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Innovation | Nutrition | Regulatory | Safety | Insight Alternatives to Phosphates in Foods Dr Wayne Morley, Head of Food Innovation 4 June 2014.

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1 Innovation | Nutrition | Regulatory | Safety | Insight Alternatives to Phosphates in Foods Dr Wayne Morley, Head of Food Innovation 4 June 2014

2 2 © Leatherhead Food Research Overview of Leatherhead Established as Research Association in 1919 to carry out research for the UK Food Industry Membership of over 1,500 companies Independent and confidential Staff of 150 scientists & knowledge experts 110,000 sq feet of laboratories, pilot plant, training and conference facilities

3 3 © Leatherhead Food Research Some of our Members

4 4 © Leatherhead Food Research Key Platforms Nutrition Sensory Regulatory Innovation Safety

5 5 © Leatherhead Food Research Design >> Development >> Implementation >> Compliance Brainstorming & Ideas Generation Ingredient Functionality Concept Development Patent & Literature Reviews Market Trends Ingredient Interactions Product Benchmarking Development Kitchen Pilot Plant and Scale-up Packaging Format Reformulation Structure/texture Studies Product Characterisation Specifications Factory Trials Shelf-life Studies Foreign Bodies & Taint Analyses Cooking Instructions Trouble Shooting Vitamins, Minerals & Allergens From Concept to Consumer – Your Innovation Partner Food Innovation

6 6 © Leatherhead Food Research The Reformulation Challenge To reformulate foods whilst delivering on the following criteria: Food safety and stability Taste, texture and appearance Label cleanliness Shelf-life stability Functionality in use Ease of manufacturing Cost in use

7 7 © Leatherhead Food Research Phosphates - Multi Functional Additives Meat Improve water holding capacity Meat Binding in formed or restructured products Protect against oxidation and cooking loss Colour stabilisation Interact directly with meat protein Processed Cheese Phosphates convert cheese casein into para-caseinate which is acts as an emulsifier Para-caseinate is soluble and therefore no graininess Bakery Raising agent Flour conditioner Dough improver

8 8 © Leatherhead Food Research Phosphoric Acid Production Electrothermal Extraction Phosphorus Acid Extraction Purification Phosphoric Acid Phosphoric Acid Food Grade Furnace Phosphorus Pentoxide Dilute Phosphoric Acid

9 9 © Leatherhead Food Research Global Phosphate Rock Reserves Source: International Fertiliser Development Council, IFDC (2010)

10 10 © Leatherhead Food Research Phosphate Rock Price Source: World Bank data 2006-2011

11 11 © Leatherhead Food Research Increased Demand for Phosphorus Increased population growth (9 billion expected by 2050) Per capita increased phosphorus demand due to changing dietary preferences Increased demand for non-food crops like biofuels Need to boost soil fertility in phosphorus deficient regions

12 12 © Leatherhead Food Research The Peak Phosphorus Debate AuthorEstimate of Reserve ( years) Estimated Year of Depletion Assumptions Tweeten6120503.6% increase in demand Runge- MetzerAt “current” rate of extraction 20832.1% increase Steen60-1302058-21282-3% increase Smil802080 Fixen932102At 2007-2008 production rates Smit et al69-1002078-21090.7-2.0 increase in demand until 2050 and 0% increase after Vaccari902099At “current rates” Van Kauwenbergh300-4002310-2410At “current rates”

13 13 © Leatherhead Food Research Phosphates – A Health Risk? Ritz et al …”in view of the high prevalence of chronic kidney disease and the potential harm caused by phosphate additives in food, the public should be informed that added phosphates is damaging to health…” Could be a link between serum phosphorous levels and cardiovascular disease Labelling the content of added phosphates in food may be appropriate

14 14 © Leatherhead Food Research EFSA Response Accepted that there is a long known association between elevated serum phosphate levels and cardiovascular morbidity in patients with pre- existing kidney disease. Other publications were inconsistent with, or conflicted with, the Ritz review conclusions If there is a link between serum phosphorous levels and cardiovascular disease it is not clear if this is owing to the dietary intake of phosphorous in general, or in the form of phosphate additives. EFSA Review

15 15 © Leatherhead Food Research Re-evaluation Due by End of 2018 Phosphates used as food additives are due for re- evaluation by EFSA by December 31 st 2018

16 16 © Leatherhead Food Research Continuing Clean Label Trend Free from chemical additives Simple ingredients list Minimally processed

17 17 © Leatherhead Food Research Should We do Something? Yes ! Assess potential alternatives to phosphoric acids, phosphates and polyphosphates A 2 stage 8-month collaborative project funded by industrial partners Both end-users and manufacturers/suppliers of phosphate ingredients

18 18 © Leatherhead Food Research Phosphates in the Spotlight Stage One is a desk-based research devoted to identification of alternative ingredients and/or technologies available on the global market, as well as emerging technologies that may lead to development of alternatives - Desk based research - Survey of Leatherhead’s members - Academic links

19 19 © Leatherhead Food Research Phosphates in the Spotlight Stage Two will be laboratory-based/kitchen-based/pilot-plant-based project looking at preparation and performance of selected end-products (depending on the participating industrial partners) containing phosphate alternatives; this will include instrumental characterisation, assessment of organoleptic qualities and microbiological evaluation. Interested? Please email Rachel Wilson on for a copy of the proposal and for further information.

20 20 © Leatherhead Food Research Project Status Confirmed consortium members from the ingredients and bakery sectors, with interest from the cheese and meat sectors Opening consortium meeting at Leatherhead on 30th June Places still available!

21 21 © Leatherhead Food Research Any Questions?

22 Innovation | Nutrition | Regulatory | Safety | Insight Thank you for your time Dr Wayne Morley

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