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Soil Amendment Estimator

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1 Soil Amendment Estimator
Designed by: Bryan Langley

2 Insert Soil Test data Fill Blue fields with soil test results
Put Patch size here in square feet

3 Click Here for Dropdown menu
Liming Needed Click Here for Dropdown menu Select Lime used

4 Lime Results Add lbs of lime used
Lime values will automatically be inserted PH change based on soil texture

5 Add to Lists Enter Product info Click Here to switch to list page
Click Here to switch to First page

6 Add Amendments Enter lbs of amendment added to patch
Select the amendment added from the dropdown list Nutrient analysis will automatically input with selected amendment

7 Manure Additions Values will automatically be inserted for selected manure Click Here for Dropdown menu Select which type of manure Enter yards applied

8 So What does it all Mean Estimated New PPM value eCEC from soil test data and new estimated eCEC PPM Gained from amendments Nutrient balance ratios

9 Looking Forward We are always looking to move forward
Knowing where we should be Seeing what result is Creates a database to catalog our soil Prepared better in the future

10 Better Experimenting Knowing what each addition does give us better experimenting possibilities Not a license to go nuts in the patch Need to understand amendment application limitations Toxicity and interactions are always a possibility NOT A replacement for Soil Recommendations

11 Lbs to Increase Level 1 PPM
Nutrient Formulas Amount needed to raise 1 PPM Per 1000 Sq ft Nutrient Lbs to Increase Level 1 PPM Nitrogen .08 # Phosphorus (P2O5) .10 # Calcium .046 # Potassium (K2O) .06 # Magnesium Boron Copper Iron Zinc Manganese Sulfur

12 References
Colorado State University Extension Perdue extension University of Minnesota extension Clemson University Extension Oklahoma state University Extension Iowa state university Extension University of Arkansas Extension Ohio state university Extension Cornell University Extension Western Laboratories MidWest Labs Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Oregon State Extension Penn State University Extension Texas A&M Extension

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