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Parish Contact Program USA Council of Serra International Vocations Committee.

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1 Parish Contact Program USA Council of Serra International Vocations Committee

2 Why implement P.C.P.? “Vocations is everybody’s business.” John Paul II, Pastores Dabo Vobis American Bishops build a Culture of Vocations in families all lay organizations, particularly Serra can help USAC Leadership has offered encouragement each Serra Club can send a Serran into every parish to help build a Culture of Vocations

3 Serra USAC Leadership “Help Build a Culture of Vocations by establishing vocations activities in every parish.” Claire Howard, 2001 USAC President “Our clubs in our district have used the Parish Contact Program for over 15 years. It’s the perfect vehicle to accomplish our Vocations Awareness goals.” Jim DeNike, 2003 USAC President

4 GOAL USA Council Vocations Committee “Develop a plan to implement the Parish Contact Program/Parish Vocation Committees through District/Regional Conferences throughout 2010.”

5 Parish Contact Program The Serra Contact Persons are responsible for vocations activities in an assigned parish Establish and maintain a personal relationship with parish vocations committee, or the Pastor and parish staff

6 First Steps… Present to Club Board Select PCP Committee Coordinator

7 Key Players

8 PC Coordinator responsibilities Obtain the Bishop’s approval Identify the parishes Assign Parish Contact Persons Trains the Parish Contact Persons Coordinate literature orders Monitors the program

9 Role of Parish Contact Person Establish a relationship with Parish Vocations Committee with pastor or parish staff Listen and Learn What has parish done in the past? What does the pastor want done?

10 Continuity of the PCP… Maintain the relationship Use every opportunity to stay in touch Invite the PVC chair to a Serra meeting Maintain phone contact with PVC and parish Respond to Vocation Committee requests promptly Attend Mass periodically in the parish Provide vocation material for literature rack Be supportive of PVC and pastor/parish staff

11 USAC Vocations Committee 4 Major programs Vocation Awareness Week Consecrated Life Day World Day of Prayer for Vocations Priesthood Sunday

12 Parish and Diocesan Benefits Parishioners will be open a more positive culture for Church vocations Pastors are more likely to invite men to discern service to the Church

13 Serra Club Benefits Builds teamwork among members Helps fulfill vocations mission of your club Reputation of Serra grows in Clubs service area Positive image of Serra within diocese Establishes a fertile field for NEW Serra members from these parishes

14 More Benefits Serra USAC We are keeping our commitment to the bishops We will have an established communication network into all parishes and subsequently to all Catholic families We will establish a feeling of camaraderie between all Serra Clubs

15 Resources & Tools SerraUSA Parish Contact Program Parish Contact Program Kit 10 - “Very Busy Pastor” Suggestions for Club Parish Contact Coordinator 15 Ways to Promote Parish Vocations Training Parish Contacts Notebook for Club Coordinator of Parish Contact Program Parish Vocations Awareness Form Handbook for Parish Vocation Activities


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