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Loudoun County Public Schools Blue Ridge Middle School 2011-2012 Foothills to the Future 1.

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1 Loudoun County Public Schools Blue Ridge Middle School 2011-2012 Foothills to the Future 1

2 Who We Are… Blue Ridge Middle School: As of today, we total 905 students. Grade six is our largest grade at 303. We are 13 th of 14 middle school’s when compared by population. Blue Ridge has 108 total staff: 86 instructional, 22 support. All Loudoun Middle Schools have six total administrators, with a counselor and secretary at each grade. Your grade level teams consist, grades 7 and 8, of a dean/counselor pairing: Doug Dillon and Maureen Sullivan-Burns; Katie Johnson and Todd Peterson.

3 How we do…  We are a twice designated School To Watch (Social Equity, Developmental Responsiveness, Academic Rigor).  School Improvement Process  Grading and Assessment  Communication and Attendance  21 st Century Skills:  Blended classes: Equity, Rigor, Choices

4 Attendance What do I do if I miss school? See your teachers to obtain missed work and/or make up tests. Call in line / written note Ask your parents to call our 24 hour hotline 540-751-2522 ; written notes go to the house secretary. If you see a doctor or a dentist, bring a note from the physician’s or dental office. Tardy to School Policy - must sign in in the main office. (Again, if you had an appointment, please bring a note from the medical office when you return). UNEXCUSED TARDIES TO SCHOOL (missed bus, overslept, etc.) may result in consequences including lunch detention, afterschool detention, Friday School and ISR. Attendance is part of your permanent record.

5 BLUE RIDGE SOL 2007-2011

6 Grading and Assessment Putting it into Practice Reporting through Clarity

7 Progression Scale

8 Focusing on the Learning Not on the Grade

9 Blended Classes Allows all students to achieve at their highest learning level. Has been successfully piloted at BRMS since 2007. Promotes equity. Is currently a grade-eight program. More questions, please ask you son/daughter’s teacher or attend 09/22 5-6 informational meeting.

10 What is Bullying? An intentional act of aggression or series of acts that occur in a school setting Persistent or pervasive Directed at another student or students

11 What is Bullying? Creates an imbalance of power in the relationship May create fear May interfere with schooling May be threatening May disrupt the orderly operation of the school

12 What to do if your Child is Being Bullied 1.First, focus on your child. Be supportive and gather factual information about the bullying. 2.Contact your child’s teacher, dean or principal and share the information. 3.Help your child become more resilient to bullying.

13 Cyber Bullying: Parental Awareness 40 % of teens report their parents do not impose rules about Internet use and are unaware of what their children do online. And 25 % of teens say their parents would be concerned if they were aware. Source: Corinne David-Ferdon and Marci Feldman Hertz (2007). “Electronic Media, Violence, and Adolescents: An Emerging Public Health Problem.” Journal of Adolescent Health 41:S1–S5.

14 Tips for Parents to Stop Cyber Bullying: Impose guidelines for Internet use Monitor your child’s internet use Teach children never to respond to offensive or threatening e-mail

15 Tips for Students to Stop Cyber Bullies: Refuse to forward cyber-bullying messages Block communication with cyber bullies Report cyber-bullying incidents to a trusted adult National Crime Prevention Council

16 What do we do at Blue Ridge to support student growth regarding bullying? S.S.A – Safe School Ambassadors program Active and trained staff. Conflict Mediation. Character Education program. Student training through resource. Various assemblies. Guidance programs: “mix it up day” Team middle level: Staffing, Parents, Admin.

17 Additional Resources Teachers and parents can find a lot of information to help maintain an open dialogue with teens about cyber safety on Web sites like these: – – –

18 Additional Resources Loudoun County Public Schools Web Site – Administration Pupil Services – Bullying Prevention LCPS Bullying Prevention

19 Thank you… Contact information Brion Bell, Principal, Matt Bolen, Assistant Principal, Special Education Contact, Marlene Jefferson, Assistant Principal, Testing Coordinator, Doug Dillon, Dean of Grade Seven, Maureen Sullivan-Burns, Grade Seven Counselor, Katie Johnson, Grade Eight Dean Todd Peterson, Grade Eight Counselor

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