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Nutrient management issues and initiatives 2013 Deer Industry Conference James Parsons.

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1 Nutrient management issues and initiatives 2013 Deer Industry Conference James Parsons

2 Clearview Innovations (Ballance PGP)

3 Supporting the Future of Farming  7 year research programme  $9.75 million from Primary Growth Partnership  Matched dollar for dollar by Ballance  Additional $12.5 million in resourcing  Aim: higher production with a lighter environmental footprint

4 The challenges  Water quality  Nutrient losses  Rising on-farm costs  Trends towards tighter regulations affecting farming  Consumer demand for more sustainable food production

5 Goals  Improve plant nitrogen use efficiency of fertiliser nitrogen  Improve nitrogen efficiency and reduce nitrogen losses within the farm system  Improve nutrient use efficiency and nutrient recovery from animal effluents

6 Goals  Improve plant phosphorus use efficiency of fertiliser and soil phosphorus  Cost effective solutions to decrease phosphorus losses from the farm system  Decrease soil accumulation and/or plant uptake of contaminants in phosphorus fertilisers

7 Goals  New, novel and robust biological fertilisers that enhance nutrient use efficiency  New bio-pesticides for effective and targeted control of pasture and crop pests

8 New products adding value

9 SustaiN Green A great product with a well proven active - agrotain (NBPT) Strong underpinning science internationally Proven to: - Reduce ammonia loss (in NZ on average by about 50%) - Reduce greenhouse gas losses - Increase pasture response Current work focusing on determining the magnitude of ammonia loss from urea, as influenced by timing and amount of rainfall following application

10 NH 3 volatilisation loss risk Urea application rate vs ammonia volatilisation loss (Black et al, 1985) Variable - dependent on: Soil moisture Rainfall following application Plant cover Soil pH buffer capacity Urease enzyme activity etc NZ trial work shows typically 10- 20% N applied lost to volatilisation Range 0%-42% of N applied

11 SustaiN: AgResearch trial results

12 Cropzeal DAP boron boost A new compound fertiliser – unique to Ballance Nitrogen, phosphorus and boron all contained in one granule Ideal starter fertiliser for brassica crops in particular

13 Cropzeal DAP boron boost More even distribution of boron over paddock = greater plant availability of boron No segregation, no dust DAP + granular boron Cropzeal DAP boron boost DAP

14 OVERSEER 6 Nutrient Budgets

15 OVERSEER A really useful tool for farmers to help understand how changes in management or different land use affects fertiliser requirements Assists development of more ‘site-specific’ fertiliser recommendations Increasing nutrient use efficiency Reducing wastage Greater profitability Interpretation…

16 OVERSEER – Interpretation of output


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