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MITERRA-EUROPE Gerard Velthof, Diti Oudendag & Oene Oenema.

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1 MITERRA-EUROPE Gerard Velthof, Diti Oudendag & Oene Oenema

2 Outline of presentation MITERRA-EUROPE Description Inputs Calculations Measures Results examples

3 MITERRA-EUROPE A tool for integrated assessment of N emissions from agriculture at regional, country, and EU-27 levels Developed in a Service Contract for the European Commission Emissions Gaseous: NH 3, N 2 O, NOx, and CH 4 Leaching of N to groundwater and surface water Nitrogen and phosphorus surpluses Packages of measures to mitigate NH 3 and NO 3 Modeled in GAMS  relation with CAPRI

4 MITERRA-EUROPE Nitrogen and phosphorus surpluses Ammonia, nitrous oxide and methane emissions from housing, storage and soils Nitrate leaching to ground and surface waters Interactions between N flows housing and soils (consistent N budget) Measures to mitigate ammonia and nitrate emissions

5 Scales Spatial: 27 member countries Nuts 2 level Nitrate Vulnerable Zones – Current t – Predicted for 2020 Country level Temporal yearly

6 Input data FAOFertilizer (national), yields FAO CAPRIArea of crops distribution of animals over NUTS II RAINSAnimal numbers and excretion factors Manure management system JRC/CAPRI Dynaspat Soil and meteorological data Alterra/EUNVZ maps AlterraN contents and crop residues Grassland area and yields

7 Calculations VariabeleMethodSource Fertilizer and manure distribution on Nuts 2 level Distribution based on N demand, N input, crops MITERRA N and P surplusesSoil balanced: difference between input and output MITERRA Emission of NH 3, N 2 O, CH 4, N 2 OEmission factors based on NRAINS/GAI NS Leaching and denitrification: Manure storage Runoff Large surface water Groundwater and small surface water Leaching/denitrification fractions based on manure storage type, soil data, meteorological data, crop type, N input, surface water map MITERRA


9 Calculation of nitrate leaching From stored manure From surface run-off Leaching below rooting zone Groundwater and small surface water Large surface water

10 Calculation of nitrate leaching: stored manure Type of manure system Concrete floorCoverLeaching fraction, % of stored N Liquid/slurryno 20 yes15 yesno0 yes0 Solidno 10 yes2 no5 yes0

11 Calculation leaching from soil Based on the N surplus on NUTS II Calculated from NUTS II to NVZ-level, assuming homogenous distribution of the surplus in NUTSII region Leaching fractions on more detailed level than NUTS II

12 Factors based on environmental data (CAPRI Dynaspat) Surface-runoff Slope, land-use, precipitation surplus, depth to rock, application rate manure and fertilizer Leaching from rooting zone to groundwater and large surface water Precipitations surplus, soil texture, land-use, rooting depth, temperature, soil organic C content, nitrogen surplus, presence of surface water

13 Leaching fractions

14 Ammonia measures (from RAINS) Low Nitrogen Fodder (dietary changes) Stable Adaptation by improved design and construction of the floor Covered Manure Storage Biofiltration (air purification) Low Ammonia Application of Manure Substitution of urea with ammonium nitrate Incineration of poultry manure

15 Selected nitrate measures from Nitrate Directive balanced N fertilizer application maximum manure N application rate no fertilizer and manure application in winter and wet periods limitation to fertilizer application on steeply sloping grounds manure storage with minimum risk on runoff and seepage appropriate fertilizer and manure application techniques growing winter crops bufferstrips near water courses

16 Bufferstrips Length of borders of surface waters in agricultural regions in EU 27

17 Implementation of measures NH 3 : from RAINS NO 3 : MITERRA

18 Implementation of nitrate measures in 2000

19 Examples of results












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