should be increased time in use of technology, increase high stakes test scores, and increase levels of academic progress Procedures for Evaluating Indicators of Implementation (250 Characters): 2.1 The principal or his designee will conduct classroom observations monthly to determine the use of various alternative assessment strategies. Documentation will be kept on file in the office 2.2 Teachers will review Eagle scores, six week and midterm grades, assessments, and other student work. Test scores will be kept by the Guidance Counselor and other evidence of student achievement will be kept by classroom teachers. Teachers will review data from Student Snapshots daily.

11  “The EAGLE Assessment tool has provided a much needed formative assessment platform for teachers to use as they monitor their students' achievement progress. The individual grade- level expectations (GLEs) are aligned in the comprehensive curriculum. This alignment guides planning and the assessment reports provide monitoring of mastery and guides reteaching.”  Kenneth Jenkins, Principal  Delhi High School

12  Student Information System Coordinator Rhonda Childress populates class, teacher and student roster data into EAGLE. Schools make individual student and teacher changes throughout the year.  District Test Coordinator Robyne Crow serves as the district point of contact for assistance to address school level technical issues.

13  “For the 2011-12 school year, the teacher with the highest middle school math scores in the district also has the highest student usage of EAGLE. The teacher gave pretests and posttests for each instructional unit.”  Robyne Crow, Assessment Supervisor  Richland Parish School Board

14  Dr. Fen Chou oversees the EAGLE project at the state level.  Dr. Ronald May assists with technical concerns that cannot be addressed at the district level.  LDOE provides DTC and Teacher Trainings.  LDOE established an EAGLE Help Desk with toll free number and e-mail address.

15  Contains over 5,000 items and 190 premade tests for ELA and Mathematics  Release for Grades 1-8 ELA, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies  Release for Physical Science, Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, World Geography, Free Enterprise, Civics, U.S. History, and World History  Release began in May 2007 and concluded in May 2012

16 March 2010May 2011May 2012 Richland Parish 6,73728,65922,031 Rayville High School 54315563184 Delhi Middle School 51111721130 Holly Ridge Elementary School 2101 43895756

17  District dropout rate in Grades 9-12 decreased from 66% in 2007-2008 to 43% in 2010-2011.  Average percent of students scoring Basic, Mastery, and Advanced (Proficient) in Richland Parish increased from 51% in 2007 to 56% in 2012.

18  Sheldon Jones, Superintendent  Richland Parish School Board  411 Foster Street  Rayville, LA 71269-3307  Office: (318) 728-5964  Fax: (318) 728-6366  E-mail:

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