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Page 49 # 1 - 4.

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1 Page 49 # 1 - 4

2 List four important biogeochemical processes that cycle nutrients.
(Look at the section 2.3 subtitles) Water cycle Carbon cycle Oxygen cycle Nitrogen cycle Page 49 #1

3 p. 49 #2 Compare and Contrast two of the cycles of matter.
The four are water, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. Let’s Compare the water cycle and the carbon cycle… p. 49 #2

4 P49 #2

5 Explain the importance of nutrients to an organism of your choice.
I need nutrients to grow and remain healthy. Calcium hardens my teeth and bones. Vitamin C helps my immune system fight wintertime illnesses like colds and coughs. P.49 #3

6 Describe how phosphorus moves through the biotic and abiotic parts of an ecosystem.
Biotic: living: land animals, decomposers, and aquatic animals Abiotic: nonliving: phosphates in solution, rocks and minerals, precipitates p.49 #4

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