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Accelerating Natures Way Aeration presentation

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1 Accelerating Natures Way Aeration presentation
Canada Accelerating Natures Way To A Healthy Lake Aeration presentation

2 Here is a brief history of our company WeedsBGone and LakeSavers Canada .We started out about 15 years ago harvesting weeds and we have developed many products along the way from screening products, cutters and boat harvesters. Over the years we have realized that these methods are quick fix and a short term solutions. Through a family friend we connected to lake savers and Clean-Flo who have been in business aerating lakes with great results all over the world for over 20 years. We have been working with them for the last 3 years in the USA aerating lakes through laminar flow aeration and have been achieving great results. We have installed over 30 systems in the last 2 years and show results with all our systems. We feel this is the most natural and most effective long term solution of dealing with our water quality problems. Please view the video on the link below to update your knowledge on our systems and the benefits you will get from them. Lake Aeration Video












14 A typical system consists of a land based cabinet for blowers which are connected to a power system. Compressor fitted Self-sinking air lines connect the land based cabinet along the bottom of the lake surface to the diffusers. Diffusers are connected to the air lines and deliver oxygen to the anoxic water trapped at the bottom of the lake. As the oxygen is absorbed by the anoxic water it rises to the surface thereby creating a natural, vertical circulation pattern .Eventually the process causes large areas of the water pocket to become de-stratified, as the newly enriched water mixes with water of higher oxygen levels throughout the water column. Lake bed aerators also reduce algae and weed growth and increase laminar (horizontal) flow. The artificial air system is safe to recreational and boating.

15 Lake Simcoe

16 Lake Simcoe

17 Lake Simcoe Hawkstone yacht Club

18 Stoney Lake Kawartha

19 Buckhorn Lake Kawartha

20 Winter Warrior Product Description
Winter Warrior is a unique microbial consortium developed by CLEAN-FLO to increase biological efficiency during the winter months and improve water quality and organic muck reduction all winter long. Bio augmentation is a process of improving natural biological activity to breakdown organic pollutants. Bacteria are living organisms, which require optimum environmental factors to achieve best results. The important factors are carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous (food energy source) dissolved oxygen, PH and temperature. While treatment facilities can make adjustments to control most of the parameters, it is challenging to control temperature between F. Most of the microbial process have optimum temp, between 70-90F. During late fall and winter, water temperatures fall below 55F in many parts of the world. This decrease in the temperature slows down the growth process and reduces the benefits of bio augmentation by over 85%. Such reduced efficiency can lead to increased nutrients and organic muck build-up, resulting in increased algae and weed growth once the water warms in the spring. Now you can do something to get ahead of these spring concerns. To improve biological activity during these cold water periods, CLEAN-FLO has developed a unique microbial consortium that can quickly adapt to the lower water temperature and continue functioning in a broad temperature range (34 – 75F). This unique nutrient reduction technology will increase biological efficiency during the winter months and improve water quality and organic muck reduction all winter long. Benefits of using Winter Warrior Improves B.O.D. and C.O.D. Reduces sludge build-up Reduces odors, degrades many organic pollutants. Breaks down F.O.G. Natural biological system Works at low temperatures Works under reduced oxygen levels. Best D.O. 4-5 ppm Application: Shake the container well and apply over diffuser boils and broadcast around surface of water body. Application rate is 1 gallon per acre – foot. Acre-foot equals total surface acres multiplied by average depth. Results may vary based on watershed activity and continual nutrient loading. Application use: Lagoons, lakes and ponds, reservoirs, waste water treatment plants, rivers, fish ponds, aquaculture.

