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Reinventing the toilet. Gates Foundation challenge.

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1 Reinventing the toilet

2 Gates Foundation challenge

3 Condensing nanobeads Hollow fibre membrane Pathogen free water Waterless flush system Nano- sprayer

4 Action

5 Hollow fibre membrane

6 The membrane

7 7

8 Low energy, unacceptable flux Relatively low energy demand, acceptable flux Highest energy requirement, highest flux Membrane data highlight

9 Condensing nanobeads Pathogen free water

10 Condensing

11 11

12 Condensing results Initial data sets benchmarking standard glass media have shown ~ 40 % water capture from the vapour stream

13 Drainage rate (or passive collection) 32˚ 67.7˚ 78.7˚ Synthetic urine vapour. Flow rate (4 LPM), BV (0.13 L), v (2.9 m/min), EBCT (1.95 s), temperature differential (< 2°C) 32.0° Increased hydrophilicity apparently enhances moisture retention Does hydrophobicity govern drainage efficiency?

14 Nano- sprayer

15 Weetabix challenge After 2 months at room temperature: dewatered and mould free

16 Next steps...

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