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Victor Frankenstein’s Travels

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1 Victor Frankenstein’s Travels
An interactive plot map tour through Europe, By Allen Li, Arpit Dave, Logan Sweezy, and Leo Stolov Quit Click here to begin

2 Welcome to the interactive plot map!
This interactive tour through Victor Frankenstein’s travels in Europe will explore the various towns and regions as described firsthand by Frankenstein’s protagonist. Click the button to explore the plot map… Begin journey

3 Welcome to Europe Select a starred location: Orkney Islands
Edinburgh, Scotland Matlock, England Oxford, England London, England Ingolstadt, Germany Geneva, Switzerland Sources… Finish

4 Edinburgh, Scotland Map “The beauty and regularity of the new town of Edinburgh, its romantic castle, and its environs, the most delightful in the world, Arthur's Seat, St Bernard's Well, and the Pentland Hills, compensated him for the change, and filled him with cheerfulness and admiration.” (190) More of Edinburgh… Quote provided by Arpit Dave, Photo provided by Allen Li

5 More of Edinburgh Map Pentland Hills are a range of hills to the south-west of Edinburgh. The range is around 20 miles in length, and runs south west from Edinburgh towards Biggar and the upper Clydesdale. Arthur's Seat is the main peak of the group of hills which form most of Holyrood Park, a wild piece of highland landscape in the centre of the city of Edinburgh, about a mile to the east of Edinburgh Castle. The hill rises above the city to a height of 251 m (823 ft), provides excellent panoramic views of the city, is quite easy to climb, and is a popular walk. Back to Quote Content provided by Arpit Dave and Allen Li

6 Orkney Islands Map “It was a place fitted for such a work, being hardly more than a rock whose high sides were continually beaten upon by the waves. The soil was barren, scarcely affording pasture for a few for a few miserable cows,…” (142) Victor heads to one of the remotest of the Orkney Islands to work on a companion for the monster. The Orkney Islands are located in northern Scotland. Orkney is composed of roughly 70 islands. Only 20 of the islands are inhabited. Content provided by Logan Sweezy

7 Matlock, England Map “The country in the neighborhood of this village resembled, to a greater degree, the scenery of Switzerland; but every thing is on a lower scale, and the green hills want the crown of distant white Alps, which always attend on the piny mountains of my native country.” (190) The Alps are one of the great mountain systems of Europe, stretching from Austria and Slovenia in the east; through Italy, Switzerland, Germany; to France in the west. Content provided by Arpit Dave

8 Oxford, England Map “If these feelings had not found an imaginary gratification, the appearance of the city had yet in itself sufficient beauty to obtain our admiration. The colleges are ancient and picturesque; the streets are almost magnificent ; and the lovely Isis, which flows beside it through meadows of exquisite verdure, is spread forth into a placid expanse of waters, which reflects its majestic assemblage of towers and spires and domes imbosomed among aged trees.” (139)” Victor and Clerval visit Oxford on their tour through England. Oxford is located in South East England The river Isis flows through Oxford Content provided by Logan Sweezy

9 London, England Map “London was our present point of rest; we determined to remain several months in this wonderful and celebrated city” (137) Victor Frankenstein and Henry Clerval stay in London for several months. London is the capital of England. Content provided by Logan Sweezy

10 Ingolstadt, Germany Map “When I had attained the age of seventeen, my parents resolved that I should become a student at the university of Ingolstadt.” (28) Victor goes to this university to study science and ends up creating the monster here as well The church of Ingolstadt is seen, which may be the same church mentioned by Victor on page 42: “discovered to my sleepless and aching eyes the church of Ingolstadt, its white steeple and clock, which indicated the sixth hour.” As you may see, the church in the picture also has a clock. Content provided by Leo Stolov

11 Geneva, Switzerland Map
Geneva is a beautiful city located on the coast of Lake Geneva and surrounded by mountains. This proximity to the lake can create a very humid and rainy environment Mary Shelley spends time in Geneva and uses her experiences to form the setting for her novel. Her perception of Geneva can be seen through the eyes of Victor with the following quote: “Dear mountains! My own beautiful lake! How do you welcome your wanderer? Your summits are clear; the sky and lake are blue and placid.” (58) As you can see the quote above is a fairly good description of the picture provided. Victor’s family resides in Geneva and is also murdered in Geneva by the monster. Proceed to Montanvert Content provided by Leo Stolov

12 Montanvert Map “It is a scene terrifically desolate. In a thousand spots the traces of the winter avalanche may be perceived, where trees lie broken and strewed on the ground; some entirely destroyed, others bent leaning upon the jutting rocks of the mountain, or transversely upon other trees.”(79) As described by Victor and seen in the picture, the mountain of Montanvert is extremely large, steep and intimidating. This mountain is found 33 miles southeast of Geneva Victor meets the monster here and they talk for the first time. The monster displays its strength here as Victor watches it bound over crevices with ease. Back to Geneva Content provided by Leo Stolov

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14 Credits to Sources Back ope_econ96.jpg ck-Bath.jpg Sources are solely Internet-based. List compiled by Allen Li.

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