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One Small Club, One Huge Impact

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2 One Small Club, One Huge Impact

3 Mission Statement of CCRC 1988 “ The primary focus of CCRC is to further the camaraderie, friendship and fellowship of the members and to promote greater understanding, cohesiveness, and effectiveness as a Rotary Club”

4 The Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Club, sponsored by The Denver Rotary Club, was provisional on November 5, 1987 and chartered on December 7, 1987. Club formation was spearheaded by Bill Rima and George Becker. The first president was Mick Stefan who turned the club over to David Walker in July 1988.

5 One hundred and ten people witnessed Charter night, at the Metropolitan Club in Englewood on January 26, 1988. Representatives from all over Colorado came including 15 Denver Rotarians plus 9 members from other clubs. Past District Governors Bill Reeves, Bob Sears, George Mendenhall, Grant Wilkins and Charlie Peterson all attended.

6 39 Charter Members Charles Hegarty Brooks Waldman Andy Kenny Thomas Carr John Simmons William Chrismer Jerre Hause Ronald Lubbers Ted Switzer David Irvine Jeffrey Maen Margaret Dickerson Jim Mayhew (deceased) Rose Panico Carol Marshall Karol Shupe William Bissell Debra Johnson Jerry York Jim Vandapoll Karen Buss David Walker Mick Stefan, Jr. Holly Hoting Bonny Brust Carl Wells Joel Blanchard Carol Gill

7 Charter Members Cont. Curtis Roberts John Serini William Robb (deceased) Daniel Brotzman Richard Sharkey Judith Sussman LaVone Adams Stan Washburn Robert Best (deceased) John Reynolds Richard Smookler Wolcott Rice Robert Mintz

8 Cherry Creek Rotary Club Full of Firsts The first breakfast club chartered in District 5450 The first club in the district to be chartered with women (20%) The first club to be chartered without even one Rotarian? The first club in the district to have a female president LaVonne Adams Two “Rotary Service Above Self Awards” have been awarded to Scott Johnson DDS 2003 and Robert Mintz, 2004 Two District 5450 Rotarian of the Year Awards: Jim Mayhew 1997 and James Hoops 2010

9 Charter Board members were: Mick Stefan, President David Walker, President elect Rose Panico, Vice president Jeff Maen, Vice president Karol Shupe, Secretary Ted Switzer, Treasurer Lavone Adams, Sergeant at Arms Charter directors were: Carol Marshall, Community Service Rick Smookler, Club Service John Serini, International service The First Board of the Cherry Creek Rotary

10 Meetings were, and still are, Tuesdays at 7:00 AM.  The Cherry Creek Inn, Colorado & Cherry Creek Dr.  The Holiday Inn on Colorado Blvd.  The Denver Country Club  The Canyon Café, Cherry Creek Shopping Center  The Sheraton Hotel later named the Wyndham Hotel (same location as the Holiday Inn).  The Private Reserve in Cherry Creek (they closed without notice so we held the last meeting there in the parking lot. Had breakfast brought in. Everybody brought chairs and we had a great final meeting).  The Welshire Inn, Colorado Blvd.  The Macaroni Grill, Cherry Creek  The Inn at Cherry Creek

11 Presidents of CCRC Mick Stefan 1987-88 David Walker 1988-89 Bob Best1989-90 Lavone Adams1990-91 Jeff Maen 1991-92 Alan Marter1992-93 Gary Williams1993-94 Karol Shupe1994-95 Steve Rickles1995-96 Robert Mintz1996-97 Jody Braverman1997-98 Dan Brotzman1998-99 Bob James 1999-00 Bob Atherton2000-01 Tom Carr2001-02 Sarah Werner 2002-03 Nora Olson2003-04 David Trachtenberg2004-05 Mary Verity2005-06 Tom Hooyman2006-07 Jim Hoops 2007-08 Debi Bush2008-09 Dick Hayes2009-10 Terry McCullough2010-11 Joel Russman Esq.2011-12 Bill Bissell DDS 2012-13

