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JULY 2011 CAUTIONARY STATEMENT  Certain statements in this presentation may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of applicable securities.

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2 JULY 2011 CAUTIONARY STATEMENT  Certain statements in this presentation may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Readers can identify many of these statements by looking for phrases or statements that include words such as “may”, “could”, “would”, “might”, “believes”, “expects”, “will”, “intends”, “projects”, “anticipates”, “estimates”, “continuous” or similar words or the negative thereof. Forward-looking statements include statements regarding Eagle Star’s exploration and development plans with respect to its properties and are subject to such forward-looking risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the Company’s actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking information. Forward looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties. Such risks include metal price volatility, change in equity markets, the uncertainties involved in interpreting geological data, permitting and environmental, increase in costs and other risks involved in the mining exploration and development industry.  There can be no assurance that forward-looking information referenced herein will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements or information. In addition, many of the factors are beyond the control of Eagle Star. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information. All forward-looking information herein is qualified by this cautionary statement. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update such forward looking statements to reflect new information, subsequent events or otherwise.  The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept the responsibility of the accuracy and adequacy of the information provided in this presentation. 2

3 JULY 2011 EAGLE STAR MINERALS  A Strong team with over 120 years of technical experience, which includes: Significant discoveries Good knowledge of Brazilian economy Strong ties to local mining community  Brazilian Portfolio: 68 mineral claims Strategic land base of approximately 130,000 hectares (nearly 320,000 acres) in Northeastern Brazil  High-Grade Phosphates  Banded Iron Formations Good infrastructure Access to ports and local markets 3

4 JULY 2011 CORPORATE DATA  Stock Symbols: EGE (TSX-V) FR6 (FSE) ELGSF (OTC PINK) CAPITAL STRUCTURE Shares Outstanding46,712,085 # Common Share Purchase Warrants 0 Stock Option Plan3,025,000 Fully Diluted49,737,085 52 week high/low$0.095-0.390 Current Market Cap ~$10 million CAD (at price of $0.235 CAD) 4

5 JULY 2011 THE TEAM  Eran Friedlander, President, CEO & Director Strong business background with public (Intel, Strauss Elite) and private (GH Financials, FantIne Group) companies in Europe and in the Americas. Extensive experience in capital markets, business development, marketing and strategic planning. Founding partner of public and private ventures active in the financial, natural resources and IT sectors. LLB from Hebrew University, Jerusalem and MBA from ISG, Paris.  Jose Carlos Polonia, COO & Senior Advisor to the Board 30 years employment history as senior manager with the world’s top tier iron mining company – CVRD (Vale). 3 years senior consultant to BHP Billiton and 2 years with Nippon Steel. Highly experienced in all aspects of iron and other commodities extraction – from exploration to production, at all major mining areas in Brazil. B.Sc in geology from University of Rio de Janeiro, diplomas in advanced geology (US Geological Survey), geostatistica (University of Ouro Preto), mining economics (Brazilian Institute of Mining) and financial administration (UNA). 5

6 JULY 2011 THE TEAM  Carlos Augusto Sena de Sá, Ruth Phosphate Project Manager 30 years of diverse geological experience in Brazil, with specialized knowledge pertaining to locating and developing agrominerals Various roles with several mining leaders including: Vale, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Anglo American, DuPont and Kinross Guided the discovery of phosphorous bauxite and limestone deposits in São Luís and in 2010, advised on the investigation and discovery of four agromineral deposits yielding hundreds of millions of tonnes of suitable rocks in South Eastern and Central Western regions of Brazil.  Dr. Zelia Cardoso de Mello, Senior Advisor to the Board Former Brazilian Minister of Economy, Finance and Planning. Also served as senior advisor on Brazilian business opportunities for Tokyo-based ORIX Corporation [IX – NYSE] and served on the board of advisors of New York-based Lily Pond Capital Management. Extensive regional business knowledge and access to a network of high-profile contacts. Completed each of her degrees at the School of Business and Economics at the University of São Paolo (USP), receiving her Ph.D. cum laude in 1981 and becoming a Professor at USP until 1995. 6

7 JULY 2011 THE TEAM  Jill Leversage, Director, Head of Audit Committee Recognized securities industry expert with 25 years of experience in corporate finance and investment banking, along with contributions to businesses advisory roles and board memberships. Former Managing Director and Team Leader of the Vancouver market for TD Securities Inc., Vice President, Director and Managing Director of the Vancouver market for RBC Capital Markets, and Vice President for BMO Financial Group. Lead Advisor on numerous transactions, including IPOs, M&A and debt and equity financings with clients such as the City of Vancouver, Translink, West Fraser Timber and Versacold.  Mohan R. Vulimiri, Senior Technical Advisor to the Board 35 years experience in exploration and delineation of ore deposits with many junior and established mining companies. Founder & Chairman of Frontier Pacific Mining Corporation (now amalgamated with Eldorado Gold), Founder & Chairman of San Fernando Mining Co. (discovered La Fortuna Gold deposit in Mexico) and Founder & Executive Chairman of Nortec Minerals Corp. B.Sc. (Hons.) Applied Geology, from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and M.Sc. Economic Geology from the University of Washington, Seattle. 7