21 Nutrient Sponge . Background
Nutrient Sponge Background The US EPA has identified nutrient pollution (phosphorus and nitrogen) as one of America’s most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems.  These nutrients support the growth of algae and aquatic plants that provide habitat and food for fish, insects and other organisms.  However when nutrient levels increase too far, nuisance algae and weed growth can dominate a body of water, making it unattractive, unnavigable, odorous and a poor environment for a healthy fish population. Nutrient Sponge was created specifically to reduce nutrients and help improve water quality without the potential side effects of chemicals.  A unique porous ceramic, Nutrient Sponge has the ability to hold a high quantity of active colonies of microorganisms used to treat water.  It can be deployed in the body of water to reduce nutrients present, but can also be deployed in incoming springs, creeks and streams to reduce nutrients before they ever reach a body of water.  The best watershed management programs cannot stop all nutrients from entering a body of water, but now Nutrient Sponge can be added to further increase nutrient reduction in incoming waters.  Due to the pore size, water can easily flow through the media. Nutrient Sponge is formulated separately for nitrogen and phosphorus and the product is produced in a number of shapes.  Discs, interlocking bricks and logs are used in varied applications.  Examples include using bricks and / or logs in inlet water ways, discs and logs can be used suspended in the water column in the body of water.  Aeration and circulation increases the effectiveness of Nutrient Sponge by providing continuous circulation of water through the media. The interlocking bricks are sold individually and are mainly used in inlet areas.  The bricks can be anchored in place using the hole in the center.  Best results are obtained by placing a nitrogen sponge wall first and immediately behind it, place a phosphorus sponge wall.  The discs are made in either 4” or 8” diameter and are placed in polyethylene sleeves and can be suspended in any body of water.  Sleeves can contain a 50/50 mix of the phosphorus and nitrogen discs, or 100% of either type.  The logs are about 3” in length and are placed in polyethylene bags.  These bags can be placed in inlets and suspended in a water body.  Like the bricks we suggest placing a bag of nitrogen logs in an inlet first followed by a bag of phosphorus logs.  All applications should take advantage of circulation, aeration and moving water as available. We suggest replacing all material after 2 years of use.  In inlet and run-off applications that experience inorganic turbidity, a geotextile may be needed to prevent clogging or damage. Other applications: Nutrient sponge can also be formulated for removal of many metal ions such as selenium, arsenic, lead, copper, nickel and manganese .

22 Nualgi Lakes Rapid Water Column Nutrient Reduction
Diatoms are one of the reasons life emerged from the swamp. Millions of years ago when the oceans subsided, land masses emerged, and runoff started to carry granite and silica into the oceans, a microscopic life-form emerged that scientists consider to be a fundamental building block of life itself – the diatom. Diatoms are microscopic food power cells (phytoplankton) that convert carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorus into dissolved oxygen and oxygen rich organic compounds and zooplankton which result in a healthy ecosystem and ultimately a thriving fish population. They play a dynamic role in nutrient conversion and regulation of ecosystems. How Diatoms Benefit a Water Body Diatoms out-compete less desirable forms of algae for nutrients in the water reducing harmful blue-green algae and filamentous algae. Diatoms are the primary food source at the base of the fish food chain.  Grow diatoms, Grow fish!  When nutrients go into the fish food chain, they are unavailable to weeds and algae. Diatoms increase dissolved oxygen in the water and at the sediment boundary!  Produce more oxygen in their life cycle than they consume. Scientific study confirms that diatoms are the single largest primary producers of oxygen for the planet earth! The problem is that they are boom-and-bust in nature. When diatom population is high, nutrients are converted to fish food. When diatom population is low, nitrogen that would normally be converted to dissolved oxygen, phytoplankton, and zooplankton and released as CO2 gas in the atmosphere is instead utilized by explosive weed growth and toxic blue-green algae (cyanotoxin).   Nualgi Lakes Diatom Regeneration Eliminates the Boom-Bust Cycle As part of our ongoing Biological Acceleration research and technology we’re deploying a nano-silica based micro-nutrient formulation developed for CLEAN-FL  that’s proven to stimulate, regulate, and sustain continual diatom growth. One year after initial treatment in one of our highly distressed urban-environment freshwater bodies we’re seeing the development of higher order complex siliceous diatom species that are indicative of extremely high water quality environments (oligotrophic). Nualgi Lakes has proven capable of stimulating diatom growth in a wide variety of water bodies from urban ponds to natural lakes and everything in-between. Nualgi Lakes has been proven to raise dissolved oxygen at the sediment interface.  This increases organic muck reduction of the “compost pile” at the bottom of the lake.