12 Jim Mayhew Rotarian of the Year Awards 1992-1993 Jim Mayhew 1993-1994 Thomas Marshall,D.D.S. 1994-1995 Sally Payne-Janover 1995-1996 Karol Shupe 1996-1997 Gary Williams 1997-1998 Gary Williams 1998-1999 James King 1999-2000 Jeff Maen 2000-2001 Nora Olson 2001-2002 Jeff Maen 2002-2003 Lee Trachtenberg 2003-2004 Robert James 2004-2005 Rob Brown 2005-2006 Midge Nelson & Sarah Werner DDS 2006-2007 Joel Russman Esq. 2007-2008 Gary Williams 2008-2009 Jim Hoops 2009-2010 Bob Lucero 2010-2011 Debi Bush 2011-2012 Peter Vandevanter

13 Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Club Honors 1989 The Ed Bemis Award for “Best Club Bulletin” published by Karen Buxton. 1992 Vocational Service Award by Norwest Bank for the “Women’s Bean Project”. 1992 Scott Metcalf Award for Outstanding Club Project “Dentists to Guatemala”. 1996 Best Club Growth Award 1997 Rotarian of the Year Award by the district “Jim Mayhew” 2000, 2nd Place, Bemis Award for Best Newsletter. Editor, Tom Carr

14 Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Club Honors Multiple presidential awards 2009 Public Service Award for promoting Rotary in the District 2010 World Community Service Award for providing free dental services around Latin America since 1991. Also received the Presidential Award. 2010 District 5450 Rotarian of the Year Award to Jim Hoops

15 District 5450 Rotarian of the Year Jim Mayhew 1997: Prior to Rotary Jim started wheel chair curbs in Colorado. Helped build the lookout on Wilderness on Wheels 1994-95 in honor of his wife Ruby. Jim also started the Gift of Life to do open heart surgery on young children from other countries. We supported one surgery at Children’s Hospital and 2 at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center

16 Jim Hoops was named Rotary District 5450 Rotarian of the Year for 2009-10. He was recognized for his service and devotion to thousands of kids, improving and building their lives as a middle and high school teacher for 38 years. He has served as President of Rocky Mountain RYLA and was an original founder and counselor for YRYLA. He spearheaded the sponsoring of Five Points Cultural District in 2009. Other areas of involvement include: Greenlee K-8 School in Denver; Family Quest to coach single parent families and organize a leadership and character development program at Cherry Creek High School; A two year commitment as a writing coach with College Summit; Helped to develop mentoring programs at East High and Smiley Middle Schools; Tutors students at Denver School of Science and Technology; Obtains guest speakers for the AVID classes at EHS. We are very proud to have Jim Hoops as a member and past president of our club. District 5450 Rotarian of the Year

17 More Details About CCRC Six Paul Harris Fellows Four PH + 1 or 2 Eight PH +3 to 9 One major donor and one bequest society member Our Club has given The Rotary Foundation $151,143 over our 25 years which is an average of over $6,000 a year. We are perennially in the top 10 in District 5450 in giving to TRF on a per capita basis and actually were the number one Club in the 2003/2004 year in the District. In 1991 we donated $9000 to FINCA’s Village Banking and in just that year it tripled to $27,000 and has continually tripled yearly lending over $1,000,000. Hosted foreign exchange students 10 out of 25 years

18 More Details About CCRC 4. 2003 Sponsored a Temple Buell Rotary Scholar in Australia 5. 2004 Sponsored a Rotary Scholar in England 6. In the past have sent two outbound exchange high school students 7. Have sent at least two students to RYLA each year and two to Junior RYLA. In 2012 seven students went to RYLA or Young RYLA. In total we have sent over 60 children to this leadership camp. A wonder- full accomplishment. $18,000

19 We are proud to have four remaining charter members of the club: Jeff Maen DC, Dan Brotzman Esq, Bill Bissell DDS, and Tom Carr Architech

20 The Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Foundation During the time that the Cherry Creek Rotary Foundation has been able to give grants to worthy organizations and those important groups that our members have wanted to help. We have given more than $400,000 away in grants. We continue to raise money in order to support our foundation and our community whether at home or in other countries.

