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Welcome Classified Staff Advisory Council April 10, 2013.

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1 Welcome Classified Staff Advisory Council April 10, 2013

2 Approval of January 31 Minutes From CSAC home page: General Member Meeting Minutes: clickable link to the PDF file of the last general meeting (draft) minutes.CSAC home page

3 Elections & Bylaws Committee Denise Ehren, Chair Andy Peterson Katherine Amann Tricia Borchardt Mike Sacco Amy Sexton Committee membership is open to all permanent and project classified staff members on campus. This committee creates, maintains, and annually reviews the mission statement and bylaws of the CSAC and is charged with overseeing the CSAC election process.

4 Elections for 2013 - 2015 Term Nominations open: April 4 – 18, 2013 Nominee Meet & Greet: May 1 st, 1-3 pm, UC 259B Voting: May 9 th, 11am – 3 pm, UC 259B

5 Current Working Draft Bylaws

6 Employee Recognition Committee Eunice Lehner, Chair Adelaide Atkielski Rhonda Jones Julie Ridgeman Alicia Stone-Jackson Pat Waege The purpose of this committee is to create and develop opportunities to provide recognition of classified employees on the UW-Whitewater campus. This committee maintains the online Classified Spotlight which highlights two classified employees on a bi-monthly basis; as well as creating the Classified Staff Excellence Award - an award presented to two selected classified employees each year. Other goals of this committee include recognition of classified retirees and new employees.

7 The CSAC Employee Recognition Committee randomly selects classified employees to spotlight throughout the year. The Spotlights provide an opportunity to get to know classified employees from a personal perspective, as well as enlightening the campus community regarding the specific job duties of these employees and how their jobs intertwine with the rest of the university community. Our April Spotlight is Marni Carter from Math & Computer Science.

8 Classified Staff Excellence Awards Nick Ciesinski iCIT Julie Marino Curriculum & Instruction Classified Staff Excellence Awards are presented to two selected classified employees each year. Any campus employee may nominate a classified employee for this award. Recipients are selected from the pool of nominated candidates.

9 Employee Recognition & Retirement Starting this year, the CSAC will be holding a Recognition & Retirement Dinner for classified employees. This event is supported by both Chancellor Telfer and Provost Kopper. We hope to make this an annual event. Classified retirees from 3/1/12 – 5/3/13 recognized. Tuesday, June 11 th at 4:30 p.m. More details regarding this event are forthcoming.

10 Grant & Fundraising Committee Katherine Amann, Chair Liz Woolever Denise Ehren Mary Duesterbeck The mission of the staff fund raising committee is to raise funds. The committee provides professional development funding, applies for grants, raises funding for various Council functions and other events for classified staff. Funds are maintained in campus accounts. Various fundraising functions are promoted throughout the fiscal year.

11 Programming Committee Mary Kaster, Chair Liz Woolever Ruth Stradinger Char Anderson Dawn Truelsen Jo Ellen Shelton Our purpose is to provide programming to the general members that address educational, work-related, and campus-oriented information. Our goal is to enhance professional development, learning opportunities and dissemination of information as it pertains to the interest of the membership.

12 A minimum of four programming meetings will be provided each year. Programming meetings may be a part of the general member meetings but depending on the presentation they may be a separate event. Programming Committee

13 Suggestions received so far include: Conversational Spanish American Sign Language HRS/Flexible Spending Accounts Creating Procedure Manuals Time Management Email Etiquette “Who Do I Ask?” Dealing with Difficult Personalities

14 Programming Committee Navigation of the CSAC Website CSAC Website

15 Website Comments Exit Interviews

16 Hawk Jobs & Student Employment With Guests: Shalyn Uecker, Financial Aid Office Rebecca Rupnow, Human Resources & Diversity

17 Employee Recognition Election and Bylaw Programming Grand and Fundraising Campus Participation Employee Outreach Committee Sign up Sign up at the entrance doors for more information on joining one or more of these committees

18 Announcements: Make a Difference Day – Friday, April 19 th Make a Difference Day Save the Date: UW-Green Bay Classified Staff Conference - Friday, October 18th UW-Green Bay Classified Staff Conference Next General Meeting – June 3, 1 p.m. UC 275A including HRS update

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