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LE’s new PCMO Full Synthetic 5W-20 & 5W-30

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2 LE’s new PCMO Full Synthetic 5W-20 & 5W-30
Introduction LE’s new PCMO Full Synthetic 5W-20 & 5W-30 Available beginning March 15, 2012 Contains 100% Synthetic base fluids Optimized proprietary additive combination, including Monolec

3 Monolec® Tetra-Syn™ Engine Oil
Introduction Monolec® Tetra-Syn™ Engine Oil Why Tetra? Definition: Means “four,” used in the formation of compound words Origin: Greek Performance | Protection | Endurance | Efficiency

4 Beneficial Qualities Performance Monolec Tetra-Syn
Features 100% synthetic oil with proprietary additive package Exhibits low volatility and low viscosity shear characteristics Provides excellent low- and high-temp performance Exceeds performance criteria of API and most OEMs Outperforms commercially available PCMOs

5 Beneficial Qualities Protection Monolec Tetra-Syn Reduces wear
Ensures continuous flow of oil film with low-temp flow characteristics Isolates metal from rust and corrosion Provides superior oxidation protection Prevents formation of ash and other deposits, even in ring zones Protects from higher temps in engines with turbochargers and superchargers

6 Beneficial Qualities Endurance Monolec Tetra-Syn
Safely extends drain intervals when combined with LE’s LEAP oil analysis program Extends oil service life Extends engine life  

7 Beneficial Qualities Efficiency Monolec Tetra-Syn
Exceeds “Resource Conserving” guidelines for API SN engine oils Improves fuel economy in many newer engine configurations Lowers emissions and protects emission systems per API standards

8 Performance Claims Industry OEMs
Monolec Tetra-Syn Performance Claims Industry API SN/SM/SL, ILSAC GF-5, and all preceding API & ILSAC gasoline categories Resource Conserving OEMs GM4718M, GM6094M & GM dexos 1™ performance requirements Ford WSS-M2C945-A (5W-20) Ford WSS-M2C946-A (5W-30) Others: Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan, Hyundai/Kia

9 Where Should It Be Used? Personal passenger cars
Monolec Tetra-Syn Where Should It Be Used? Personal passenger cars Passenger car fleets (municipal, delivery, etc.) Offers exceptional performance suitable for use in most OEM gasoline engines, including: Honda, Ford, GM, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan and Hyundai/Kia Consult your owner’s manual for details.

10 Product Literature Product flyer

11 Product Literature TDB

12 Product Label

13 Product Label

14 Engine Oil Progression
LE PCMO History Engine Oil Progression Since 1951 Multipurpose gasoline/diesel oils Monolec Plus, GFS, Ultra, Ultra-Blend March 1997 SAE 5W-30 engine oil Monolec SPB Engine Oil (8530) | SAE ILSAC GF-2, API SJ April 2002 Upgrade: ILSAC GF-3, API SL May 2005 Upgrade: ILSAC GF-4, API SM March 2012 Full synthetic SAE 5W-20 and 5W-30 engine oil

15 Passenger Car Engine Types
Background Passenger Car Engine Types 4-Stroke or 2-stroke cycle Classified by fuel type Gasoline or petrol Diesel LE’s new engine oil is only for 4-stroke gasoline engines.

16 What Is a Passenger Car? According to the U.S. EPA
Background What Is a Passenger Car? According to the U.S. EPA 2-axle, 4-tire vehicles Including: Automobiles SUVs Vans Pickups

17 Ideal PCMO Formulation
Background Ideal PCMO Formulation Should Should not Reduce friction Reduce wear Cool Clean Seal Have too high or too low viscosity Have too low VI Be too volatile Foam while in service Be unstable Produce deposits or residues Attack system components

18 Typical PCMO Ingredients
Background Typical PCMO Ingredients Base Fluid (80-90%) API Groups I - IV Additives (10-20%) VI Improver Detergent Dispersant Friction Modifier Antiwear Antioxidant Corrosion inhibitors Defoamant

19 Regulatory Bodies New Specifications
ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization Approval Committee) Establishes Needs Statement based on: JAMA (Japanese Auto Manufacturers Association) EMA (Engine Manufacturers Association) AAM (Alliance of Auto Manufacturers) SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Produces specifications ASTM International Creates standardized tests used for specifications API (American Petroleum Institute) Evaluate performance claims and grant licenses EOLCS (Engine Oil Licensing Certification System)

20 ILSAC GF-5 Needs Statement
New Specifications ILSAC GF-5 Needs Statement Must incorporate beyond GF-4: Increased fuel economy throughout drain interval Enhanced oil robustness Compatibility of engine oil w/ emission system Meet stringent federal and CA emission regulations Phosphorus and sulfur known to poison catalyst and exhaust-gas oxygen (EGO) sensors Emission requirements met for full useful life of vehicle

21 API SN & ILSAC GF-5 New Specifications
 Tighter deposit limits  (Sequence IIIG WPD)  New Sequence IIIGB phosphorus retention test  Phosphorus maximum level retained at 0.08%  New fuel economy test and limits (Sequence VID)  Tighter sludge (Sequence VG) limits  Reintroduction of TEOST 33C at tighter limits  New emulsion test for E85  Formalized seal compatibility requirements  New ROBO to measure oxidative thickening Switch to Resource Conserving

22 New Specifications Resource Conserving vs. Energy Conserving It’s not just about gas mileage. Energy Conserving Fuel economy Resource Conserving Emissions system protection Seal compatibility Compatibility w/ ethanol-containing fuel up to E-85

23 Monolec® Tetra-Syn™ Engine Oil
Availability Monolec® Tetra-Syn™ Engine Oil #8521 (5W-20) Available To Ship 3/15/12 #8531 (5W-30)

24 Conclusion Q & A

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