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Delivering local highway improvements in partnership with Town and Parish Councils 2016/17.

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1 Delivering local highway improvements in partnership with Town and Parish Councils 2016/17

2 Examples Trods. Cheaper alternative to traditional footways, most suitable for rural locations. Our most popular scheme type. Ideal situation is a wide grass verges in rural areas. Costs vary (e.g. depending on whether kerbing and edgings are needed) between £25 and £60 per square metre in 2012/13

3 Pentney footway

4 Hellesdon Footpath Link

5 SAM 2

6 VAS Signs

7 20mph Flashing Sign

8 High Kelling Bus Shelter

9 Forncett footway before… ….and after!

10 Stow Bardolph Trod (road planings)

11 Year Four (2015/16) Norfolk County Council PPS initiative in 2015/16. £300,000 “pot” + £85,366 from Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership = £385,366 50/50 funding (County/Parishes) No funding for LED Street Lighting. 130 bids received – 129 accepted for PP funding.

12 What sort of scheme? As well as the SAM2 mobile vehicle activated signs, bids have included: footways and paths crossing points signs and other highway-related projects that are a high priority locally. We have accepted bids for part time 20mph flashing signs outside schools

13 Year Five (2016/17) Norfolk County Council will also be repeating the initiative in 2016/17 (subject to Member approval). This will allow you as a community to have another opportunity to deliver small highway improvements next year. A partnership between you and NCC to deliver improvements that are a priority for local communities Emails will be sent to all Parish/Town Councils in September/October 2015 inviting bids for 2016/17 (closing date 30 th January 2016).

14 What sort of scheme? Schemes can be within, or off the highway provided they are linked to the highway. Where off highway, the ongoing maintenance will fall to the Parish or Town Council. Schemes should be self-contained (i.e. not require other schemes or works to make them effective). Bids for minor traffic management changes such as speed limits or waiting restrictions will not qualify.

15 What sort of scheme? When assessing your bid we will consider the previous points, but also look at: The potential for casualty reduction. Any ongoing maintenance costs for the County Council. VAS bids if they are shown to be more effective than SAM2 in reducing speed.

16 Finally the Bid Deadline to submit bids for 2016/17 is 30 January 2016. The Highway Engineers based at your local Area Office can help you develop your ideas, discuss practicalities and cost. After receiving and assessing bids, we will let you know the outcome around March 2016. If successful, we will send a letter setting out conditions and an acceptance form to be signed.

17 What to include in your bid? Details of the scheme - with a sketch or plan - its cost and your contribution. Who, and how many people will benefit. How it supports the objectives of the Local Transport Plan. Local support, particularly from your local member, residents and land owners. It is important there is broad community support.

18 Submitting your Bid There is no form! Your bid can be a simple email (or letter), outlining the proposal and costs, ideally with a plan/sketch attached. It doesn't need to be too fancy, as long as you get the main points across.

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