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1 Health Ministries Association, Inc. (HMA) Serving Faith Community Nurses Developed by Alyson J. Breisch, MSN, RN, FCN HMA Board: Chair, Practice and Education 2010

2 HEALTH MINISTRIES ASSOCIATION Vision: HMA aspires to engage, educate and empower people of faith to be passionate and effective leaders for creating healthier communities.

3 1960’s and 1970’s: the Rev. Dr. Granger Westberg, a hospital chaplain and medical school professor, began wholistic care clinics in churches, staffed by a physician, nurse, social worker and pastoral counselor. 1986: Lutheran General Hospital System formed programs for congregational partnerships and established the Parish Nurse Resource Center (PNRC). Founding members began exploring the establishment of a membership organization. HEALTH MINISTRIES ASSOCIATION HISTORY

4 1989: HMA formed and incorporated in Iowa as non-profit “interdisciplinary, interfaith membership organization”. 1990: 1st Annual Meeting and National Conference held in Northbrook, IL. Parish Nurse Resource Center(PNRC) continued to develop educational resources. Later became International Parish Nurse Resource Center (IPNRC). HEALTH MINISTRIES ASSOCIATION HISTORY

5 1997: American Nurses Association (ANA) approved HMA’s request and recognized Parish Nursing as a specialized practice of professional nursing and HMA as the professional membership organization for parish nurses. 1998: ANA acknowledged and published HMA’s Scope and Standards of Parish Nursing Practice for this emerging nursing specialty. HMA: A DRIVING FORCE BEHIND PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION OF PARISH NURSING


7 CPNE Criteria for Recognition as a Nursing Specialty 14 criteria used by CPNE during review and decision-making processes to recognize an area of practice as a nursing specialty. Define competencies, mechanisms for supporting, reviewing, and disseminating research to support knowledge base, educational criteria for preparation, continuing competence mechanisms for area of specialty.

8 A Nursing Specialty is: “Organized and represented by a national or international specialty organization or branch of a parent organization.” CPNE Criteria for Recognition as a Nursing Specialty # 14: ANA recognizes HMA as the professional membership organization representing the nursing specialty of Faith Community Nursing.

9 The American Nurses Association’s Congress of Nursing Practice and Economics (CNPE) requires a written specialty nursing scope of practice statement and standards of specialty nursing practice to support the recognition.

10 1998: Work Group of HMA’s Practice and Education Committee wrote the Scope and Standards of Parish Nursing Practice; submitted to ANA and approved by ANA CPNE. 2005: Document revised and title changed to the Scope and Standards of Faith Community Nursing. 2010: FCN Scope and Standards currently in revision. HMA holds joint copyright with ANA for Faith Community Nursing Scope and Standards Scope and Standards of Faith Community Nursing Practice

11 HMA: Professional Membership Benefits Official Voice for Faith Community Nurses Advocacy & Information Support, Mentoring, & Networking Discounts on Publications Discounts on AED and Blood Pressure Equipment Conferences, Educational Offerings, Resources

12 College-Affiliated Courses +  Undergraduate Credit Courses  Graduate Credit Courses Community-based Courses * Denominational/Faith-Based Courses* Health Care System-based Courses* IPNRC Basic Preparation Course* SOURCES FOR FAITH COMMUNITY NURSING FOUNDATIONAL EDUCATION Type of Course: + College Credit * Continuing Education Certificate

13 Receiving a continuing education certificate for attendance at a preparation course does NOT equate with the formal certification process developed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The intentional use of the term, “certified Parish Nurse” or “certified Faith Community Nurse” may be interpreted as a misrepresentation of professional credentials to the public.

14 December 2007 - HMA began working with American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) to develop a process for formal recognition of Faith Community Nurses. Three specialty nursing practices were selected by ANCC to be pilot groups in developing a new portfolio process for formal recognition: Forensic Nursing, College Nursing, and Faith Community Nursing. ANCC’s process of formal recognition requires a significant number of nurses who exemplify the scope and standards of faith community nursing in their practice. HMA: Developing a Recognition Process for Faith Community Nursing

15 The Task Force recommended that educational preparation for faith community nursing include a minimum of 34 hours of foundational content. Work completed by the Task Force includes: Competency Grid for scoring FCN applicant based on FCN Scope and Standards. Tool for documenting 3 in-depth case studies with a reflective section to include elements of competency that may not have been part of the case study. Spiritual journey tool to address spiritual leadership.

16 In 2009 task force temporarily suspended work and recommended to HMA Board that efforts be directed toward addressing issues necessary to demonstrate FCN competence and skill. HMA intends to develop professional and educational initiatives that promote the professional standards of faith community nursing. Task force will resume work to complete the process for formal FCN recognition with ANCC. Individual faith community nurses may then seek professional recognition for their professional nursing specialty practice.

17 HMA is committed to advancing professional faith community nursing practice by addressing the critical issue of competence. Individual professional accountability and participation in advancing this as a nursing specialty will provide the foundation for HMA to move forward with ANCC in the formal recognition process for faith community nursing. Individual faith community nurses seeking recognition by ANCC must demonstrate that the standards defined in the scope of this professional nursing specialty are evident in their practice.

18 Standards 1-6: Standards of Practice 1.Assessment 2.Diagnosis 3.Outcomes Identification 4.Planning 5.Implementation 5a. Coordination of Care 5b. Health Teaching and Health Promotion 5c. Consultation 5d. Prescriptive Authority and Treatment 6. Evaluation Professionalism in Faith Community Nursing

19 Lead Others to be Their Best Selves Professionalism in Faith Community Nursing Standards 7 – 17: Standards of Professional Practice 7.Ethics 8.Education 9.Evidence-based Practice and Research 10.Quality of Practice 11.Communication 12.Leadership 13.Collegiality 14.Collaboration 15.Professional Practice Evaluation 16.Resource Utilization 17.Environmental Health

20 Professionalism in Faith Community Nursing Empower Others Standard 13: Collegiality The faith community nurse interacts with and contributes to the professional development of peers and colleagues.

21 Evaluate! "...the nurse who operates under a definition that specifies an area of independent practice, or an area of expertness, must assume responsibility for: I conclude that no profession, occupation, or industry in this age can evaluate adequately or improve its practice without research.” Virginia Henderson, RN – Nursing Theorist identifying problems continually validating function improving the methods used measuring the effect of nursing care....

22 Energize! Design innovations to effect change in faith community nursing practices and outcomes. Demonstrate energy, excitement, and a passion for quality, spirit-filled work. Model expert practice. Plant Golden Mustard Seeds

23 Claim the authority which you hold!  Model and empower others for wholeness.  Research and analyze practice.  Develop “best practices”.  Join & actively participate in HMA, the national membership organization for faith community nursing & health ministries.

24 Join HMA Join a Regional Health Ministry Network Support or Form a Faith Community Nurse Council in Your State Nurses Association Join Your State Nurses Association Contribute Learn Be Active Build Your Professional Networks!

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