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4/21/2015 Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Training.

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1 4/21/2015 Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Training

2 Mission of the Church Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Local church provides the most significant place. Love of God and love of neighbor are key. Welcoming, leading, nurturing, and sending are the heart of Christian ministry. 4/21/2015

3 The Staff-Parish Relations Committee is the administrative unit in the local church where staff and congregational interests are integrated to focus on the mission of the church.

4 4/21/2015 Who We Are... Professing members of the local church Associate members People engaged and attentive to our own Christian spiritual development Elected by Charge Conference Lay Delegate to AC and Lay Leader (voice & vote) A representative and lay leader from each church on the charge

5 4/21/2015 Who we cannot be... Staff members Immediate family members of the pastor or staff More than one immediate family member from the same household

6 4/21/2015 Committee Basics (¶258.2): Membership Between 5 and 9 persons (one shall be a young adult and one may be a youth); Divided into three year classes Members shall be able to succeed themselves for one three-year term Oversees the work to all staff Pastor should be present, unless s/he excuses self or if D.S. is in attendance

7 4/21/2015 Meetings At least quarterly Written “minutes” Only with knowledge of pastor and/or DS Pastor present, unless s/he voluntarily excuses self May meet with the ds without the pastor or appointed staff (notification prior to meeting and consultation immediately after) Shall meet in closed session - confidentiality

8 See SPRC Workbook 4/21/2015 Effective and Ineffective SPRC’s

9 4/21/2015 S/PPRC Functions -- what really matters: Meet regularly and often with a prepared agenda Establish a partnership with the pastor Give honest feedback to the pastor Advocate for the pastor and staff Communicate about expectations: congregational expectations and clergy/staff expectations

10 4/21/2015 Confidentiality/integrity Issues Issues are discussed during meeting, not between meetings All matters under discussion are kept in strict confidence, i.e., a “safe” place All input brought to the meeting is held in confidence, but is “owned” input Careful reporting to Council of each meeting

11 4/21/2015 Duties of Committee (¶258.2g) Communication Confer and counsel with pastor & staff, advising them of ministry conditions Continually interpret to people the nature and function of ministry Counsel pastor & staff on relationships with congregation, priorities, skills, goals Interpret to congregation: preparation for ordained ministry, Ministerial Education Fund

12 4/21/2015 Duties of Committee: Personnel Develop and recommend to Council staff positions and job descriptions for staff other than pastor Recommend to Council personnel policies and monitor compliance Consult: pulpit supply, compensation, vacation, insurances, pension, housing -- making recommendations to Council. Enlist, interview, evaluate, review, recommend: Lay Speakers, Candidates for Ministry and missionary service Consult: continuing education, renewal To encourage, monitor, and support clergy and lay staff pursuit of health and wholeness.

13 4/21/2015 Duties of Committee Parsonage Issues With Trustee and Pastor, make annual review of parsonage The committee will follow up to assure timely resolution of parsonage problems affecting the health of the pastor or pastor’s family.

14 4/21/2015 Duties of Committee Annual Evaluation Provide annual evaluations for pastor & staff to encourage effective ministry

15 4/21/2015 Duties of Committee Appointment Issues Confer with pastor & cooperate with pastor, DS, and bishop in securing clergy leadership when its becomes evident that the best interests of the church and pastor will be served by a change. Such conferring and cooperating with DS and bishop are advisory only.

16 4/21/2015 The Pastor’s Job Description (¶340 – Duties of Elders & Local Pastors) Word and ecclesial acts Sacrament Order Service

17 4/21/2015 Calendar Flow First Quarter: Organize Committee (vice-chair, secretary) Discuss and fill out “Preference Form” Review job descriptions for lay staff Look at S/PPRC Goals for year

18 4/21/2015 Calendar Flow Second Quarter: Annual evaluation – see VA Conference model Parsonage Tour -- with Trustees

19 4/21/2015 Calendar Flow Third Quarter Budget work: salary, accountable reimbursement, continuing education, heat, other budget items that relate to “staff” Interview and recommend Lay Speakers, candidates for ministry, missionaries Review action items coming out of Spring assessment

20 4/21/2015 Calendar Flow Fourth Quarter Look at goals being set for new year – how do they impact staff (priorities, training, division of tasks) Look at long range plan for pastor’s continuing education Begin Appointment Review Evaluate year’s work of PPRC

21 4/21/2015 Web Site Resources

22 4/21/2015 The SPRC and Clergy/Staff Effectiveness

23 Five Areas of Focus Annual Evaluation Appointment Review, Profiles, Preference Forms Personnel Policies for Lay Staff Support Systems Leadership 4/21/2015

24 Kinds of evaluations Relational (formative) – helps the staff person move ahead. “What changes and enhancements can be made to aid the pastor in advancing the overall mission of the congregation?” – Annual Evaluation Judgmental (summative) – moves toward a conclusion or judgment. “How well is the pastor advancing the overall mission of this congregation?” – Appointment Review 4/21/2015

25 See SPRC Workbook Adapt for church staff 4/21/2015 Annual Evaluation

26 Steps for an effective evaluation Prepare by reviewing the materials ahead of time Complete the measurable characteristics worksheet Clarify boundaries and confidentiality Chair and pastor together write final report 4/21/2015

27 The Appointment Process 4/21/2015

28 Appointment Review New incoming members of SPRC meeting with the current SPRC in late Nov. or early Dec. Use the appointment review conversation (see SPRC Workbook)

29 Annual Recommendation to Cabinet Fill out form in early January with new S/PPRC only Complete the Appointment Review conversation No polls, petitions, straw votes Signatures of committee and pastor together Form is advisory to Bishop and Cabinet 4/21/2015

30 Profiles Profiles: Pastor, Church and Community Laity responsible for inputting, editing, and updating the Church and Community Profile Profile utilization is ONLY through Conference Web Page Profiles are taken VERY seriously!!!!

31 4/21/2015 The United Methodist Way The Bishop appoints (sent vs. call system) Itineracy Open-itineracy: willingness to receive appointed clergy without regard to race, ethnic origin, gender, color, disability, marital status, or age

32 Personnel Policies for Lay Staff What the Discipline says Guidelines for Communication and Accountability Supervision Benefits for lay staff 4/21/2015

33 Support Systems Self-care Covenant Spiritual Renewal Leaves and Continuing Education Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory: A 360 Assessment Parsonages 4/21/2015

34 See website Pastoral Expectations Booklet 4/21/2015

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