21 Projects completed, continuing, or in which the Club participated include: One of the first grants by CCRC was donating a triple sink to the Women’s Bean Project so they could open their doors and help scores of women return from poverty to begin a better life.

22 Projects continued Village Banking began in 1991 with a donation of $9000. That first year the money tripled to $27,000 and each year it multiplied again and again. During the last 21 years growing to over $1,000,000. Managed by FINCA all these years. This also began the Dental Missions that followed several of the Micro banking communities we served.

23 Projects continued Urban Peak Shelter for teenage runaways. For several years we gave some of our early grants to this organization that has been in Denver for over 15 years. We also cooked and served several meals to the teenagers..

24 Open Heart Surgery on 3 Children The Gift of Life, open heart surgery for children from the Dominican Republic and Peru. Spear headed by Jim Mayhew and Gary Williams

25 Projects continued The building of a lookout for handicapped people in the mountains at Wilderness on Wheels on Guanella Pass 1994-95 In honor of Ruby Mayhew

26 Hands on projects: For two years we manned Annie’s Second Hand Store for Children’s Hospital, selling second hand clothes on weekends. Clean up along the Cherry Creek Trail Landscaping for schools, Bonfil’s Blood Bank and churches. For more then ten years we manned the Pepsi booth at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival raising money for the early Dental Missions.

27 Hands on Projects continued Peoples Fair selling popcorn, lemonade and Lowry’s Beef Jerky. Surviving a lightening bolt strike a foot away. Shampoo Testing: Paid for every individual who signed up for this research project Blood Testing at National Jewish Hospital: Paid for every member that was able to give blood monthly 9 HealthFair since 1989, way before Cindy Belz joined our club. Packing and shipping medical supplies to Mexico following the devastating earthquake. Rotary for Mexico

28 Projects continued We provided a grant for the building of a prenatal clinic in Ecuador. This was followed by another Dental Mission.

29 Dental Missions September 1991 was our 1 st Dental Mission to Guatemala (Robert Mintz, Dr. Tom Marshall & Scott Johnson DDS. 19 total missions to 10 different Latin American countries. Dental Missions: Guatemala (3 trips) Costa Rica (2 trips) Dominican Republic (2 trips) Peru (1 trip) Honduras (2 trips) Ecuador (3 trips) Mexico (1 trip) Argentina (2 trips) Chile (2 trips) Panama (1 trip)

30 Dental Missions Continuing for 19 years the Cherry Creek Dental Mission has travelled to third world countries providing over $2,500,000 in free dental services to children.

31 Dental Mission Argentina

32 International Dental Mission 19 consecutive years Over $2.5 Million free dental care to thousands in seven different Latin American countries! Led by Dr. Scott Johnson

33 Scott Johnson DDS Special memory of Jim Mayhew joining us on our 7 th mission trip which was to La Vega, Dominican Republic, the hometown of Raul Lambert who was our second “Gift of Life” heart surgery recipient Receiving Rotary International’s “Service Above Self” award at the President’s dinner in January of 2003 Dental Missions

34 Climbing Wall at Greenlee Elementary School. Here they learn while they climb.

35 Rotarians at work painting a house for the elderly. Fellowship!!!

36 Leadership Weekend Greenlee Elementary

37 Bicycles Thailand

38 Over 1 billion dollars given by Rotarians and the Gates Foundation to end Polio. Since 1985 there has been a 97% reduction in polio throughout the world.

