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June, 2013 Creative, Visionary, Team Oriented, Program Developer & Community Design Engineer.

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1 June, 2013 Creative, Visionary, Team Oriented, Program Developer & Community Design Engineer

2 About Adria - ✤ Creative Genius and Community Developer Adria Williams knows what it means to think outside the box. Ms. Williams started her career days in retail sales and corporate sales. At the heart of her is a visionary mindset and her drive to create, design and set visions in motion. In 2002, with a newborn in tow, Adria set her intentions on becoming a full time entrepreneur. Finally in 2006, Adria left Bear Com Communications and started her Web Design, Marketing,and Event Planning company Just Ordinary People- Helping You do the Extraordinary. Fueled by her burning desire to be home with her children and work Adria accomplished this vision by applying her skills, talents and brilliance through dedication and hard work. In 2007, Adria became the Executive Assistant for the Inland Empire Jazz Festival and Lead Sales Coordinator. The festival gave way to the formation of her relationship with Reign & Associates Inc. where she works with Annetta Bryant and James Cannon (Father to Nick Cannon) as “Creative Director”. Through projects such as 16 Summers – N.E.A.T.- National Education Awareness Tour and Cannon Youth Projects, Adria has used her creative talents to garner sponsorship and develop community programs and relationships for Reign & Associates and the Cannon Family Philanthropic endeavors. Between 2009 and 2011 Adria worked to create programs to inspire youth to achieve their goals. Under the direction of Dr. Chris Esteves of Life Way Church- she created Y.E.S.- Youth Encouraged for Success- an after-school program with camps during the summer break. In late 2012 Adria met and feel Brain over heels for Dr. G and The George Greenstein Institute. Adria has joined force with the GGI as Community Development Yoda. Working with GGI has spawned a deeper passion to see others embrace their brilliance through mindfulness and brain awareness. As Community Developer Adria builds relationships and partnerships with Corporate, Non-Profits, Schools and Governments Internationally. Her efforts are responsible for the company’s current negotiations with the military, The 100 Women of STEM, and The South African Consulate of Los Angeles, CA. Adria is a born networker and community change agent. Having her on your team will bring a wealth of resources and skills to your project or company. Her current company, Vision N Motion has grown organically through word of mouth. She and her network are ready to SET YOUR VISION N MOTION! ✤ Projects - Website Design and Content Development - Website Design, Content Development, Program and Marketing Tool Creation, Event Sponsorship Development - Website Creation, Social Fan Page Development - Women N Transition Marketing, Event Planning, Sponsorship Coordination- National Women Veterans Association Sponsorship Development, Event Planning - N.E.A.T.CannonYouthProjects.comHealthyOrganicWellness.comNational Women Veterans AssociationN.E.A.T.

3 Client Vision’s Set N Motion

4 Proposal Design Flyer Creation Web and Print Website, Design and Company Branding Campaign Creation, Event Support

5 Services - customized for any size project... ✤ Quick Web Site Development ✤ Wordpress, Joomla, Drupla Site Creation and Maintenance ✤ Marketing ✤ Online Account Creation and Customization for Social Media Content Development ✤ Online Account Creation and Customization for Social Media ✤ Infusonsoft and Constant Contact Specialist ✤ Event Planning and Support Specialist ✤ Social Media Planning & Implementation ✤ Presentation Creation Specialist ✤ Creative Writing ✤ Sales Team Support ✤ Proposal Writing ✤ Program Development ✤ Sponsorship & Partnership Development ✤ E-Tools Training and Coaching

6 What others say about A.Z.F.W. ✤ Tia Ross. - “Creative and Inspiring to work with. Adria’s brilliance and dedication exceeded beyond my expectations.” ✤ Dr. Shirley Y. Peterson - “Adria showed me her creative genius at age 9 when she decided to be a table for Halloween. The resulting "costume" featured her as the centerpiece of a table eloquently set for two. She continues to amaze me with her computer-generated design concepts.” actual quote ✤ Dr. M.A. Greenstein - “Merlin is what I call Adria...she makes her position seem almost magical as she builds and creates partnerships for GGI. A true joy to work with!” ✤ Annetta Bryant - “As my right hand for over 6 years Adria has shown the tenacity and determination to create winning projects. Any team she’s a part of would gain from her evolvement”

7 Thank you! ✤ YOUR project ON my BRAIN = expanding beyond the norm, moving with passion & clarity! ✤ Thank you for taking the time to review my work. I’m honored to be considered for your project. Because.... I love my brain and it’s diverse qualities and complexities that are me! ✤ Phone:

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