23 Bio Bag Bio Bag CLEAN-FLO INTERNATIONAL USA FAX: 827 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 1 West Chester, PA 19380 Slow Release Biological Technology Bio Bags are a unique formulation of powdered bacteria and nutrients, with a proprietary technology to release and activate the bacteria over a period of time when placed in water. Bio Bags come in a variety of formulations to reduce nutrients, muck, sludge, and grease. Bio Bags are in powder form, have an indefinite shelf life and very low storage and transportation costs. Once placed into water or wastewater, the Bio Bags hydrate and then function as mini bioreactors. Bio Bags include specialized bacteria, nutrients, and growth additives that work together to deliver the sustained dose of live, active bacteria required to provide the desired results. Bio Bags are packaged in a convenient natural fiber bag and include an attached 12-foot tether. Bio Bags can be used in all freshwater environments to improve water quality and reduce nutrients, odor, scum, ammonia, BOD and muck. To install a Bio Bag, simply tie the tether to a dock post or drop it into the water and attach a float to the tether so it can be retrieved after the bacteria are exhausted. If the water is deeper than 12 feet, simply add more tether. Wastewater - Wastewater treatment plant operators face a challenging problem with odors such as hydrogen sulfide, BOD, grease, nutrient levels and sludge build-up. These challenges create problems with neighbors, discharge standards and create the need for cleaning out lagoons from time to time. Bio Bags can solve these challenges and increase time between clean outs, saving significant cost of operating. Bio Bags are unlike anything previously available. Like some products, they contain powdered mixtures of specialized bacteria and nutrients, which together digest grease and scum, but the patent-pending Bio Bags also contain a unique, pH buffered slow-release oxygen source. This means that with Bio Bags, you actually produce huge numbers of active bacteria inside the product container – without costly bioreactors. Dosing - Bio Bags can be used either alone, or in combination with our Lake Clear product to further reduce nutrients that cause algae growth. Bio Bags provide constant release of beneficial bacteria and last up to 4 weeks before replacement. At the end of each 4 week period, simply replace each Bio Bag with a new one and dispose of the used bags with typical yard waste. Nothing is as easy and as effective as Bio Bags.

WHAT IS C-FLO: C-FLO is a special formulation of beneficial microorganisms that feed on organic sediment (muck) at the bottom of ponds and lakes. These organisms are found in the woods feeding on dead leaves, bark, weeds and other dead matter. When you walk through the woods, you step on as many as 300,000,000 of these tiny organisms with every step. C-FLO is comprised of healthful organisms that are natural food for aquatic insects. C-FLO multiplies as it feeds on organic sediment, and insects grow and multiply as they feed on C-FLO. Fish then feed on the insects and grow rapidly, as insects are one of the best foods for fish. WHAT DOES C-FLO DO: C-FLO feeds on bottom organic muck, ooze, and peat, digesting and converting it to carbon dioxide and water. As C-FLO feeds on bottom muck, your pond or lake will deepen, making a better environment for fish, and less opportunity for weeds to grow. Cattails and lilies have gradually disappeared. This process replaces dredging the organic material at a tiny fraction of the cost. C-FLO is harmless to fish, wildlife, pets, humans, and the environment when used as directed. As mentioned earlier, the sediment decomposition process is accelerated by the addition of oxygen breathing microorganisms. These organisms have been exempted from the need to be registered for use in lakes by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency because of their beneficial and harmless nature. WHERE CAN C-FLO BE USED: C-FLO will only work in ponds and lakes that are continuously oxygenated and rid of hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell when the bottom is stirred up). If oxygen runs out or hydrogen sulfide rises for even a few days, the organisms may die and your pond or lake will need a new application. Therefore, for best results C-FLO should be used with CLEAN & CLEAR Concentrated Enzymes and a CLEAN-FLO Multiple Inversion system. APPLICATION RATE: About three weeks after Multiple Inversion is started, C-FLO is applied at a rate of 1 pound per acre. Recommended application is two times a year. More applications may be required if a CLEAN-FLO Inversion system is not used. HOW IS C-FLO APPLIED: C-FLO can be applied by broadcasting evenly over the surface of the water during the summer months or when the water temperature is 60 degrees F or higher. ADVANTAGES INCREASED GROWTH AND HEALTH OF FISH: C-FLO is comprised of healthful organisms that are natural food for aquatic insects. C-FLO multiplies as it feeds on organic sediment, and insects grow and multiply as they feed on C-FLO. Fish then feed on the insects and grow rapidly as insects are one of the best foods for fish. INCREASED DEPTH: As C-FLO feeds on bottom muck, your pond or lake will deepen, making a better environment for fish, and less opportunity for weeds to grow. Cattails and lilies will gradually disappear. This process is a more economical means of removing organic sediment than dredging. DOT CLASSIFICATION: Non-toxic, non-corrosive, chemical NOI, non-hazardous. OSHA: Non-hazardous as defined by OSHA