39 Sailors on USS Roosevelt USS Mesa Verde Books sent to Sailors Sailors are videotaped reading the books Book and videotape sent to their children stateside

40 Sewall Child Development Center

41 Rotary International 1.2 Million Members 32,0000 Clubs World Wide Oldest U.S. Service Organization—est. 1905 Over US$ 1 Billion for Polio Eradication

42 Computer Labs Zaruma Ecuador

43 Shelter Box Emergency Shelters sent all over the world


45 The Walter Hailey seminar was the Clubs first effort. The seminar was entitled “The Power of Persuasion”. It was very successful with over 400 in attendance and net proceeds of $16,000, all of which went to the Clubs foundation.

46  The “Cherry Creek Shriek” was a Rocky Mountain News worthy Halloween costume party with live music and a silent auction raising about $5000. Similar fundraisers continued in this fashion for three years.

47 Brien and Cindy Foster, Bill Adams and the unknown bird people dressed up for this costume party.

48 Jeffrey Maen Loy Dickenson & Karol Shupe

49 For ten years our club manned the Pepsi booth at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival to raise money for our early Dental Missions. Hundreds of man hours were supplied by the members of the Cherry Creek Rotary Club

50  Tom Carr:  You won and now your going to Hawaii.  Raffle for travel to fabulous destinations were run for two years also raising about $5000 each year  Someone won second place and went skiing

51 Our number one fundraiser Jeff Maen has run the open for 14 years.  The Club is now in its 16 th year of the Cherry Creek Rotary Open Golf Tournament for the benefit of the Cherry Creek Rotary Foundation. Last year $26,000 was raised for the Clubs foundation, which is the source of the Clubs grants. Totals raised over $234,000


53 Cherry Creek Rotary Open 16 Years Arrowhead Golf Club w Dick Hayes, Jim Hoops and Bob James

54 Bear Dance Golf Club Cherry Creek Rotary Open A beautiful place to play golf in the hills of Larkspur, Co.

55 Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Presents

56 Tom Hooyman and Midge Nelson did a great deal of the work on the three shows with the Capitol Steps. Raising nearly $50,000 in three years.

57 Grants Given 2002-06 $$$$ Gift of Life Glendale Resource Center Paint a thons Airline tickets for travel of children with health issues Gilliam School for GED’s and publication of poetry books Polio eradication RI Corona Street Residence for handicapped RYLA Urban Peak Shelter Young RYLA Dental Missions The Cheley Burn Camp Education Media Center

58 Grants given 2002-06 continued Rotavision (supplies for eye surgery). Patterson Dental (purchase of dental equipment for dental missions. Mizel Museum. Pencils for peace. Africa today (scholarship). Denver Kids Donations to the Ronald McDonald House. Denver Architectural forum for high school students. Lend a Hand and Pencils for peace. Sarah Werner DDS started a project with the Aircraft Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt to video service men reading books to be sent home to their children International Rotary Foundation Amigos Ministries, Inc. Greenlee School (climbing wall) Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center Weinberg Food Pantry

59 Airplane TicketsPolio Eradication Cheley Burn Camp $10,000 International Dental Missions w/Dr. Scott Johnson DDS 2002 thru 2006 Corona St. Residence serving lunches and garden furniture

60 Climbing Wall at Greenlee Elementary School USS Roosevelt sending books recorded by sailors then sent home to there kids on a DVD Weinberg Food Bank w/ Jewish Family Services Grants given 2002 thru 2006

61  Rebuilding Together grant $3000  Greenlee School K1-8 donating library books and grant for the building of a climbing wall for the student to use in the gymnasium $5000  Rotary International Matching Grants $7000  Cheley Burn Camp $2000  Corona Street Residence serving meals $500  Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp for four students $1500  Dental Mission $8000  HIV Zimbabwe – Matching grant with Denver Mile High Rotary $500  Jewish Family Services $3000  Peace Jam $400  Matamoros Club in Mexico – equipment for visually impaired $1500  Shelter Box $900  Adelante Foundation – micro loans in Honduras (village banking) $5000  Gates Camp Boys and Girls club $2000  Steel Street Elementary School $1500  Joshua Station (family temporary shelter) - $1500 Patty Kelly (surgical instruments to Africa) - $2000

