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Project Bluebird Learning Landscapes. From humble beginnings… “I received an email one day, Fall 2008, asking for after school assistance for a science.

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1 Project Bluebird Learning Landscapes

2 From humble beginnings… “I received an one day, Fall 2008, asking for after school assistance for a science program. Since I needed the recertification hours, I agreed to help Deni Peterson, Appalachian Sustainable Development, with a little project.” Sandra Minnick, teacher

3 More than we could ever imagine. The response by students wanting community service hours was good. Children were looking for a venue to utilize their knowledge and skills, while providing opportunities for emerging talent…

4 Our first official hatchlings 2010! A valuable life and science lesson…the remaining egg eventually hatched, but lived a short, well-loved life. His parents never left his side.

5 Once we got started, there was no turning back. Houses to build, nests to monitor, elementary schools needed our assistance installing boxes, landscaping previously set houses… But transportation difficulties halted our travels. We managed to establish houses at Abingdon Elementary and Greendale Elementary before deciding to focus on our own campus at E.B. Stanley Middle School and surrounding areas…

6 The Work Crew… Timmy Estes shows off his completed house. Measuring, drilling, sanding, and reading blueprints are necessary skills in building birdhouses. …and sometimes we have to sand doors that don’t fit. Ugh!

7 We work inside and outside, birdhouses have to be assembled before they can be offered as viable housing alternatives for the birds. Matt Parris, Logan Holman, and Brenda McDiffett contemplate placement of the houses. Deni Peterson and Brenda McDiffett consult Virginia Bluebird Society specifications for habitat.

8 Project Bluebird, the Club, is forty plus members strong. We accept all students who have an interest in the conservation of the Virginia Eastern Bluebird. Our club maintains membership with the Virginia Bluebird Society. Angela Dannhardt and Sandra Minnick are club sponsors.

9 Students as teachers… Sarah Thomas, a dedicated Project Bluebird participant, shares her knowledge with Jonathan Matney, Brenda McDiffett, and Brittany Huskins. Jonathan Matney is emerging as a team leader in his own right.

10 Matt Parris and Logan Holman are rising Sophomores at AHS. Logan continues teaching others about Bluebirds. Aleia Warren and Becca Burlett are rising Freshmen at AHS. Both have dedicated countless hours in their conservation efforts.

11 If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why can't I? ~E.Y. Harburg Sarah Thomas and Mrs. Minnick Lauren Campbell, sixth grade, rising seventh grader EBSMS.

12 Our gratitude to Mrs. Deni Peterson, Learning Landscapes, and Appalachian Sustainable Development for bringing such a wonderful program to our school.

13 Mrs. Peterson, Jonathan and tools…”let’s get busy.”


15 Virginia Bluebird Society has a lot of years invested in the preservation of the Virginia Eastern Bluebird. Some Bluebird nests and eggs have predators, so we add extra protection against some of the more troublesome visitors to our boxes…snakes and raccoons. FIND YOUR OWN FOOD! Our Bluebird eggs are not your lunch. (A public service announcement brought to you by Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird.) Raccoon guard Snake guard

16 Three years later, we have a new generation of Project Participants. Hunter Thomas prepares a box for winter.

17 For the Birds… Of all our birds, this soft-voiced harbinger of spring is one of the most eagerly awaited. When winter begins to yield at last to the warming touch of the returning sun; when several days of clearing skies and southerly breezes have loosened the ice-fettered streams, drawn the frost from the ground, and given a balmy tang to the air; and when all nature seems in an expectant mood, vibrant with a new hope and a new promise—the Bluebird returns. Its soft, pleasing warble, like the gentle murmur of a flowing brook in soothing cadence, awakens a sense of well-being and content in each responsive listener. W.E. Clyde Todd (1940) Thanks to the good people at the Washington County Library for helping to maintain our after school program at E.B. Stanley

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