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LWTC Strategic Planning Update College Update By Raymond A. Nadolny, Ph.D. In the changing world of higher education, who are we and where would we like.

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1 LWTC Strategic Planning Update College Update By Raymond A. Nadolny, Ph.D. In the changing world of higher education, who are we and where would we like to lead the College?

2 What Has Been Accomplished? 1. Established a Strategic Plan Vocabulary 2. Developed a Plan framework through an inclusive process including the Future Search Conference 3. Set a pattern of ongoing two-way communication about the Plan with the College community through electronic newsletters, open houses, presentations, and on-line surveys 4. Carefully crafted Strategic Directions to guide the College over the next decade and the Desired Results for the next 3-5 years

3 Thank You IE Committee/Steering Committee Paul Hutton Kim Infinger Katrina Larrabee Maria Macedo Pat McPherson Dr. Shirley Metcalf Dr. Ray Nadolny Myung Park Denise Priddy Susie Sarver Jim West Planning Team Dave Cunningham Suzy Dalgarn Kathy Hanvey Chris Harter Jim Howe Lulani Iokepa Mike Kauffman Nolan Koreski Sue Kuestner Shawn Miller Dr. Ray Nadolny Brenda Nunes Marie Willsey

4 Future Search Conference Scott Acton Régine Adams Paul Axtell Jason Bernstein Ken Brown Roberta Butler Bree Callahan Michael Clifton Mihaela Cosma Dave Cunningham Suzy Dalgarn George Dalich Tony Delos Reyes Karen Deville Nancy Dick Aimee Elber Doug Emory Marvin Everest Monta Frost Kim Gregor Kathy Hanvey Chris Harter Susan Hawley Marion Holland Jim Howe Soren Hughes Pat Hunter Paul Hutton Kim Infinger Lulani Iokepa Scarlet Kendrick Michelle Kennedy Nolan Koreski Alla Kovaleva Sue Kuestner Michael Lake Cheryl Lau Fern Livingston Dennis Long Greg Lum Maria Macedo Chris Malham Wes Mantooth Don Marshall Brenda Mason Pat McPherson Chuck McWilliams Shirley Metcalf Mike Metke Shawn Miller Bob Monroig Jessica Mraz Ray Nadolny Brenda Nunes Mariah Ortiz Laura Oslund Myung Park Margie Pederson Jerry Peterson Mike Potter Denise Priddy Mike Richmond Bruce Ried Greg Roberts Paul Root Ed Sargent Susi Sarver Peggy Setoguchi Janet Shaffer Heidi Shepherd Phil Snider Debby Stanard Stephen Starling Teya Suchon Helen Sun Don Sutherland Curtis Takahashi Toni Terry Bill Vadino Lynda Vernon David Weber Joan Weiss Peter Welty Jim West Travis Wright Liesl Zappler Lin Zhou

5 Surveys Survey One 155 students /alumni 86 employees 16 external stakeholders Survey Two 163 students /alumni 106 employees 18 external stakeholders

6 Eight Strategic Directions

7 Educational Pathways LWTC will provide students with multiple pathways to 1. Skill Enhancement 2. Workforce Entry 3. Higher Education 4. Career Advancement

8 Strategic Direction: Learning Environment LWTC will develop an accessible learning environment 1. Rewards Innovation 2. Anticipates Future Trends and Needs 3. Sustains Excellent, Integrated Programs Aligned with Current Industry Standards

9 Strategic Direction: Student Success LWTC will create and sustain 1. High-Quality Services 2. Student Success

10 Strategic Direction: Faculty and Staff LWTC will support its diverse employees by creating a work environment that promotes 1. Quality 2. Innovation 3. Professional growth 4. Employee satisfaction

11 Strategic Direction: Shared Decision-Making LWTC will create a work environment that fosters 1. Communication 2. Collaboration 3. Shared transparent decision-making.

12 Strategic Direction: Recruiting & Marketing LWTC will implement 1. Innovative and continually-updated student recruitment and marketing processes 2. Which produce enrollment growth 3. And promote continuous improvement of college offerings.

13 Strategic Direction: Financial Success LWTC will establish financial stability by developing 1. Diversified funding 2. Greater financial equity with other state funded institutions 3. Decreased dependence on state support.

14 Strategic Direction: Institutional Effectiveness LWTC will implement a system of continuous quality improvement that provides, uses and integrates data from all aspects of the college to improve student learning.

15 Trustee Adoption: Sept. 10, 2007 1. Added “transfer opportunities” under educational pathways to reinforce opportunity to participate in new FTE’s identified by the State recently for transfer. 2. Re-iterated the statement on outcomes assessment in the institutional effectiveness in the learning environment direction. 3. Added in the Financial Success direction “LWTC will establish financial stability by maximizing its share of state higher education funding, developing diversified funding, achieving greater financial equity with other state funded institutions of here learning and decreasing dependence on state support.”



18 IE Results 1. Every Strategic Direction Committee is tied to Accreditation standard. 2. Every IE member serves as a resident expert and resource on one of the strategic directions. 3. Every IE member can write up a summary of the College’s strategic direction for annual submission of the State’s Baldrige application. 4. Strategic direction committee work results in annual goals and annual updates to strategic plan. 5. Through the chairs of each committee, input on budget is provided that reflect the identified goals. 6. If a full scale accreditation visit occurred next year, teams would already be in place to address requirements of a self study.

19 First Strategic Direction Training Session October 12, 2007 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. W305B

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