8 JULY 2011 THE STRATEGY  Identify, acquire and develop early stage mining opportunities in Brazil focused on two sectors: 1.Agriculture – Fertilizers (Phosphates) 2.Infrastructure – Construction Materials (Iron Ore) 8

9 JULY 2011 WHY BRAZIL?  IRON Iron capital of the world Home to some of the world’s best iron deposits  AGROMINERALS The leading agricultural state in the world  Agriculture industry represents 1/3 of its economy  world’s largest producer of orange juice, coffee and sugar, the second largest producer of soybeans Strong demand and weak supply for fertilizers  Raw material supplies imported for fertilizers in Brazil have risen from 36% in 1990 to 80% in 2010 1. 1 International Institute for Sustainable Development; "Food Security: The Brazilian Case" by Weber Antonio Neves do Amaral and Alessandro Peduto"Food Security: The Brazilian Case" by Weber Antonio Neves do Amaral and Alessandro Peduto 9

10 JULY 2011  World population is growing exponentially Brazil’s population has risen nearly 20 million in just the past decade  Food and infrastructure are humanity’s basic commodities UN Data suggests global food consuming population will grow by 75 million people per year Infrastructure is both a cause and a consequence of population growth WHY FOOD AND INFRASTRUCTURE? 10

11 JULY 2011 WHY FOOD AND INFRASTRUCTURE?  Strong correlation between population growth and demand for these basic commodities Brazil’s fertilizer sector has consistently surpassed growth in other countries during recent years With population increases, amount of arable land decreases for food production, requiring fertilizer stimulus to increase yields Brazilian government has called upon two of the country’s largest companies (Vale and Petrobras) to help provide fertilizer production, on top of metal and energy production 2 Vale recently announced projections for $150/tonne iron prices within next 5 years 3 2 Business News Americas: September 15, 2009 “Government wants Petrobras, Vale partnership for fertilizer production”“Government wants Petrobras, Vale partnership for fertilizer production” 3 Reuters Africa: July 7, 2011 “Vale sees iron ore above $150/T next 5 years”“Vale sees iron ore above $150/T next 5 years” 11

12 JULY 2011 GEOGRAPHICAL FOCUS NORTH EASTERN BRAZIL  Underexplored to date with recent large scale discoveries reported of late  Essential infrastructure in place or under construction  Good national road system  Transnordestina Railway line to be completed by 2013  Three large deep sea ports could serve future exportation from the area 12

13 JULY 2011 RUTH PHOSPHATE PROJECT PRIME LOCATION  100% wholly owned by Eagle Star Minerals  Over 80,000 hectares (200,000 acres) in size  In close proximity (within 150km) to a very large soy plantation producing 2.3M tonnes of soya beans annually* *Approximately 75% of all fertilizer consumption in Brazil is devoted to soy, corn, sugarcane and coffee  Within 10km away from Transnordestina railway (due to be completed 2013)  A water damn nearby and a high voltage transmission line of 500KV runs through the property 13

14 JULY 2011 RUTH PHOSPHATE PROJECT GEOLOGY  Eagle Star’s team identified, analyzed and staked the project directly from the government’s mineral department – DNPM  Project’s claims are located within a very favorable geological sedimentary environment (Paranaiba Basin) with optimal conditions to host a large phosphate deposit namely: marine cold water sediments, low sedimentation rates and concretionary sediments.  41 phosphate-bearing mineral concessions were chosen based on a vast sampling program that included 222 channel samples.  Results from the sampling program defined three different anomalous regions, with phosphorus values of 2-22%  The best results (Paes Landim area), come from siltstone outcrops with phosphate nodules. The siltstone formation is observed to be more than 12 meters thick based on existing outcrops. 14

15 JULY 2011 RUTH PHOSPHATE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT PLAN  More sampling over the next 3 months with specific focus on the Paes Landim area.  Intensive drilling program to follow up soon after.  Bring to production within the next couple of years. Raw phosphate rock can be crushed and applied directly to soils without intermediary processes or additives assuming a target agriculture market is within 200 km from mining site. Otherwise it could be floated or floated and concentrated to allow shipping to larger distances.  Target markets – agriculture in the states of Piaui & Maranhao, Brazil. 15

16 JULY 2011 ANGICO IRON PROJECT Iron Ore Project in World’s Leading Iron Country  Banded iron formation (BIF) outcrops on top of significant magnetic anomalies.  Covering more than 100,000 acres of mineral claims near the town of São Raimundo Nonato, Piaui state.  Large area to explore in same geological environment as recently announced major discoveries (800 Million Tons of 31% grade at Paulistana, 200 km away). 16

