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Town and Parish Forum Wednesday 11 th February 2015 Welcome – Dave Mitchell.

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1 Town and Parish Forum Wednesday 11 th February 2015 Welcome – Dave Mitchell

2 Parish and Town Council Elections – 7 May 2015 Candidates and Parish Clerks Briefing By Dan Swaine – Deputy Returning Officer

3 Objectives Key Dates Nominations Process Parish Clerks Role

4 Polls on 7 May 41 Parish Elections All 25 New Borough Wards Parliamentary Election

5 Boundaries

6 Parishes

7 Key Dates Monday 30 March – Last Day to publish Notice of Election Thursday 9 April (4PM) – Close of Nominations – Close of Withdrawals Friday 10 April (4PM) – Publication of Statement as to persons nominated Monday 20 April -Registration deadline

8 Key Dates (cont) Tuesday 28 April-Publication of Notice of Poll Thursday 7 May – Polling day Thursday 7 May – 10pm Verification Friday 8 May – 1pm Count

9 Nomination Process Between 1 April and 4pm on 9 April must submit to Returning Officer: –Nomination Paper –Consent to Nomination –Certificate of Authorisation?

10 Submitting Nomination Papers Make sure the nomination papers are filled in correctly, as mistakes may invalidate your nomination. Nomination papers must be delivered in person To arrange an informal check, contact the elections office

11 Nomination Process Qualifications on day nominated and on polling day: –18 years of age –British, qualifying Commonwealth citizen (with indefinite leave to remain), national of an EU member state And either ….

12 Nomination Process Registered local government elector for the parish from day of nomination onwards Occupied, as owner or tenant any land or premises in the parish during the whole 12 months prior to nomination and on day of election Principal or only place of work has been in the parish during the whole 12 months prior to nomination and on day of election Lived in parish or within 3 miles of it during the whole of the 12 months before the day of your nomination and the day of election

13 Nomination Form Full Name – surname first –e.g BLOGGS, JOSEPH PAUL Optional: use commonly used name box(es) if commonly known by a name other than full name and wish to use it instead. Description – no more than 6 words Home Address in full

14 Nomination Form (Cont) Subscribers: 2 subscribers are required. Must sign & print their names. Check details of subscribers against electoral register. Only ask subscribers to sign after completing the name, address and description fields on the form Errors –Alterations to top section not accepted –Tippex not accepted –Strike through and initial by candidate

15 Consent to Nomination Form Must include: –name and address of candidate –which area standing in –confirmation of qualification(s) that apply (at least 1, but select all that apply) –date of birth & signature –witness’ name, address and signature

16 Certificate of Authorisation Party candidates must have written permission to use the party name/description from the Nominating Officer (or a person appointed to act on their behalf) The certificate may: –allow the use of the party name or a particular description –allow candidate to choose whether to use the party name or any of the descriptions registered with the Electoral Commission

17 Request for party emblem Subject to receiving certificate of authorisation the candidate can request party emblem on ballot paper Request must state both name of party and description of emblem to be used Request must be in writing by candidate

18 After Close of Withdrawals If no election then elected without challenge If an election then parish will vote on 7 May Expense forms must be completed in all cases by Friday 5 June

19 Parish Clerks Role Display various notices for all elections on parish notice board(s) Supply nomination packs to prospective candidates Provide correct Elector Numbers if requested Help with co-ordinating hand delivery of nominations Display results Arrange for signing of acceptance of office and declarations of interest following election

20 The Verification & Count Verification Commence at 10pm Location: Rushcliffe Arena, Rugby Road 1 st Stage – Verification of all polls 2 nd Stage – Parliamentary election count 3 rd Stage – Local Election Count – 1pm Friday

21 Any Questions

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