25 CLEAN & CLEAR Enzymes for Lake, Pond and Reservoir Algae Control
CLEAN & CLEARTM CONCENTRATED ENZYMES for lakes, ponds and reservoirs result in bioremediation of green algae, filamentous algae and blue green algae to control environmental water pollution. CLEAN & CLEARTM ENZYMES is a special blend of non-toxic vegetable enzymes from nature that acts as a catalyst to biodegrade non-living organic matter and reduces available nutrients in the water, thus improving water quality. CLEAN & CLEARTM ENZYMES softens the cell walls of dead organic matter, making it easier for beneficial bacteria such as C-FLO, C-FLO-6 and C-FLO-6F to feed, giving the bacteria a “jump start” in controlling environmental water pollution. Enzymes activate and help natural bacteria to digest organic matter in lakes, ponds, rivers, reservoirs and wastewater. CLEAN & CLEARTM reduces odor caused by toxic gases from pathogenic (disease-type) bacteria, including hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, amines and mercaptans. CLEAN & CLEARTM provides the following benefits: 1. Accelerates biodegradation of organic matter 2. Helps beneficial bacteria compete with weeds and algae for fertilizers such as phosphorus and nitrogen 3. Helps improve water quality 4. Reduces odors, including animal manure odors; improves air quality 5. Safe to use; no health problems 6. Safe in the environment; no pollution concerns 7. Safe around animals 8. Easy to apply 9. Economical to use 10. Helps liquefy organic waste USE: In lakes, ponds, rivers and reservoirs: Dilute 3-5 ounces into 4-5 gallons of water and spray or pour over water to be treated. Use one gallon per acre-foot of water. Examples: 1/2-acre x 4 feet deep = 2 acre-ft; 4 acres x 10 feet deep = 40 acre-ft. For manure or sewage lagoons, dilute one gallon to 4-5 gallons of water and add to 25,000 to 50,000 gallons of wastewater. CLEAN & CLEARTM combines enzymatic action with the natural deodorizer yucca schigrada.CLEAN & CLEARTM ENZYMES for lakes, ponds and reservoirs result in bioremediation of green algae, filamentous algae and blue green algae to control environmental water pollution.

26 Inversion Oxygenation Equipment
1- 3/4 Horse Power Compressor In insulated cabinet Total of 5-8 inch micro-porous ceramic diffusers with brass check valves Aprox 500 ft of self sinking airline and all required fittings 2 Gals Clean and Clear Enzyme 2 lbs c Flo 2 Gallons Winter Warrior Treatments Included Total cost $ Installed Plus Hst

27 Years 1,2 and 3 Bio -Augmentation
Clean and Clear Enzymes(muck reduction) C-Flo Bacteria (Muck reduction) 2 Gallons Winter Warrior For A Total Of 2 Gallons Of Clean and Clear, 2 lbs of C-Flo and 2 Gallons Winter Warrior Nualgi lakes Diatom regeneration 2 Gallon split in 2 55 Degree Water Temperature every 4 weeks (1 gallon in June and 1 gallon in July) Clean and Clear Enzymes(muck reduction) 2 lbs split in 2 55 Degree Water Temperature every 4 weeks (1 lb in June and 1 lb in July) C-Flo Bacteria (Muck reduction) 1 Gallon in spring May and 1 Gallon in Fall September Years 2 and 3 Treatments Aprox $560.00

28 Hydro Consumption 1-3/4 Horse Power Compressor Drawing 9 amps
Aprox hydro costs $70.00 per month

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