62 Grants in 2007 Shelter Box Boys and Girls Club

63  Jim Mayhew Memorial - $5000  Regis University (international literacy) - $5000  Denver Architectural Foundation - $900  Computer Lab in Ecuador - $5000  Camp Colorado (youth diabetes camp) - $1100  Alta Vista Autism Center - $1000  G reenlee Elementary K-8 - $5000  District 4 Way Test Committee - $500  Cheley Children's Hospital Burn Camp - $2000  Jewish Family Services - $2500  U.S.S. Mesa Verde (literacy) - $500  Friendship Bridge in Guatemala - $1000  RYLA - $825  Rotary Youth Study Exchange - $1500

64 Grants in 2008 International Literacy Computer Lab In Ecuador Bought, delivered and installed storage shed to Alta Vista Autism School in Denver U.S.S. Mesa Verde (literacy) In Guatemala Cheley Burn Camp

65  Al Imtiaz Academy $1000  The Adoption Exchange $6799  Cheley Burn Camp $2000  Denver Cherry Creek Dental Mission $4214  East High School Angel Foundation $2000  Gates Boys & Girls Camp $2000  Glendale YMCA $500  Greenlee K1-8 Books $123  Interact Club GW $116  Joshua Station $1193  Literacy Program – US Navy $828  RI Foundation Matching Funds $1940  Rotary Youth Leadership Awards $1500  East High School Basketball “With Love Inc.” $2000  Rotary Youth Exchange Program $2245

66 Al Imtiaz Academy The Glendale YMCA Literacy Program – US Navy Literacy after school Program at Greenlee Elementary School

67  The Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Club sponsored the Rotary Club of Five Points with the help of Jeff Maen, Joel Russman, James Hoops and Peter McMillan. Receiving an Honorary Membership Cheley Burn Camp $2000 Denver Cherry Creek Dental Mission $7276 Five Points Rotary Club $823 Haiti-Shelter Boxes $4515 Polio Eradication $3100 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards $1500 Washington Park Cares $1500 Kenya Water Project $1000 Bonfils Blood Center Lowry- Landscaping Project $1000

68 Burn Camp DCCRC chartered the Rotary Club of Five points in 2010 Shelter boxes for Haiti Washington Park Cares A nonprofit membership organization that empowers adults in South Central Denver to live in their homes as they age and promotes an intergenerational community of neighbors helping neighbors Landscaping project For Bonfils Blood Center

69  9 Health Fair $1,000  A Dinner of Unconditional Love $500  Autism Society of CO $1,000  Cheley Burn Camp $2,000  East High Angel Foundation $2,000  Fort Lewis – EWB $3,000  Greenlee Book Program  $781.89  Open Door Youth Gang  $ 500  Outbound Scholars $ 502.90 Paint-a-thon $ 386.80  RYLA $2,000  Smiley Elementary Grant $3,000  Street Kidz $5,000  Cherry Creek Rotary Dental Mission $8,000

70 Engineers Without Borders

71 Rotarians at work $3000 literacy grant for reading Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Dental Mission

72  9 Health Fair $1500  BrainWise $500  Bush Italy $600  Dental Mission $4000  Nook Program $7000  Greenlee Book Program $600  RYLA $3600  Street Kidz $3000

73 Member visiting Rotary Clubs in Italy Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Dental Mission go to South America Greenlee Elementary School building the library for the school with books donated by the CCRC weekly Project Greer Street Formally Globeville Recreation Center for Youth

74 We have donated over 100 Nooks to six schools and have helped students on average raise reading levels two years. The Ereader grant from the CCRC is $6800. The Literacy committee of CCRC is going into its third year. It is in partnership with Barnes & Noble. Three other Rotary Clubs Boulder, Conifer and Aurora Gateway have also raised money for this project.