17 JULY 2011 ANGICO IRON PROJECT PROJECT TERMS  Eagle Star Minerals to earn 55% interest under the following terms: Completion of 3 consecutive exploration work programs over a 2-year period ($4 Million USD investment). Payment of incremental bonuses totalling $2.5 Million USD conditional to reaching certain milestones.  Upon completion of stage 3, Eagle Star Minerals has the option to acquire remaining 45% based on a fair market evaluation prepared by an independent 3rd party. 17



20 JULY 2011 MAGNETIC ANOMALIES CAVALEIRO HILLS  Eight (8) major magnetic bodies with coincident trends and some with banded iron formation (BIF) outcrops over a distance of approximately 8 kilometers. 20


22 JULY 2011 MAGNETIC ANOMALIES SERRA DO Ó HILLS  Six (6) very distinct major magnetic bodies with coincident BIF outcrops and trends over an area of 6 square kilometers 22


24 JULY 2011 MAGNETIC ANOMALIES SERRINHA HILLS  Seven (7) very distinct major magnetic bodies suggesting that all are related to a folded and repeated sequence of the BIF 24

25 JULY 2011 ANGICO IRON PROJECT GENERAL GEOLOGY  Iron formations have been identified on all three main claim blocks: Cavaleiro, Serrinha & Serra do Ó.  The iron mineralization is hosted in metamorphosed sequences of biotite schist, micaceous quartzite, gneiss and migmatite all of Archean age.  The Iron minerals comprise magnetite, hematite, martite, specularite and ferriferous amphiboles.  Excellent potential: The iron formation in Cavaleiro is traceable on the surface for 8 km, in Serra do Ó for 6 km and in Serrinha for 4 km. 25

26 JULY 2011 ANGICO IRON PROJECT  1 ST EXPLORATION STAGE RECENTLY COMPLETED Mapping Chip sampling Ground magnetometry survey Testing of BIF outcrops and trends by way of trenching on Cavaleiro block and 500m drilling on Serrinha and Serra do Ó blocks.  RESULTS Identification of substantial BIF outcrops and trends on all 3 major blocks along very long extensions Major magnetic anomalies coincident with BIF outcrops and trends Significant mineralization at depth and along strike Average iron grades range between 26% (Serra do Ó) 33% (Serrinha) and 52% (Cavaleiro) Fe 2 O 3. 26

27 JULY 2011 ANGICO IRON PROJECT OBJECTIVES  SHORT TO MID TERM Complete comprehensive mapping, sampling and ground magnetometer survey of the different concession areas. Advance with trenching and drill program of up to 5,000 meters on Cavaleiro block (to include also areas with lack of outcrops which could host additional, significant high grade iron mineralization). Start preparation of NI 43-101 compliant Iron Resource Estimate at Angico Explore opportunities with potential vend-in partners and/or progress project to production post NI 43-101  LONG TERM Continue building up iron resource on the portfolio be way of acquiring other iron assets with large resource potential 27

28 JULY 2011 SUMMARY  Highly experienced management team with over 100 years of geological experience  High level contacts and priority access to future acquisitions  At present, rights to 68 mineral claims totaling 130,000 hectares (nearly 320,000 acres)  High near-term phosphate production potential evidenced by early sampling and proximity to local market  Commercially viable phosphate percentages witnessed in early sampling  High iron ore potential evidenced by outcrops on top of magnetic anomalies.  Very good iron content and quality on main concession block.  Excellent infrastructure in region to move both projects to production level.  Projected strength in price and demand for both global fertilizer and iron markets.  Enormous potential not reflected in current market cap (CAD$10 million).  Comprehensive Investor Awareness campaign planned for 2011 to leverage corporate developments and exploration results to larger investor audience. 28

29 JULY 2011 COMPARISON TABLE IRON & FERTILIZERS COMPANIES LISTED ON TSX Based on info available on TSX-V website as of July 10, 2011 NAMESYMBOL PRICE CAD$ SHARES OUTSTANDING VALUATION CAD$ COMMODITYCOUNTRY Alderon ResourcesADV3.2682 million270 millionIronCanada Advanced ExplorationAXI0.52147million77 millionIronCanada Cap-Ex VenturesCEV0.7841 million30 millionIronCanada OceanicFEO0.42143 million60 millionIronCanada Ridgemont Iron OreRDG0.6039 million23 millionIronCanada West African Iron OreWAI0.255175 million44 millionIronGuinea Eagle Star MineralsEGE0.23547 million10 million Iron + Fertilizers Brazil MBAC FertilizersMBC3.0986 million266 millionFertilizersBrazil Verde PotashNPK7.4832 million241 millionFertilizersBrazil 29

30  Contact Us: Suite 600 – 666 Park Place, Burrard St., Vancouver, BC Phone:604.601.2018

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