76  Several years after Scott received his award, Robert Mintz received the same award for his role as co-founder of the dental mission and for his commitment to continue the mission as an annual hands on club funded service project. It should be noted that very few clubs have been able to consistently maintain projects of this magnitude for such a long period of time. Team member Dr. Edward Blender was also awarded the Service above Self award in recognition of his contribution to numerous missions. With three service above self awardees as team members, this program started by DCCR has achieved the highest level of global recognition while delivering millions of dollars of free dental care to more than 4500 of the poorest of the poor.

77 Scott Johnson DDS Scott Johnson DDS received this award from Rotary International for starting the Dental Mission as part of the Cherry Creek Rotary Club. Scott started this project with Robert Mintz and Tom Marshall DDS

78 Service Above Self Award  Robert Mintz received this award for starting the Dental Mission and later began working for RI where he also started the rebate miles for Rotary’s credit cards. Robert Mintz

79  Scott Johnson DDS: Taking my daughter Emily to Temuco, Chile in 2009 and my son Mitchell to Riobamba, Ecuador in 2011 on Dental Missions. Receiving the “Service Above Self Award” from RI  Phillip Heath: Member 2000-03 interim treasurer, and participated on a dental mission to Honduras in 2000.  Nora Olson: 1996-2012 Memory of CCRC Jim Mayhew " I’m still vertical, Gary Williams "Tireless Energy, Tom Hooyman "Mr. Ethics sense of humor, Sandy Long "Cowboy hat", Lee Trachtenberg, always willing to help.

80  Dick Hayes: 12 years. I especially remember the years Jim Hoops was district Rotarian of the year 2019-10 and recognized at the district Conference. Same thoughts of Scott Johnson  Jeffrey Maen: Chartered club with four others 1987, past president 1991, has run the Cherry Creek Rotary Open for 14 years. Has had perfect attendance for 25 years.  Karol Shupe: Secretary 87-88, president 1994-95, GSE Chair 1993-94 and RYLA chair 1989-90  Peter Vandevanter : Started the nooks in schools for the literacy program

81  Jim Hoops: 8 years Each meeting that I attend is a chance to meet up with important relationships that I have with the members of the club. Attending the 20th anniversary of our club was a good memory to me. I remember working with painting of houses, improving the gardens at schools. Fixing up the rooms with Gary at Joshua Station and conversations with Tom. I remember when Young RYLA did a weekend for kids from Greenlee. Rob Brown and his wife Ruth came to Balaret to cook for the kids. The social times when we got together at Tom Haygood’s house were good memories. I have been the RYLA rep for 5 years and working with the members of the clubs, doing the interviews for RYLA has been a great experience working with the members of the club and meeting the kids. I am proud of the fact that I was once a recipient of the club’s Rotarian of the Year award and the District 5450 Rotarian of the Year award. The greatest memories are of the fabulous people that I have met through my being a member of this club. I truly respect these people.

82  Our first Memorial Grant is in honor of Dr. Tom Hooyman. It was valued at $5000 and was given on November 17, 2009 for Ethiopian Read Project for the building of a new library. Named in his honor.

83  Our second Memorial Grant, to honor Gary Williams. It totalled over $6000 and was donated to Joshua Station one of Gary’s favorite programs and projects. $1000 went to the Sun Valley Center.

84 Jim Mayhew 2007 (I am still vertical Happy $’s) Dr. Tom Hooyman 2008 (motor scooter accid) Gary Williams 2009 Plane accident Lee Trachtenberg MD (did everything we asked)  Bill AdamsBill Robb  Robert BestAdrian (Boone) Skinner DDS  Ron LubbersCarl Wells  Wilcott (Bill) RiceSandy Long  Arnold WolfJames Davies Police Officer  Neil Rosenberg MD

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